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Christmas/Winter Solstice Celebrations

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So I had a lovely christmas/winter solstice day. Spent most of it cooking, drinking and eating. I am in fact having some mince pies at the moment. I’m quite inebriated at the moment, drinking through the day does that to you. Even though I’ve had a lot of starchy stuff, the alcohol still managed to get through to my brain. My drunk drunk brain. I watched the Doctor Who christmas special. I’m not going to spoil it but it’s a weird one. It definitely doesn’t go where you think it will. I enjoyed it, but I’m not exactly objective. Anyway, must get back to the drinking now. Happy winter solstice or christmas depending on what you celebrate. Stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.


Drunk and Happy

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Right I’m back home. Sorry about the sentence earlier, I was walking while drunk. I had such a productive day today, and my friend is leaving tomorrow so we went out to drink. We went to the pub and they had a quiz. We had fun with it and then kept drinking. It was fun. We met a guy there that was nice. Also we all had mr Sandman stuck in our heads and by the time we left the pub many people were singing it. It was quite a fun night. I’m sorry I’m writing in a staccato way but I’m still quite intoxicated and that’s all I can do. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and let you know I’m okay, also I seem to be back on track workwise. Let’s hope it sticks this time. Stay safe, love you bye.

Beer Festival and Children of Men

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So today was going to be my day off as promised. Well mainly promised to myself, but I did write about it here so I guess I promised you my readers as well. So the day started earlyish for me. I had a nice bit of breakfast and just fannied around for a while. I love this expression, first introduced to me by B last year. Then it was time to go to the beer festival at Nottingham castle. We’ve been wanting to go since we first came. We didn’t the first year, for some reason, and then again the next year, but that was because they ran out of beer at the beer festival. This year though we were not going to be stopped. We bought advance tickets and prepared for the day. Now a lot of you might think, but hey aren’t you a little ill? Should you be drinking beer? And you’d be right. I shouldn’t. However, I did, more on the consequences of that decision later.

So we went to town and decided to have a bite to eat before going there. There is food there, but we thought we don’t want to take our chances with van food. So we went to a pub and had a burger, as well as beer. We then made our way to the festival and got in the grounds of the Nottingham castle, which is more of a big cuboid house. There was a giant tent there filled with rows and rows of beer barrels. I had a couple of different beers and had a lot of fun with my friends. It was very nice to catch up with M and B who I don’t see often enough. The atmosphere was generally positive and we didn’t witness any acts of violence. Which, as anyone who’s been in Nottingham town centre on a Saturday night will attest, is a very rare thing.

Everyone was there to have a nice bit of harmless drunken fun. We saw some weird stuff though. We had a bit of beef jerky, and this very drunk man came up to us in a bit of a frenzy. He asked us where we got it from and told us that he’s been looking for some jerky all day long. We directed him to the stall and told him that they were starting to run out. He gave his beer to a friend, as well as his half smoked cigarette and rushed inside to get himself some of that brown rubbery meet. It was like he was taken with gold fever, except it was mainly beef based. We also saw a couple, man and woman, drinking beer or cider form penis shaped straws. It is a bit of a strange site to see a grown man and woman sucking on a penis shaped plastic object in broad daylight and in public. I usually have to give my credit card details before I can see anything like it. That was a joke of course, I never pay for my porn.

After that though I started feeling a little bit ill. I wanted to hang out with M and B more but I knew that I should go back home and be in my own space, because my gut was going to take its revenge on me. So I went back home and sure enough I wasn’t too good. I’ve been nauseous since I got back. But it’s that kind of nausea that doesn’t lead to anything except discomfort. So I’ve been doing very little and burping a lot. I did however watch a bunch of things, including the latest film I got from lovefilm, which is Children of Men.

I had seen an add for it back in Lebanon. It seemed interesting, yet also a little bit pointless. I’m not going to get dragged into the argument that all films are essentially useless. No, I said I won’t, so stop trying to drag me there. I am not mentally ill. I had asked M and B about it at the beer festival and they had highly recommended it. I therefore sat down ready to have my mind blown away. It did exactly that. This movie is very good. It works very well and is directed admirably. You are sucked into the pre/post-apocalyptic world of London 2027 straight away. The opening 15 minutes or so of the film set the tone and the atmosphere very well. As M noted one of the most striking things about it is how the advent of a fascistic society is presented in such a mundane way. Fascism instals itself in the most banal and straightforward way possible.

As you might know the main issue is that women have stopped being fertile and the world of 2027 is a childless world. No one knows why humanity lost its ability to procreate but it has plunged the world in deep chaos. It is a strange type of chaos though. Terrorism is rife, but people go on doing their jobs and living without thinking about it. The government of the UK has become a fascist style government that issue antidepressant drugs to the whole population. Immigration is illegal, and the illegals are arrested, put into cages awaiting their incarceration and eventual deportation. All of this is mundane and irrelevant. People go on living their lives, some join crazy post-apocalyptic cults, but most just carry on. People are constantly bombarded with adds asking them to report all illegals.

The genius of the film is that everything in it is recognisable. The world is different enough for the viewer to know this isn’t now, but it’s similar enough to today’s world to create an instant feeling of unease and disturbance. That feeling doesn’t leave the viewer throughout the film. Everything that happens is recognisable and familiar. It really works. The acting is very good and Clive Owen is fantastic in it, I don’t usually like him or his choice of films. The writing is very solid and manages to be witty and intelligent. All in all a very enjoyable hour an a half. I highly recommend it.

Quick Post to Make the Deadline

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Well I have to write this post in hurry if I am to make the deadline. I had a very nice evening and just got back home. We went out for dinner in town to French Living, a lovely French restaurant in Nottingham. I had my usual snails for starter, venison for main, and I went a bit crazy and had crepe suzette for desert. I also had about two glasses of wine with the food and a beer before that at the pub. I enjoy having friends visit because it means nice food. French Living is really a very good restaurant and I highly recommend it for anyone who visits Nottingham. Here’s their website.

My day was quite uneventful, I mainly did some work. It was just a bunch of small things that needed to be done. So I’m glad I got that done with. I hate the tiny admin things that creep up on you. But I managed to get them done today. Now I just have one small thing to finish and then I am back on thesis duty.

I am looking forward to a nice alcohol fuelled sleep now. It’s been two nights in a row of me getting slightly drunk, which is unusual, as I am not a very heavy drinker. I mean you just need to look at the amount of alcohol I had tonight to realise how low my tolerance for alcohol actually is. I know I have written about this before, and about how much of a cheap date I am.

Anyway, I can’t really think of anything else to add to this. My head is quite heavy with alcohol, sleep, and lots of good rich food. So I think sleepy time is coming quickly. I know I’ve written very little yesterday, and again today, but I hope you all understand. I also want to note that my posts for the next few days might also be very short, as I have quite busy evenings planned. Maybe I should try to write in the morning. I’ll see about that. Anyway, good night and sweet dreams.

A Little Bit On the Drunk Side

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Right so I’m a little bit on the drunk side, as the title of this post suggests. I went to A’s house to hang out with him, B, A, Cy, and C. It was a lot of fun, as usual. We had some excellent food, including some lovely confit de canard. We also had a lot to drink. Special mention goes to A’s aunt’s peach wine. It was nice hanging out with my friends. I really like them all.

One of the things we did was watch this fantastic video. It is one of the funniest things I’ve seen. It is perfect for so many reasons. C is the person who pointed it to us. I love everything about it. The rubbish music, the bad child acting, the awful dialogue, and finally the actual funny thing. You see the woman who plays the fairy, who’s probably in her twenties or thirties, must hate the fact that she has to do it. She is hanging by a thread and having to deliver the awful dialogue. Also, I love the laughter from the audience when she falls, and her wand bouncing up. It’s just a perfect comedic moment.

Anyway, that’s pretty much all I can bring myself to write. I need to rehydrate myself and get ready to sleep. I am quite tired but I probably wont be able to sleep too soon because I’m still quite drunk. So I will leave you with this short and unsatisfying post. Good night.

Drunk Out of my Mind

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So I am very very drunk. Well let’s put it in perspective, I had 3 very strong ales, and as I explained in a previous post (I would link to it but then that would be patronising, so you go look for it. I promise it’s not because I’m too lazy to check myself and link you to it)., I am a very cheap date and get drunk after very little alcohol. So we went to the city as it was M and B’s belated birthday bash. I had a lot of fun and it’s very nice to hang out with M and B again. You see me and him and her get along really well, but we always fail to see each other often.

In other news, A is here. Me and Z went down to Heathrow to pick him up. It was great being in a car with Z in England. I am used to her driving me around back in Lebanon. Here it was a little but different. We had a lot of fun driving down and stopping at a service station. I have to say it’s so lovely being on a motorway that was built with that purpose in mind, not on a dunkey road that was then turned into a highway.

I am so glad to hang out with A again. He really is a very good friend and we all slipped back into our usual roles and relationship very quickly. It’s nice to have friendships that are this comfortable. I feel that, although we haven’t hung out together enough, M and B are like that. I just found it so easy to talk to them and pick up where we left off, even though we haven’t seen each other in quite a long time. In fact, I think that the last time we talked was my birthday, back in March.

Of course, the other good friendship I have is with A and B. I really miss them. A went to France for holidays about a week ago, and B has been gone for almost 4 months now, and I’m really missing her. We do keep in touch via facebook and skype, but I still miss her. They too are lovely friends. I like that I have developed what feels like a good network of friends here in England, who are always there when I need some support. When I was in Toulouse, that wasn’t the case at all. J was there for me, he really helped me out, but that was it really. I feel that the UK has provided me with a few good relationships which will last for a very long time.

Anyway, so as I said before I’m drunk, and I had a bit of kebab, as you do when you are drunk. I am getting ready o sleep even though I am feeling a bit sick and I’m afraid I will throw up if I lay down. I haven’t drank in such a long time, these three beers really got me drunk. So good night dear readers, I know I promised a long post, but as you can see I am in no state to write cohesive prose for much longer. I hope this wasn’t too unreadable.

Writing, Wining, Dining, and Reminiscing

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Disclaimer: This post was written while slightly drunk. It is a bit rambley and the structure of the sentences that form it is very bad at times. Also, if you are of a sensitive nature do not read it as it involves reminiscing about drunk old days, with what that involves regarding bodily functions. I hope that is clear enough.

Right so I promised you a long post. I will try to deliver today. I’ve been working all day though and so not much has happened to me. Work has been going well enough. Again, I need to keep my eyes on the prize and not get bogged down by small hurdles and little details (can there ever be a detail that is not small? Aren’t all details by definition small?). I think I’ll be done by Sunday at the latest, well if I keep going at the present rate that is.

We went to dinner with a few people from the department. It is the 14th of July you see. Which of course is an interesting situation I’m in. I am celebrating my coloniser’s national day. So I decided to do it ironically, that’ll show them. We went to this little French place in the city. We were 13 people, 3 members of staff and the rest were students. It was quite fun. We had nice food and passable wine. Although there was no venison, oh the humanity! (You see I love venison, and I was actually looking forward to eating it). So I had a fillet steak instead, not too shabby hey. I also had this lovely brie and tomato tart as a starter. I, however, did not have any dessert (that’s right! Look impressed at my magnificent self control).

The evening was pleasant enough I sat between A and S opposite RM, right at the centre of the table. Which meant that I was able to have conversations both on the right side and on the left side of the table. It was nice and relaxed. RM was very cross, playfully of course, with one of the members of staff when he ordered Eton mess for dessert. She had said that no one should order it as it is a tory dessert. Also, it sounds quite disgusting. I didn’t have any dessert, did I mention that?

So that’s what happened to me. I am not exactly drunk but I’m quite tipsy and giddy. I only had 2 glasses of wine! So I think I’ll stop writing and just hydrate myself before going to sleep. I need t wake up early tomorrow and write all day. I really hope I’m not hung over because that would just be pathetic.

Oh I know! I can tell you about my tolerance for alcohol. I basically have none. I get drunk very quickly and very easily. All I need is a couple of beers or so and I’m happy. More than that and I go into the danger zone, no this is not a top gun reference. Great! now that song is stuck in my head. Thanks a lot imaginary audience who laughed in my head because it sounded like a top gun reference. Now I can’t get that song out of my head. Right anyway, so basically what I’m saying is I’m a cheap date and give me enough to drink… and you know… You’ll probably get to see me vomit in a ditch or in the toilet, praying to the porcelain god.

I remember this one time when we had death slammers. A death slammer is the following: You take one shot of either vodka, or tequila, or a mix of both (we had the latter), and you drop the full shot glass in a 3/4 full half pint of beer. You then slam the beer mug on the table three times (hence the slammer part of it) in order to get the stuff mixed together, and then  you down it in one go (hence the death part of it, also the fact that it’s vodka, tequila, and beer).

Well it is surprisingly smooth to drink, and doesn’t hit you very hard. I remember being underwhelmed by how easy it was. This meant that I had a second one within minutes, and then a third within minutes after that. And then it started hitting me. Quite slowly at first. It was like the back of my brain was going numb. I could still follow conversations but found it harder and harder to think about stuff. Things started turning hazy. And then it started taking over. And my drunkenness increased exponentially. Until I could only say two basic sentences: “I love you guys” and “I’m so drunk”. I was able to vary on these themes by introducing various “fucks” and “fuckings” at different points. So I could say for example “I fucking love you guys”, or “fuck! I’m so fucking drunk”, or “I fucking love you guys, fuck I’m so fucking drunk, but I fucking love you” etc.

Then saying these sentences and their variants became too hard and the nausea stage came to pass. I remember hugging the toilet seat and waiting to feel better for what felt like hours, it was about an hour and a half. Now if you’ve ever been in that situation you know that what you need is for no one to bother you for a while. You feel that if people leave you alone you can somehow beat it. Now, no one will ever know if this is true or not, because if you’ve ever been on the other side of the door, especially if you are not as drunk as the person inside, but still drunk enough, you can’t help but knock on that door and stick your head in to see if you can help. What form this help would take, or what exactly it would involve, given that you can barely stand up or string sentences together as well, is usually left out of the conversation. So I remember that every time I was about to feel better, or at least felt like I was, someone would knock or stick their head in the door asking if I needed help.

Well that was a very good night indeed. I remember walking back home around 4 or 5 in the morning listening to Radiohead’s “Hail to the Thief” on my disk-man. That’s right children this was before ipods and iphones. This was when you had to carry part of your record collection with you in CD form, remember them cds? And you had to listen to them on this quite large device which was like a walk-man but for cds. It could only read one disc at a time. Those were crazy days. Anyway, enough rambling and very badly written sentences. I hope my drunken writing entertained you. Oh before that though I need to add a warning at the top saying that there is a bit of vomit in this post. Well I suppose you’ve already read it, isn’t that funny. Good night.