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Working Through The Weekend

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Right, I haven’t done much last night and today. I need to work through the weekend in order to finish this chapter. I don’t know if it’s feasible but I’m going to give it a good try. I have my first lesson tomorrow, which would be a nice interlude. Hopefully I would have done enough work not to feel like I’m wasting my time going to town for the lesson. I’m a little depressed about my situation right now, not enough not to do something about it, but enough to feel a little disappointed in myself for not being done by now with this chapter. Anyway, I should go back to work and maybe have a bit of sleep. Stay safe. Love you bye.


Deadlines and Anxieties

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Tomorrow is my deadline and I am far from being done. I won’t write a long post right now, I need to go back to work and try to get as much as I can done. I’m clearly going to miss the deadline but maybe I can have enough to be okay. I think I’m staying up tonight writing. It feels a bit like my undergrad days. I need to produce high quality writing though, and given that I haven’t been writing regularly I don’t think it’s going to be the case. I’ll still give it a good go. Anyway, I need to go back now. Stay safe everyone. Love you bye.

No Time To Blog

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Hi everyone. I don’t really have much time to blog. I’m working and it seems that it’s kicking off in Egypt again. I’m not very sure what’s happening but it seems that the police has attacked the martyrs families who have been camped out in Tahrir. It seems that clashes are ongoing right now. I’ll try to blog more about it when I know exactly what’s going on. It seems that the revolution, that was never completed since the army seems to continue the dictatorial regime of Mubarak, is back on and might be seen through. I am also going to stay up I think and try to work while I’m also watching the news. In the mean time stay safe. Love you bye.

Bath, Weight, and Heat

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I started today feeling slightly bad about myself No real reason for it, just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I then made an executive decision to take a long hot bubble bath with some of the stuff I bought from Lush a while back. I felt really good when I came out of the bath. Also, I received a new set of scales and realised that I had actually lost a good amount of weight and that I am now nearer my target weight. I need to start exercising though in order to make my body a little more firm. Then I went out to do some shopping and I realised just how hot it was today. I haven’t felt this hot in a very long time. It wasn’t an enjoyable kind of heat though. It was stuffy and humid and really oppressive. I ended up not doing much because I was just too hot. I spent the rest of the day on my bed with less and less clothes. Eventually there was a thunderstorm and the heat broke a bit, which is a good thing. Now it’s quite pleasant. I’m going to go and try to get some work done before I go to sleep so I say good night to you. Stay safe. Love you bye.

Weird Sunday

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I had a pretty weird Sunday. I didn’t do much work. I was feeling a little sorry for myself all day but then got a call from a friend of mine and had a very nice long conversation. It’s was the kind of conversations we used to have a long time ago and it felt great. I was still not very happy and a little sulky. I watched some Doctor Who, which always puts me in a better mood. I also listened to some music. But all of a sudden the day is finished. I don’t know how that happened. It’s very weird when a day just races by. Anyway, before I go I wanted to point this out to you. Yesterday night @AngryArabia a tweep from Bahrain, whose husband and father have been imprisoned by the brutal regime of the khalifas, started a twitter hashtag called #factaboutprisoner. The idea was incredibly simple and also incredibly genius.

She just started tweeting everyday facts about her husband and her father and other detainees in the Bahrain dungeons. It was incredibly heartbreaking but at the same time inspiring. People started joining in with facts about people they know who are in prison. The hashtag is mainly about people in Bahrain but very quickly people started tweeting about Palestinians, Syrians, Libyans, Americans, and even people from Belarus. It was one of those beautiful uses of Twitter. All of a sudden you had people from all over the world humanising those that the regimes who imprisoned them seek to dehumanise and turn into numbers.

Thankfully someone created an archive of the hashtag and you can see that archive here. I urge to read through it. It’s I believe a very important set of documents. Thanks to a tweep called @geopoetic now those tweets will not be lost. I’m sure this resource will be used when the history of the bloody crack down by the Bahraini royal family against unarmed civilians is written. It shows twitter at it’s best. Showing what it can do to spread the stories of those that are being silenced by oppressive regimes. There was another hashtag today that showed the other side of the coin. Showing how twitter also gives voice to psychopathic nutters. The hashtag is #SinkTheFlotilla. Basically it asks the israeli government to sink the flotilla that is on its way to break the illegal blockade of Gaza by israel and bring aid into the besieged territory. Anyway, I’ll write more about the flotilla later. For now I’ve got to go and try to do something productive today. Stay safe. Love you bye.

Not Much to Say

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Hi everyone. I don’t have much to say today. I haven’t worked as much as I would have liked today. I need to pick it up and get some stuff done. My deadline is approaching and I’m still far off. I started a proper diet today. I’m going to be mainly eating salads for the foreseeable future. I might have other stuff from time to time, but mainly leafy rabbit food. I really need to lose that extra weight. I have already lost some but I still need to lose more. I’m also going to go to the gym a lot. I have made a decision and I will try to stick to it. Anyway, that’s it from tonight I’m afraid. I will go and not work but try to do something productive like play guitar or something. Good night. Stay safe. Love you bye.

Very Sleepy

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I wanted to write another long post but I’m really tired, so this will be short. I’m going to watch something and go to bed early. Start my day early tomorrow and work all weekend long. So I went to the studio today. It’s a very cool place and I met my new teacher Matt, who’s a very cool dude. He seems like he’s going to be a great teacher. I can’t wait to get started officially next week. I already have some homework. I am really happy to be taking lessons. I really need some guidance and hopefully my skills will start flourishing. Anyway, that’s all from me. Everyone email Steve Jobs, read yesterday’s post for details. Stay safe. Love you bye.