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I Love Normal Sleep

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So I seem to have managed to get back to a normal sleep pattern, which is great. I have also cleaned my flat, which makes me feel great. I managed to get some work done today, not much but enough to feel good about myself. So all in all this week is off to a good start. I hope that it keeps going well. Tomorrow is DnD which I’m as always really looking forward to. This week also involves the release of the third week of new 52 DC comics. So it looks like a good week ahead. I need to go to bed now. So as always, stay safe everyone. Love you bye.


So Sleepy

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I’m so sleepy. After the change of hours I found myself waking up really early, which means that I’m really sleepy right now. I’m trying to stay up as much as possible in order to not wake up too early tomorrow. I did some cleaning and tidying today. I also visited occupy Nottingham which was great. It’s small but the people all seem really enthusiastic and very cool. I also bought a few lush products. I now need to watch something in order to stay up until a normal time. In the mean time as always, stay safe everyone. Love you bye.

Sleep Mission Accomplished Hopefully

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So I managed to stay up until now. I spent all night and all day trying to get work done. It wasn’t easy, and I’m pretty sure that I produced utter rubbish. The point is though that I managed to stay up and will go to sleep in a couple of hours at most. It’s still very early to sleep but it’s better than the hours I’ve been sleeping at. Hopefully this will regulate over the next few days and I’ll find myslef sleeping and waking up at normal hours. I don’t really have much more to say as staying up is quite difficult at the moment. I hope you’re all fine. Stay safe everyone. Love you bye.

Writing Early

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I’m writing early today because I’m about to go to bed. I stayed up all night last night and have had to delete most of what I wrote today. It’s really annoying but it was some bad stuff. I didn’t write good things and I have to deal with it. In other news, I need to get some cleaning on in my flat because it’s not that it’s dirty it’s just messy. I need to tidy up rather than clean maybe. Other than that there isn’t much to say. I guess I need to go to bed now and hope that tomorrow is a better day. As always, stay safe everyone. Love you bye.

Bad Sleep

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I’ve been having some really bad sleep lately filled with horrible nightmares. I wake up not remembering the nightmares just remembering that I’ve had many. I’m also constantly tired. I think that my sleep hasn’t been restful. It makes working really hard. However, I am soldiering on, because I’m brave that way. I think that the fact that I’m sleeping at odd hours has a lot to do with it. I’m not even sure what day it is. That’s pretty much all from me for now. I need to get back to work, I also have some vegan mac and cheese in the oven baking. As always, stay safe everyone. Love you bye.

Very Tired

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I’m very very tired. I am having trouble concentrating on my work at the moment. I thought maybe watching a film might help, but I ended up passing out for most of the afternoon. I am now in that horrible state of tired non-sleepiness. I can’t sleep because I slept so much today but I also can’t really focus on anything because I slept so much. It’s really annoying. Maybe a little video game break might help. I just wish I didn’t pass out this afternoon. Anyway, as always I hope you’re all doing well. Stay safe everyone. Love you bye.

Dungeons and Dragons 7

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So today was the seventh session of our on going DnD campaign and it involved a major encounter. We left the campaign last week after having discovered that some mages were trying to influence the council of Druids in order to vote against princess Neve. They tried to tell the council that Neve will cause the loss of Magic on their island and therefore the loss of their power through their natural contact with the land. We decided to get to them and try to get them not to fall to that racist blackmail. We tied up the mage and tried to know where they meet.

We left the tied up mage with the brotherhood of knights who told us where the meeting was. We made our way there. On our way we met a lone mage who was standing in our way. He wasn’t going to let us through. We also quickly noted that he was carrying a wand which we recognised as an arachnid control wand. As diplomacy wasn’t really an option we decided to attack him. Our strategy was going to be for our rogue to steal the wand from him and give it to me, as I am trained in aracana and thus could wield it.

The Mage summoned many smallish spiders, the size of a dog, two human sized spiders and eventually a large tank like spider. The fight was very difficult and it took a lot of luck and some powerful attacks and teamwork. Eventually I was able to control the spiders and our group was able to kill the Mage. We discovered a letter in his pouch that signaled that he had orders to make sure that the council of druids was not disturbed. That letter was signed with an M. We didn’t know who this mysterious M is, there are many candidates. As the encounter finished we realised that we had to make our way quickly to the council in order to stop them from crowning queen Mave as the new Ardrey. This is where we stopped. As I said the encounter was a majour one and involved a lot of fighting. I can’t wait for next week.