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Deus Ex

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Right I started playing Deus Ex today. What a game. I’ve only been playing for a couple of hours but I’m already hooked. The story seems deep and interesting, the voice acting is very decent, the graphics are great, the gameplay is very nice. I like that it’s a mix between an FPS and an RPG. I’m getting a bit of both worlds. I don’t usually like FPSs, but I’m being stealthy, so I’m not really running and shooting. It’s more like slow progress and headshots or silent take downs. I’m not going to be able to play everyday but it’s nice to know that I can play this on my breaks. So now time to go back to work. Stay safe everyone. Love you bye.


Working and Playing

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So I told you yesterday that I started downloading a bunch of free games from the PSN, they were a gift to say sorry for being hacked and being offline for over a month. Anyway, I have to say that even though I’ve moved to England almost three years ago, I’m still baffled at how fast the internet is here. I’m aware that my provider is one of the best ones in the country (O2), but it’s still amazing. I downloaded 4 games in 2.5 hours. That’s just insane. Anyway, I spent today playing and working. Work is going well, I kept taking breaks to play in order to keep going. I’m on a break now to write this and I will go back to work in a minute. Hopefully this chapter will be done soon so I can at least write one proper post a week (or maybe more) without feeling guilty that I’m wasting my time. Until then, stay safe. Love you bye.

Head in the Clouds

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Right I almost forgot about my blog. It’s like my head is in the clouds, hence the title of the post (I am funny), although if I am honest my head wasn’t exactly in the clouds. In fact, my head has been in front of the screen trying to work all day. I took a bit of time off to talk to my mom on skype. Also, I took a bit of time playing a new game on my playstation. Well, I say new game, it’s actually been out for a while now I just never got the chance to play it. As I told you a few weeks ago I bought around 5 games all at once, and that’s one of them. I’ve only just started but I’m already loving it. I’ll definitely blog about it when I have the chance.

Anyway, I don’t really have much to say as I am quite late to make the deadline for this post and I’m eager to go back to work. I’m actually on a bit of a roll and I don’t want to mess it up by spending too much time on this post thinking about other stuff. I have another supervision next week and I have to send my supervisor something substantial by then. I’m still not there yet but I think I’m getting there. I just need to focus a little, which seems to be working right now. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep my focus going next week and be able to move forward with this thing. Anyway, I’ll see you all tomorrow hopefully. In the mean time stay safe. Love you bye.

While I Wait

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Right, the Doctor Who Christmas special is going to start in half an hour. So I thought I can write this while I’m waiting. This is my first Christmas in England, and even though I’m by myself I’m really enjoying it. But anyway, this is all for tomorrow’s post. Today, I have to talk to you about yesterday and the cliff hanger I left you with. Well are you ready to hear the answers to all the questions I asked yesterday? Well though! They were there for comic effect. Yes I call it comedy. I know I’m the only one laughing but that’s because my sense of humour is so refined and superior. Face it, I’m just better than you in every single way. That’s right you, I’m talking to you. Not all my readers, just you there reading this post right now. I’m only joking I love you all. But I’m still not answering all your questions. As I explained, they were there for comic effect. And as I said as well, it’s funny whether you think it is or not, because I am better than you in every single way. Oh my god I seem to have locked myself within a weird viscous cycle, as a graffiti in an AUB bathroom. The whole graffiti read ‘Life is a viscous cycle’. So I’m going to to walk away from the viscous cycle and start writing about yesterday.

So I went to sleep on Thursday at 18:00 hoping to wake up on Friday morning all refreshed with my body clock reset, or at least beginning to be reset. However, while I did wake up on Friday, it was at 00:00. This was quite disturbing. I was very angry. I tried to go back to sleep, but I couldn’t. I therefore decided to try it again by staying up as late as I could. This was quite an interesting turn of events. I decided to help myself by drinking copious amounts of tea and eat a bunch of chocolate in order to stay up as late as I could. Hence the weird post yesterday.

I spent most of the night playing Uncharted 2. I finished it on normal mode and then started replaying it on hard mode. I was trying to get all the secret treasures. It really is a very good game. I’m quite excited to play the third one when it comes out next year. It seems to be mainly set in the arabian peninsula, which is kind of home for me. Well I am an arab so I’m somehow forced to think it’s good. I hope it doesn’t turn into a weird kind of racist thing. It can do very easily, can’t it.

The rest of the day was spent with me watching some good stuff on tv and the internet. I also enjoyed listening to a bit of music. I’m very happy that I’m listening to music again. It’s been a while since I’ve just sat and listened to music, rather than have it in the background while I do stuff. Music is really a very good thing.

Anyway, that’s all from me. The Doctor is about to start so I’m going to leave you and enjoy the show. I love the Doctor. and Matt Smith is really very good in it. Oh and to answer the question I did sleep at 22:00 and I’ll tell you when I woke up and if my plan finally worked on tomorrow’s post. Have a happy Christmas everyone. I’ll see you tomorrow. Well not exactly see you, but we’ve been through this before haven’t we?

A Day of Sleep

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So as I mentioned on Yesterday’s blog post I decided to try and sleep a lot on Wednesday, in order to stay up on Thursday, and hopefully wake up at a normal time on Friday, and thus reboot my body clock. Well everything went to plan on Wednesday. Now we have to hope that I can stay up all of Thursday and sleep at a decent time. The problem with spending Wednesday sleeping is that I don’t have much to write about. You see by being asleep all day, nothing has happened to me. Absolutely nothing. I am stuck not knowing what to write about. It’s a bit of a shame.

I can’t leave my post at 111 words so here’s me trying to fill up a post with absolute drivel and filler. The only thing I can think of is that I started playing Uncharted 2, I know that it’s been out for a year and a bit now, but I never got round to it. I really enjoyed the first one. It was an interesting game. In many ways it was more like an action film with some interactive bits in between all the cinematic scenes. I’m not complaining though. They did it very well. It worked and flowed very smoothly. The first one remains, for me, one of the best titles on PS3. It has enough to keep a hardcore gamer interested, while at the same time can entertain someone who’s new to gaming, or even someone who’s just watching someone else play.

The voice acting is fantastic and the script and writing is very good, even though all the clichés of action films are there. For example, you will hear ‘I’m too old for this shit’, or ‘what could possibly go wrong?’, or other choice overused conventions. However, the game gets away with it, because it doesn’t take itself seriously. It’s very humorous and is clearly not meant to be seen as a serious piece of writing. The sequel seems to do exactly the same thing, which is not a bad thing at all. Why change a formula that is so clearly working? Or to put it in cliché terms ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’

The first game revolved around Drake, the main character, exploring a tropical island in search of some treasure that his ancestor hid there. While being followed by bad guys, mainly Caribbean pirates, led by an evil English man. Again, this game wants to be a Hollywood film, and we all know that English men make for great evil characters. This new game involves Drake going all over the world following the trail left by Marco Polo, when 600 of his crew and 13 boats were lost. All the while being followed by some bad guys, mainly Caucasian mercenaries this time, being led by an evil eastern European ex-war criminal, the other great villain in Hollywood films. Although, there still is an evil British man, I say British and not English because I’m not really sure where in britain he’s supposed to come from.

I’m still at the beginning of the game, so I can’t tell you much more about it. The only thing that I have to add is that it seems to be just as good, if not slightly better than the first one. This is good news as it means that I can play the game so as not to sleep on Thursday. Anyway, I think that’s enough from me. I shall go and try to keep sleep away from me, as it is too early to sleep. Bye.

Almost Forgot Again

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So I almost forgot to write this again. The main reason is that I don’t have much to say again. It’s been a very weird week. I have been stuck at home doing nothing. Well not exactly nothing. I have worked quite well today. But I’m in that weird phase of work where I’m not really writing, nor am I really reading. I’m basically compiling stuff in order to read and write next week. So I don’t have much to say about work.

I have discovered a free MMORPG. For those who don’t know MMORPG stands for massive multiplayer online role playing game. This one is quite fun very engrossing. It is simplistic in many ways, but I like that. There isn’t much of a a story to talk about. The game is called sacred season 2. Seasons play a role in it. And it is a very basic, evil power takes over nice land, you are a hero who will bring back peace to the world. Nothing special there. I am a winter hunter. Which means that I use bows and to be honest I’m not really sure what the winter bit does.

The game is basic in its gameplay as well. You get quests from villagers and go to a dungeon and grind your way through it. Quests are mainly about clearing dungeons, although some involve killing specific creatures or fetching some materials. It is repetitive, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The world isn’t massive, but it seems that it is expanding soon. I have been enjoying it.

Also, there is one mini-game which involves making phrases out of acronyms. It is one of the most fun bits of the game. However, you get points from people voting for you. This means that most people vote for things that sound funny, even if they don’t make any sense. I have come up with some very good ones, but like I said, most people will vote for funny sounding phrases rather than good ones. I am not bitter about this.

Anyway, I know it is another short post, but I need to get ready to sleep as my day tomorrow is very long. I need to get to uni early in order to complete my preparation for the classes in the afternoon. I really hope that my health holds tomorrow. I don’t want to have to stay home on Friday. I am missing the PGR room, I do a lot of good work there. So as I said, it is time for me to go. Hopefully, my full day tomorrow will provide material for my evening post.

Slow Day, Tennis, and God of War 3

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So I had a very slow day. I woke up naturally with the sun rising up. And by naturally, I don’t mean it is natural for me to wake up with the sun, but that I woke up without any external stimuli. I thought fuck that I’m not getting out of bed this early, it’s Sunday for fuck’s sake. I actually said those words… out loud… to the universe… from my bed. Then I stayed in bed in a half sleep state until about 10:30 when the pain in my bladder forced me to get out of bed. I had a slow lazy morning and then went to tennis.

It was the first time I’ve been in three weeks. Actually I missed three sessions, so it was the first time in four weeks. I was a little rusty at first but by the end I was getting all my serves in and was having a lot of fun playing. I am looking forward to playing more tennis. I hope my health doesn’t get in the way, as it’s been for the past month. It was fun to move around and do something that requires physical energy expenditure. After tennis I went back home to see that while I enjoyed playing tennis my intestines didn’t. So I ended up staying home even though I had plans to see friends. I stayed home and did what I had to do, I played God of War 3. And I am ashamed to say, not really I’m very proud of it, I finished my first playthrough.

What follows is what I hope to be a spoiler free review of the game. I know some of the readers of this blog don’t know the story and haven’t played the first two (I’m talking about the ones who care not the ones who don’t. You know who you are!). So in an effort to not spoil their soon to come enjoyment of the series I will try not to spoil anything.

The first God of War came to the PS2 a few years ago (it’s this kind of accurate and thorough reporting that will no doubt get me a job as a newspaper editor). It took the world of gaming by storm. It is an action RPG that delivers on every level. It was epic and grandiose. The sets, the music, the story, everything set the game to be a classic. It was one of the first games, at least the first I’ve seen, to incorporate quick time events in the gameplay. In fact, almost everything was done by the player. Opening doors involved pressing buttons and doing things, rather than just pressing a button and watching the character do everything. It was very effective in immersing you in the game.

The gameplay in general was great. The combat was ruthless and, while it was possible to go a long way with button mashing, one had to master the combos and think about what button to press in order to win the game. The battles are huge and epic. The character Kratos is a great character. All in all, it was one of the best games ever made.

The thing is though, it was supposed to be the only god of war game. But sony felt they could make tons more money and so made a second one. Now the second one is a fantastic game as well. But it lacks the genius of the first one. It felt a little bit laboured, especially with the story. While the first one comes to a natural and fitting end, the second one, while having a great story, does seem to try too hard. But anyway, this is only a minor complaint. The second one was in many ways even more pretty than the first one. Also, it involved very minor changes to the gameplay, which was a good surprise. Sequels in games sometimes are ruined by designers breaking a system that works very well by introducing new gameplay mechanics.

Anyway, the third one starts where the second one ends. Literally, it begins at the moment the second one ends. And it is epic from the first second. Everything is beautiful, grand, and just eye popping smack you round the face pretty. Also, like all God of War games, it starts with an epic battle. That’s a trademark of the series. But this one, unlike the previous two, has so many of these epic battles in that it is dizzying at points. Clearly the fact that this game is on the PS3 shows. It has used the machine’s, if not full then damn near-full potential. I mean the other two games, being on the PS2, could not support so much stuff happening.

The bosses are wonderful and the puzzles are just, for lack of a better word, epic. I have to say some of the puzzles were proper crazy. They involve brain power, and crazy platforming, and some quick thinking. The final battle is everything you want it to be. The game ends in an expected way, though still satisfying. There is however, one loose end that I don’t understand properly. I hate to admit it, but I think they left it in in order to give themselves the possibility of making another one. The last scene of the game seems to indicate as much. I mean I’d be very happy to play another God of War, but I’m sick of this trend in games. Why can’t a game just end? Why do we always have to have an open ended ending.

Anyway, apart from that minor complaint, the game was fantastic. I highly recommend it. Although it is incredibly gory. The God of War series has always been gory, but this one takes it to new levels. Some of the finishing moves of the bosses are very hard to watch. In the end this game is my second favourite of the series. The first one still reigns supreme. Not for its graphics or anything like that, but because it was so original and its story was so well told.