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Work on a Strike Day

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So today was a day of work. I didn’t go to university to work because I didn’t want to cross the picket line as today was a huge day of strikes across the public sector in the UK. I don’t have much to say about all of that because I haven’t been following the news. I know that I support the public sector workers as they are having their pensions and living standards under attack while the rich get richer and the bankers and corporations continue to use tax loopholes, and not pay their fair share. Now I know this sounds very superficial, but I’m not here to write an essay about it. You all know I’m right. Anyway, I need to go to sleep soon, I’m very sleepy. Stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.


Dungeons and Dragons 12

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So today, as you should know by now, was Dungeons and Dragons day. As you might recall we had just ended a major quest. As a result we all got a bunch of very cool toys. Basically, in the story, the druids and Neve bestowed upon us a whole bunch of gifts during a big pomp ceremony. We all got three magical items of our choosing, with level caps on each. We also got to spend some money buying stuff that we want. That took quite a lot of time because there’s so much choice it wasn’t easy to decide what to get. The point remains that now we have some very good gear.

Back to the story, we basically stayed around recovering for about two days. As we were starting to think about leaving queen Neve called for us and we went to see her in her throne room. We went to see her and she told us that Domnu seems to have taken Neve’s appointment as new Ardrey or with the actions of our fellowship, to be fair to her we did kill a lot of her people. So it seems that she is gathering her people for an all out attack on the capital. The druid that was the aspect of the sea was there as well and he explained that the sea devils who worship Domnu are stirring as well. It seems that an attack would come from both the sea and the land.

They explained that there might be a way to avoid confrontation, but that it was going to take a bold move. Basically Domnu has a weapon of mass destruction. It’s called the talon of Domnu and it’s a weapon that destroys all sea life within a given radius. They argued that if it was in Neve’s possession rather than Domnu than Domnu would think twice before attacking. The reasoning was sound. So we decided to help them. They told us that the talon was in a mobile base of operation for a bunch of pirates who worship Domnu very near the coast. However, we were warned that we would need to be very stealthy, as the captain has a horn that they can use to call sea devils onto the base. Once those appear they would take us into custody.

So we made our way there. Basically we got near in a large boat then we took a small life boat and got it near. We quickly realised that there was a huge party in the middle but that the talon was in one of four rooms on the outside. It was a job for our rogue. Basically he had to climb up each room try to find which chest, each of the four rooms had a chest in it, contained the talon. He went to the first room and saw that there were two pirates sleeping in that room he stealthily went to the chest, ascertained that it wasn’t trapped and opened it. The chest contained 2000 gold pieces. That was the worst thing for our rogue to come across. He couldn’t shift them all easily without making any noise. He decided to kill the two pirates in their sleep. He then decided to hunt for the talon and that if we’re undetected to come back for the gold.

We did the same for the next room, each room could only be accessed from our small row boat if we were not to be detected, through some climbing. That chest contained a potion of healing. Our rogue did kill the two pirates just to make it easy in case we’re detected. The third room contained the Talon. However, we were misinformed about its size. While we were told that it was small, maybe the size of crystal ball, it was as big as the chest it was in and very heavy. In fact it was as heavy as the chest with 2000 gold pieces in. We decided to use all the rope around to try and rig some sort of pulley system. Me and the Paladin would pull from the boat and the Rogue would steer the chest from the room. That would be the least noisy way of doing it.

We managed to do it without alerting anyone, obviously our rogue killed the sleeping pirates in that room as well. We then decided to go to the fourth room and see what was in the final chest. However disaster struck in that final room as our Rogue after very nearly being discovered when he silently killed the first sleeping pirate couldn’t stay stealthy on his way to the second. At this point all hell broke loose and the now awakened pirate called out for the people partying in the room. I decided to jump onto the boat and help the rogue shift some of the gold in the chest. I managed to grab two bags. However the people were on top of us very quickly. The rogue jumped into the water, I tried to get back onto the boat but failed miserably. However our paladin managed to pull both of us onto the boat, even though we were very heavy and almost sinking.

At this point we started rowing the boat away and as we got away we heard the horn that calls the sea devils being sounded. I forgot to mention that one of the pirates, I’m not sure if it’s the captain or not, jumped after the rogue into the water and seemed to be very much in her element in there, whether she turns out to be half sea devil or something of that sort is still to be seen. The point is we, I think, managed to make it back onto our big boat and will have to conclude our encounter next week. Hopefully, we won’t be overrun by sea devils and will be able to bring back some peace to the isles. Until then, stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.

Nothing Much to Report

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Hey everyone, I had a very uneventful day. I went down to university a bit late, as I woke up quite late. I stayed there for a bit but it was really cold as they decided not to put the heating on for some reason. I worked a bit there and then went back home as it got unbearably cold.  I went back home and worked a bit here. Now I’m relaxing and thinking of maybe watching some film. I don’t know what to watch though, I was thinking maybe the Brothers Grimm, as I feel like some fantasy. Well this now sounds like an old man rambling to themselves so I will stop now. Hold on, is this what all my posts sound like? Oh… Excuse me while I go and rethink my life choices. Stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.

Lazy Sunday

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I had a lazy Sunday today. In fact it was so lazy that I didn’t even cook anything but got some take away to eat. I did some very light work but in general just hung out watching some tv programs and playing some video games. It was nice. I’m getting ready to sleep now as I am planning to go to university tomorrow and do some work there. I’m quite excited about that. I will hopefully get some work done there. I really don’t have much to say other than that. Anyway, as usual stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.

When I Ask For Soy I Want Soy

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So today I went to a coffee place and asked for a soy latte, as you do. The cafe advertised that they’re very happy to substitute cow’s milk for soya milk if you ask for it. I did exactly that. I conversed with the lady at the till while someone else was making my coffee, so I wasn’t paying attention to what kind of milk they were using. I got my coffee and made my way out and went home. I didn’t have a sip until I got home as the cafe was very close. Once I got home I took a sip and it was disgusting. It was in fact made with full fat cow’s milk and tasted like warm live cow. I had to empty the full contents of the cup and throw it away.

I know that to many of you that doesn’t sound like a very big deal but it actually is. What if I was lactose intolerant? When I asked for my coffee I made sure to ask for soy milk twice. I said I’d like a soy latte… with soy milk. It happened to me once before in a very busy cafe and I felt that I could excuse it as the barista were clearly overwhelmed with the amount of people but not today. I was the only one there and made sure to ask for it twice. I didn’t want to go back as I was comfortable at home and it was very cold outside, also I needed to get to work and didn’t fancy a distraction. I’m not going to go to that coffee place again. I don’t want to have to worry everytime I ask for a coffee and have to check what the person is doing. Ordering a coffee shouldn’t be this hard. Anyway, I don’t want to go on about it. I should go back to work now. Stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.

Too Much Sleep

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I slept way too much last night. I think that I actually slept for about twelve or thirteen hours. This has meant that I woke up feeling very grumpy. I spent most of my day working and will probably spend some of tonight working as well. So far I’ve mainly done reading for the new chapter just gathering my thoughts on it. Hopefully I will start writing tomorrow and that would go pretty fast, as I’ve done a lot of reading for it earlier. Anyway, that’s all from me for now I think. I need to go back to work now, maybe make myself some food as well. Stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.

An Evening of Poetry

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Sorry about the earlier post I just wasn’t sure I’d make it in time to write a post today. Anyway, so I went and watched Remi Kenazy tonight at the uni. It was an event organised by the Palestinian Society and part of his UK tour. I follow him on twitter and always liked his twitter presence. His politics is very sound and I was very excited about watching him perform. The show started with another spoken word artist who was brilliant. She performed some very powerful poems about the Philippines and about Palestine. It was all very powerful and extremely well delivered. Then Remi came on and it was brilliant. I really enjoyed his performance. It was smart, funny, angry, and full of energy. Some of his poems made me cry, others made me laugh, etc. It was great to get to meet the people at the Pal soc as well. They were all very nice and very engaging. We then went to a very cool cafe next to the housing estate in Nottingham. It’s really nice, with local and ethical food, much of which is vegan. I’m going to be going there often. Anyway, I shall go to sleep now, I have a long day of work tomorrow. Stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.