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Morning in Liverpool, Afternoon in Train, Evening in Nottingham

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I woke up on Sunday before my alarm rang at the incredible time of 7:30. My alarm was set for 8:00, but somehow, even though I had a very rough night, and I had slept very little the night before that, my body wanted me to wake up early. I was very happy to be up, I realised that one of the occupants of my room was in the bathroom. So I checked my emails and did some internet surfing on my phone while waiting. I also got my stuff ready for my shower and teeth brushing. Anyway, I was dressed and in the lobby by about 8:15.

We went into the dinning room to have breakfast. It was very nice. We decided to have a big breakfast, that way we can have a light sandwich on the train and not feel too hungry. An asian girl, I think she was chinese but I’m not sure, sat with us at our table. She was on a tour of the UK. She had already been to London, Cambridge, Belfast, Somewhere in Scotland she wasn’t clear where, Manchester, and was here in Liverpool on her way to Oxford. She mentioned that when she finishes, she’s going to Italy. She kept asking us about the food and about britain.

After a while, her friend came in and she left us to go and sit with her. It was clearly very cold outside, so we decided to stay in the hostel until around 9:30, in order to go around and some shopping before we made our way to the station by 12:30, the train was on 12:52. I thought I should buy myself a pair of proper boots in order to be able to deal with the snow down in Nottingham. So we hung out at the hostel lobby while the concierge told us he wasn’t able to go to Edinburgh because of the snow.

Eventually though we made our way out and it was quite chilly, but not as cold as we expected. most stores weren’t open yet so we walked around a bit waiting for them to open. We eventually made our way to the big John Lewis, I played a bit with an ipad there. I know it is completely useless and is something that I, along with the rest of the human population, do not need, I still want one more than anything in the world. We kept going from shop to shop. I bought myself a pair of Doc Martins boots. Even though I was a grungy kid in the 1990s I have never owned a pair. My mother never bought them for me and I never had enough money myself to buy some.

We also went in a very nice bookshop, I bought a for dummies book, Singing for dummies. As some of you know, I cannot sing to save my life. I am quite musical and play guitar, bass, and a little bit of piano, I am also looking to learn to play violin, as soon as I have a bit of extra money. However, I cannot sing to save myself. I hear myself singing out of tune but cannot do anything about it. I am aware that this has as much to do with ability as it has to do with bad posture and bad breathing. So I’m hoping this book will at least put me on the right track to singing.

Anyway, we got to the station at the right time and bought ourselves sandwiches for the road. Once we got on the train, we were able to find seats, but very quickly the train filled up with a great number of people. Again, there was a bunch of genitals and bottoms pressed against me. the trolly lady on this train was the same as the one on the train up to Liverpool, and the one on the train back when we went there the first time. She’s from Lithuania and recognised us. The train journey was a little boring, and long. We did enjoy looking out on some snow covered fields. We were very tired and had to fight not to sleep.

Anyway, we arrived in Nottingham, and it was quite cold. I spent the rest of the day relaxing and watching tv and listening to radio. I did a bit of work and watched  Match of the Day 2. I had mentioned that I wanted to sleep early, but was sure that I wouldn’t. It turns out I was right. I stayed up until about 3:00. I was hoping to see some snow falling, however, by the  time I went to bed there was no snow. I was a little bit bothered that there was no snow. Anyway, that’s my very busy Sunday.


The Great Journey To Watch Live Football

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So as I mentioned yesterday, Saturday was going to be a huge day for me. A and I were going to watch our first Barkley’s Premiership game. In my case, this was going to be my first ever league football game. I went to sleep with a lot of trepidation and excitement. I woke up with even more excitement and trepidation. In fact, I clearly had way too much adrenaline in my body because I woke up very early. I think I wanted the day to come so quickly that I actually made myself wake up earlier than I had to.

Anyway, so I woke up and had to wait for a very long time before A passed by for us to walk to the train station and make our way to Birmingham. So I spent my morning reading stuff online and drinking tea. I took a shower as well, just because I needed to kill time, as I had showered the night before. The time was passing so slowly and I had so much energy flowing through my body that I felt a little bit trapped.

Anyway, time did pass in the end and A called to let me know that he was on his way. Rather than wait for him to get to my flat and buzz me. I put on my coat, over my big wooly jumper long sleeve t-shirt and t-shirt, my hat, and my gloves and walked towards him. I wore so many clothes because I didn’t want to be cold at the stadium.

Anyway, A and I made our way to the train station, bought our tickets and waited for our train. Now we were clearly very excited about going to watch the football because we got to the station way too early. A was in a bit of a moany mood, which was very funny. We were both quite hungry and were trying to decide what we were going to eat once we got to Birmingham.

The train journey was unremarkable. We were standing for the first bit of the journey, until Derby, and then found a couple of seats. We played some trivial pursuit on his iPhone. It’s a nifty little app, but we realised that we were a little too good for it. I’m not being arrogant, it’s just that we ended up getting on a role of some sort and the person playing would finish the game before the other had a chance to answer. So the games were a little one-sided. But still, it helped pass the time, and we finally made it to Birmingham.

Now A had looked up where the stadium was and was confident that it was a few minutes away from town center. So we thought we’ll find something to eat, as we had two hours to go before the game. We walked around trying to find a pizza express, that’s what we decided we wanted to eat. But couldn’t find one in the town center. At this point I remembered the fact that we both have iPhones that are connected to this thing called the internet, and so could look up the closest restaurant. We figured that there was one in the bullring, which is a giant maul. In fact, Birmingham felt like a giant maul city.

So we made our way there, but before that we asked at the tourist center how to get to the stadium and were told to take the bus. The man there, who seemed to hate the fact that he had to do his job, told us that it was too far to walk. This led to us being in a little but of a panic, as we weren’t sure we would make it in time. We got to the pizza express, but there was a very long queue and we felt like we didn’t have time. So we made our way to where we thought the bus stop was and joped that there would be food at the stadium.

We eventually found the bus stop and got on the bus, it wasn’t the one that the man at the tourist center told us to take. A nice man at the bus stop told us which one we needed to take. We were both tracking our progress on our maps app, as we didn’t know where the stop we needed to get off at was, and the bus didn’t tell us. There was a little bit of traffic, so we were a little tense fearing that we might not get to the game in time.

However, we were very quickly there and it was clear that the man at the tourist center is just a lazy bum. So we got to the grounds in time and thankfully there was a bunch of burger vans around the stadium and so we could have something to eat. So very quickly the tension went away and we were able to satiate our hunger.

Our seats were on the other side of the stadium. So we walked around it and thought for a second that we were going to be seated with the away fans, Chelsea in this case. But it turns out we were not, so that was a bit of a relief as these particular fans looked a little rowdy. So we got in and made our way to our seats. We were sitting on the eights row in between the halfway line and one of the goals. The seats were incredible. We could spit on the players if we wanted to.

The players were warming up when we sat and it was impossibly exciting to see these great players in the flesh, and so close to us. We were watching the Chelsea keeper pass the ball to one of the reserve keepers, who was half way in the opposite half. The ball kept falling exactly in their hands, without them having to move at all. The amount of skill this involved was incredible.

Another weird thing was that there were two goals in each half. It meant that the pitch had 4 goals. We later learned the the extra two goals were there only for the warm up. The team warming up on our side was Chelsea and we saw Drogba, Malouda, Anelka, and the rest of the gang warm up by shooting at the goal. We both noted that they were missing a lot, and that even though there was no pressure on them, like there would be in a game, they were unable to burry the ball at the back of the net that often. Did this mean that they would miss a lot during the game? Or were they getting the bad shots out of their systems and were going to be great during the game?

Anyway, there was still a bit of time before the game started and the giant screen was right in front of us, so we sat and enjoyed the entertainment there, while waiting for the players to come back onto the pitch and start the game. The pitch at Birmingham City is a strange one. It is a little small. As some of you know, even though football is such a huge international sport, there isn’t a single standardised pitch size. This one was a little small in length.

The game started soon enough with Birmingham attacking towards the goal that we were near to. Chelsea began quite confidently and had a shot on goal almost straight away. They were top of the table, but had suffered two defeats in a row. Birmingham on the other hand were in the relegation zone and haven’t been playing their best football. However, it was clear that they weren’t that bothered by these facts and were going to play positive football. They very quickly took the ascendency and started being dangerous. They didn’t have many shots on goal, but most of the action was on our side of the pitch.

Around halfway in the first halftime a lovely long ball found the head of Cameron Jerome (Birmingham’s striker) who played it for Lee Bowyer (a midfield player) who seemed to slice open Chelsea’s defense. After a lovely control and an even lovelier strike he scored Birmingham’s first goal. The Birmingham fans, which were very quiet so far, erupted in a deafening roar of cheers and applause. It was a great goal. The Chelsea fans who were doind most of the chanting fell silent and the Birmingham fans started singing and cheering.

It was an amazing moment. I had seen the underdogs score against arguably the best team in English football this season. We hoped that Birmingham would continue to play so positively, but knew that they would probably end up playing a more defensive game now and try to maintain their lead. This is exactly what happened. They did have a couple of promising counter attacks but nothing of note.

The half ended and we tried to get some tea but we ended up staying in line for way too long and had to make our way very quickly back to our seats. The game was already on its way but only for a minute. This time around, Chelsea were attacking on our side. This fact turned out to be a very good thing. Indeed, Chelsea threw everything, including the kitchen sink at Birmingham. However, the Birmingham goalkeeper was having one of those days when everything he did was perfect. He couldn’t do anything wrong, and the one time he couldn’t get to the ball the cross bar denied Chelsea.

This fact meant that we witnessed most of the action in front of our eyes. It was a very exciting game of football. Even though it was a low scoring game, I don’t think either of us can complain about the quality of football we witnessed. The last minutes of the game were nail biting. However, when the final whistle sounded the Chelsea players walked off the pitch without shaking hand with the Birmingham players. It was a very dickish and divaish attitude. I was very disappointed by them. Birmingham didn’t play dirty football, so there was no reason for them to act like this.

The point is though that I have caught the bug. I love live football, it is so much better than watching it on tv. I am seriously thinking of getting tickets to watch Nottingham Forest live. Anyway, at the end of the game the Chelsea fans were starting a bit of trouble. They were hurling abuse at the Birmingham fans and the police stood in front of them and moved them out. We made our way out and passed near their exit. It was blocked by heavy police presence and a bunch of vans.

We walked back to the train station, it took us about 20 minutes. Next time we come to watch a game in Birmingham we’ll just walk there. At the train station there was a little bit of commotion. It turns out that Stoke City had Beaten West Brom, and the Stoke City fans at the station were being really rowdy. Again the police had to intervene. It’s a shame that these idiots ruin such a fun and beautiful game.

The train journey back was nice and quiet. We played a bit of trivial pursuit again on the way. I got back home feeling very tired but also very satisfied. I did a little bit of inconsequential work. I stayed up to watch Match of the Day, and I think that I saw my hat during one of the actions on tv. It’s very exciting.

Bad Day of Tiredness

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So I had a very bad sleep last night, even by my standards. I couldn’t sleep until an ungodly hour. By the way all hours are all ungodly since there is no god, just thought I’d point that out. Obviously I’m joking, I’m not there is no god or heaven or hell, when you die you die grow up. I’m of course only doing this for comic effect. No I’m not. Anyway, as you can tell I am in a bit of a mood today. The main reason was, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted by an inaccurate turn of phrase, that I slept very late and for very little time. Also, the little bit of sleep I got was so unsatisfactory and unsettled that I woke up feeling very tired and cranky.

I went to uni in time to have lunch there and then felt so tired that I had to come back home to rest. I wasn’t going to be able to do any work at uni. I was so tired that I considered calling a cab to pick me up, but then I realised how completely ridiculous that would have been and so walked home. It took me a very long time to get home. I stayed home and rested. I slept a little bit in the afternoon and then went to sleep again rather early at 19:30, hoping to sleep until the morning. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case and here I am typing this now. The thing is, if I had slept then I would have missed my daily post. So really waking up now is a blessing in disguise, especially for the tens, well ten, fans of this blog. That’s right you are fans whether you like it or not. I am not insecure.

So all this means that my sleeping pattern has been thrown out of whack again. Look at me using all this fancy language. I am probably not going to sleep before 5 or 6 tomorrow morning, although I have to be in uni by 12 since I have a supervision. I hate my stupid crazy body clock. I should be able to get it to work properly. Although it hasn’t worked properly since 1998. I am old. I don’t know what to do to get it fixed again. Maybe I should talk to my doctor again. I am seeing him on Wednesday, so I might as well bring it up with him. I just really don’t feel like taking sleeping pills, as I’m usually stoned all day because of them. I can’t be stoned all day, I have a thesis to write.

So these are the tales of my bad day of tiredness. They mainly involve me rambling on about stuff, offending religious people while I’m at it. It’s only because I’m sleepy really, I respect your right to believe anything you like. Even if it is a complete set of bullocks. I believe in bullocks as well. Everyone does, so chill. So that’s my word limit hit right there. Now, if you don’t mind, I will go and have a series of unsuccessful attempts at having a good night’s sleep. Bye.

Two Days Worth

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So as I didn’t write a proper post yesterday, I’m going to try and make up for it with today’s post. I can’t promise anything, but I’ll try to make it quite long. This explanation is adding valuable words to the word count, that is good. So yesterday was my first official try at working in the PGR room. It went extremely well. I really like it. It always felt oppressive, dark, smelly, and stuffy, whenever I passed by to ask A if he wanted to have a coffee or to talk to H or something. However, I’ve realised that it’s not the case at all. It’s actually quite a nice space, plus I have the desk that’s next to the window so I’ll be able to gaze out onto the inner court of the Trent building.

So A picked me up to go to uni. We had a coffee in the little cafe and basically worked out what we were going to do and say during our presentation today. As I said, it was very much B’s work that made it easy for us. But it all felt very useful and nice. Also, I got A to read my truncated chapter, or WIP paper as I should call it. He agreed that there was nothing left for me to cut without doing proper damage to the content of the paper. It’s going to be a long paper, but I’m hoping that it’ll be okay. A seemed to really like it, which I’m very happy about. Now all I have left to do for the WIP is to prepare a powerpoint presentation about math and I’m ready. I love that I get to talk about math in my French studies thesis, I am such a geek.

So after that, we did a little bit of work, then went to eat. We had some okay food at the student cafeteria. It was nice to eat out of a plate, rather then out of a cardboard sandwich box. Then got back to the room where I did the final preparations for my classes and got ready to meet my new batch of students. Now, last year’s students on this module were, for the most part, a brilliant bunch. They were smart, engaged with the text and with me, had some nice intelligent and quite interesting things to say about the texts we were studying. Those texts are very hard, especially for people who have encountered very little theory before. So I was braced to be disappointed with the new bunch, because it was impossible to top last year’s.

Well I was wrong, as was clearly implied by my very long and obvious attempt at building up tension and making it seem like it was an impossible occurrence, only to confound you all by saying that the new kids seem to be just as intelligent and engaged if not more. It was such a nice surprise. I was very happy to see them all eager to learn, taking notes, and making very pertinent points. It was a little difficult to get them to talk, as all students are a bit shy at first. However, I think that I have encouraged them enough to get a little more involved next week. With each of the three sections I taught, they were really talkative by the end. So I’m hoping that the feeling of safety will carry on until next week when they’ll talk a bit more.

I had a lot of fun with them. The first text we’re doing is Mythologies by Roland Barthes. I have chosen three Mythologies (which is what you call each of the very short articles that make up the book) which are a little controversial, and more or less link with the other texts we look at. One of them, called ‘Romans et Enfants) is a lot of fun to teach. One of the main reasons, is that I get to do a little feminist speech about how women, while being better off then in 1950s France are still a long way from getting equal rights. I talk about women being paid less then men for the same jobs, the fact that motherhood is presented as the natural and only role of women (which is the point of this particular mythology), and (my favourite bit) about how Hysteria is derived from Uterus. I love how this always gets the same reactions, people laugh out of shock when I tell them that in many ways to be hysteric, means to have a uterus. I hope that this gets them, at least in a small way, to become a little politicised.

After my classes I was exhausted. I had talked a lot after all. But there’s no rest for the wicked and we went to the Goose Fair. I really like the Goose fair, not for the crazy stupid scary rides, I don’t do those. I like it because of the stupid, rigged up, overpriced games. I love all the ball throwing, bottle straightening, duck fishing silliness. I spent a lot of Z’s money, because I didn’t have any on me and she is very generous, on those games and won her a stuffed toy of puss-in-boots from shrek. So I believe we are square now, a shitty toy should make up for the money I ‘borrowed’. After the Goose fair we went to a pub called Spanky Van Dykes, which was alright but incredibly weird. Also, I had a very traumatising experience in their bathroom, well A had it first then me, and remember I lived through arial bombardment by Israel, crazy islamists who think putting babies in ovens is prescribed by god, and a few years of random car bombs in Lebanon amongst other things. Well, come to think about it, this was really a very minor thing. But at the time really felt weird and dirty. Their bathrooms had a recording of some children playing. It was like there was a microphone in a playground and it was being played in the bathroom as we were weeing. That is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Well after that very enjoyable and full day, I went to sleep quite early, as my short post predicted. I woke up early today and did a few chores this morning, including going to the bank, which took a very long time. I then went to uni, much later then I hoped, to get ready for the workshop. I had an absolute blast doing it, and I think A enjoyed it as well. The new postgrads were very cool and engaged. We had a nice chat with them. We tried to warn them as much as we could as well about mental health issues dealing with a PhD or an MA. Afterwards we went for a coffee with some of them, which was very nice. I don’t know if I’m being premature here, but I thought they were all very very nice. Me and A commented on how cool they seemed to be, on a human level. They felt like people you could really hang out with and have a nice time. They weren’t full of themselves or overconfident, and most importantly, they didn’t seem to suffer from centre of the universe complex (says the man who publishes all of his actions and thoughts, well a lot of them, on the internet because he thinks they are so interesting that people would like to read them on a daily basis).

After that A and I went to his house and played some playstation. I then went home, via the supermarket, had some food and sat to catch up on all the tv and radio I’ve missed while I was in Algeria. I’ve had to stop though in order to type this drivel, because I honestly believe that you the reader would be disappointed if I don’t produce something of substance on here. I really am mentally ill, I say I’m not but I clearly am. I think the voices in my head are another clue. So yeah, that’s basically it. I’m going to go back to my massive entertainment catch up, before going to sleep at some point before 3 hopefully.

Reaching New Hights

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So My blog has been seen over 40 times already today. That’s very strange. I don’t mind at all, but it’s just strange. I wonder if the fact that I am writing from another country/continent is as exciting for others as it is for me. Maybe I should become a travel zriter and go all over the world writing about things. If only people would pay me to do that. It would be an awful job. I would hate going around the world to the most beautiful places for free and being payed for writing something about it. What an awful job.

So as I expected it took me a very long time to sleep last night. In fact, I don’t think I slept before 4. I woke up a few times, including at 8:30, 10, and 12:30. I finally woke up around 14:00. So I had a nice lunch with my dad and then went around with him to take care of a few chores. It’s nice hangging out with him.

I’m a little bit worried about him. He seems a little bit depressed. I’m trying to get him excited about comming over in January and spending his birthday with me in the UK. Everytime we talk about it he seems to get a little bit better. So that’s my mission right now.

In other news, I was able to work a little bit today. Not as much as I wanted to but enough. I hope I can get a little bit more done this week. If I don’t sleep too early tonight, then I might get a little bit more done. All we can do is wait and see.

Some of you might have noticed that I’m having a little bit of difficulty writing. The main reason is that I’m writing on my father’s ‘evil azerty keyboard’ as Z said. But I am getting better I think. Also, you should all checkout my last post, I fixed it. Hopefully this one won’t need any fixing.

Well that’s about it for me today. I know it’s not a lot, but I think I’ll have more to say tomorrow. We have a bit of a long day, my dad and I. So See you all tomorrow. Hopefully all the people who read my blog today will read it again tomorrow. Good night.

No Weight Loss

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So I’ve been going to the gym for almost two weeks now, and I’ve been watching what I eat for almost a month and still no result. I haven’t shifted a single kilo. This is quite annoying. I know it should take time, but I’d like to see at least some result. I have decided to buy myself a proper set of scales, cause the ones I have are just completely wrong and start to weigh myself in the mornings.

A and I speculated that my apparent lack of weight loss could be due to the fact that I’ve been drinking a lot of liquid while working out, so that it masks any loss of weight. I know it’s probably not that, but it’s all I have people so don’t judge me. I am getting fitter though and I’ve been building up my endurance a bit. Hopefully I’ll be able to run for 20 minutes, not walk and run, by the end of September.

I have been also thinking of taking tennis lessons. They’re not that expensive, and that way I can play properly with Z and maybe with A later. Because at the moment, I am not able to keep the ball in the court 7 times out of 10, and I’m being generous. So I’m hoping the lessons do happen.

All of this exercise is getting me happy though. My endorphin levels are clearly high. I’m happy and smiley. Hopefully that’ll mean that my work becomes more consistent and productive. I am going to try Uni tomorrow. Hopefully I can get some work done there and be able to get underway with what I’m working on right now.

So the Gym itself was quite fun. It was mainly empty while I was there, which was a nice change after all the leering and showing off of the last few times. I had fun pushing myself a bit more every time. In fact,I almost had a stitch today but was able to modify the speed of my run in order to avoid it. It was quite funny as I can’t remember the last time I had a stitch. It must have been about 10 years ago or something. I used to be fit and athletic, but then I discovered rock and roll and decided that sport is not cool. Which to be fair, compared to smoking and playing music, isn’t that cool!

In other news, A is back and came over to hang out, as you might have realised since I mentioned him a few times. I had to show him Resonance of Fate. It really is an excellent game, I highly recommend it for any JRPG fan. But probably not for non-JRPG fans or non hardcore RPG players. It does get repetitive (haha I said tit) and if you’re not used to that it might be quite boring in places.

Anyway, it’s nice that A’s back. Now I have to wait for B to come and visit. She is coming soon so that’s something to look forward to. I’m hoping not to have too much to do while she’s here. I know she’ll be busy with her friends and stuff, but it would be nice to hang out with her a bit. Anyway, time for me to go and attempt to sleep, even though I am not even a little bit sleepy.

Resonance of Fate and Gym

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So I had a productiveish day today. I did some work all day then went to the gym with Cy. I was surprised with myself as I did a lot more than I expected. In fact, I was back to almost my full fitness. It was strange being able to use the treadmill for so long. It made me feel good to sweat a bit. Exercise really makes you feel good. Anyway, after the gym I passed by the supermarket and bought a tennis racket, they were selling them for cheap. I’ve decided to play a sport that doesn’t involve violent tackles as a fun alternative, or supplement, to the gym. I am starting to lose weight and I want to keep it going. This year, academic year I mean, will be the year I reach my target weight.

After getting back home I started playing Resonance of Fate, a Japanese role playing game (JRPG), that I got not so long ago. My first impressions are that its setting is fantastic. It is set in a steam punk post apocalyptic world. The world has all but died and all of humanity lives on this giant tower/machine. You are a hunter, well three hunters who live together, a boy a man and a girl. And you go around doing missions for people, some of them involve getting stuff, others involve killing people, etc. So far the game seems to be quite hardcore. It’s very fun but requires a good amount of playing around, upgrading and grinding, even from this early stage. I will keep updating my review of the game as I go through it.

Other than that, I’ve realised again that when I publicise my blog on facebook I get so many more hits then when I don’t publicise it or just use twitter. I don’t want to keep putting reminders on facebook though as that would be annoying for everyone. I wonder why people don’t just visit it on their own. Anyway, I am quite tired and in need of sleep. I have to start doing more things during my day in order to find something to write about. I’m still not very good at writing extensively about minor events. I mean I do quite well but I need to be able to write an 800 word post on going to the gym and starting a new game. Only when I am able to do that would I consider myself quite good at blogging. Until then, I am only an apprentice blog writer. Anyway, good night dear readers. I will hopefully entertain you tomorrow.