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Drunk For the First Time in a While

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As the title of the updated post says, I’m very drunk.  haven’t been this drunk in a while. I also realise that I have three posts, including this one, that need to be updated. I will update this one and maybe another one. I don’t know if I’ll be able to update the third one, because it involves thinking and making sentences that actually make sense, unlike this one. I had an excellent time with my friends. They’re all really fun and I enjoyed hanging out with them. We played some very fun board games, I need to buy myself some fun board games. Anyway,  need to update yesterday’s post and then get ready for bed. Stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper (also I love you all! You’re all brilliant people and I’m not saying that just because I’m drunk, it’s just that alcohol makes me capable of actually telling you how I feel).



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I’m quite drunk. I went out with some friends and had a really nice time. I drank quite a lot and had a vegetarian kebab after drinking so much. I am very sleepy right now and might actually go to bed early, that would be nice. It would really be lovely to have a normal sleep again. Anyway, I’m really drunk now and I think I need to stop writing this and go to bed. I might actually drunkenly tweet a bit before I sleep, I know people enjoy my drunk tweets. So as always I hope you’re all fine, stay safe everyone. Love you bye.

Drunk Again

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So I am very drunk again. I know I know… I was drunk last night. But tonight I hung out with my friend A who I haven’t seen in months. It was very cool, even though it involved so very deep discussions against someone with a very Eurocentric view of the world. Anyway, it was very cool to see him again and hang out. Hopefully we might start playing a Dragon Age pen and paper role playing game soon. Anyway, I need to get back to twitter and continue drunk tweeting, which is probably the most fun thing to do when you’re drunk. Also, to all the many new blog readers, my latest blog posts have been very short and not that interesting. Please read my earlier posts if you want some political analysis. I haven’t done a serious post in a while. I’ve been busy, I know the last few posts don’t show that, but my thesis is taking so much time away from me to think about a proper post. So stay safe everyone. love you bye.

Highly Intoxicated

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Hi everyone. I’m very highly intoxicated at the moment. I went to the pub and had a blast with my friends. I drank about four double Jack Daniel’s so I’m quite far gone. Any of you who know me will know that I am a light weight when it comes to alcohol and four double whiskeys is a lot. I am actually very drunk. I need to eat something. This involves me heating up the very nice tofu kafta pasta I made this lunchtime. It’s not a hard thing to do but it will involve me having to coordinate a few things that are hard to coordinate at the moment. Anyway, Hope you’re all safe. Love you bye.

Pain Beatiful Pain

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I am writing this while slightly intoxicated. I’m having a lovely conversation with a lovely friend of mine and drinking. My whole body is aching after yesterday’s Brazilian Jujitsu. I am feeling pain in places I didn’t know had muscles. It is very painful but also very nice. I like this kind of pain. It’s the pain of achievement and I don’t mind that. It’s a bit like the pain I feel after I play guitar for a long time. I like that I feel that way. Anyway, I need to go back to my friend and hang out. I love you all. Stay safe. Love you bye.


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I am wasted. I went out and had a whole bunch of JDs and I’m very very drunk. I had an excellent time with a couple of friends, one of them is my ex but it felt so good to just be friends. We actually started out as friends and tonight felt great because I was able to just be mates with her and that felt great. I’m so drunk that this might not make any sense when you read it but hey, deal with it. I’m happy. Anyway, I’ve got to go because I don’t think I can type anymore and I want to sleep. Love you all. Stay safe. Love you bye.


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Right I am as the title implies, intoxicated. Not with any illegal substances like you all thought but with good old alcohol. That’s right I’m drunk. I am happy to announce that my tolerance for alcohol is still very low and two beers can still make me very happy. I went out with my mom today we had a few beers and a burger. I discovered that my favourite burger place in Nottingham actually has three vegan options. This was a lovely discovery. I had a lentil based burger and it was delicious. I’m so happy with my new diet. I feel good, my bloating is all gone. Also, the food is very good. Anyway, I need to go pass out now. Love you all. Stay safe. Bye.