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Being Vegan

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So I’ve been vegan for a few months now and I have to admit that I feel great. I have plenty of energy, I feel happy and healthy. I didn’t really write about why exactly I became vegan and what drove me to it. I didn’t really know what to blog about today and so thought I might as well write about why I became a vegan and why I think that it’s an important thing to do. Also, I thought I’d let you all know what it’s actually like being a vegan, especially in a country in which the food revolves around meat, eggs, and dairy.

So let’s start at the beginning. Why did I become a vegan? Well to be honest, I always knew that when I ate meat I was doing something that was morally wrong, but I rationalised it. I tried to say to myself, and to others, that we evolved to eat meat. That as a species we had a biological imperative to consume animal meat. Of course that’s total crap. I also tried to put all the information about slaughter houses and the disgusting practices there in the back of my mind. I tried to not think about it. And to be honest with you, it worked. It worked very well. I continued to consume animal products without ever thinking about it. Meat was in every meal I ate.

However, I was then exposed to this information, as well as new information, in a way that I simply couldn’t ignore anymore. In fact, it happened through listening to Citizen’s Radio and particularly Erin Red’s appearances on there. I Learned things, and relearned things, that made it impossible for me to consume animal products and not feel like a hypocrite for several reasons. As you know I think of myself as a good person and someone who tries to stad up to injustice where ever it is. However, I had somehow managed to convince myself that the violence done to animals, both in the meat and dairy industries, wasn’t an injustice.

I also discovered just how unhealthy it is to consume those products. I mean the amount of antibiotics pumped into animals who are then used to produce milk or slaughtered for meat is reason enough to stop consuming those products. But it’s also so much more than that. Something that’s quite common sensical for example, but that I somehow missed, is that in order for cows to produce milk they must be nursing. I mean it’s common sense. So in order for cows to keep producing milk we keep them in a constant state of pregnancy and nursing but we actually take the milk for ourselves. Now that’s inexcusable.

Anyway, once I was exposed to this and much more information I realised that I just couldn’t keep being part of these horrible practices and that I needed to do what I can, which is stop consuming those products. Most of my friends were very surprised, as they all knew me for being very much a carnivore. I also consumed incredible amounts of cheese. So I got off meat and dairy for a few months now, and I have to admit that I never felt this good in my life. My body feels clean and healthy, my sinus problem has all but disappeared, my intestinal issues are basically gone. I feel healthy. I also feel happy, and if I’m honest quite self righteous.

So how has it been. Well if I’m honest I was very surprised at how easy the whole process has been. I was always someone who cooks a lot, so all it took is for me to adapt my cooking to my new life style. I have to admit that the internet has been an incredible resource here. Because the vegan diet is usually represented as bland and unattractive, vegan cooks have been pressured into making interesting food.  have to admit that I have never eaten so much interesting and cool food since I became vegan. I have also started baking, which is something I have never really done before. Vegan baking is really good.

I also was very surprised by how vegan friendly Nottingham is as a city. Pretty much every restaurant in this city has at least one good vegan option. I was expecting it to be difficult here in the UK, which is known for it’s reliance on dairy and animal flesh in its food. However, it hasn’t been hard to find most of what I need. Apart from some knee jerk reactions to me saying I’m vegan, which I have to admit has made some people hate me more than anything I’ve ever said or done, it has been good. All in all I feel that I made the right decision and I haven’t looked back since. Anyway, that’s my story. I hope it didn’t make you hate me. Stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.


Vegan Mac’n’Cheese

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I made myself some vegan mac’n’cheese today. To be more precise it should be called mac’n’yeast. It was delicious. the one thing that people seem to miss most is cheese. I have to admit that much of the vegan cheese I’ve tried so far isn’t great. I’m still looking. I heard that much of the vegan cheese brands in America are good now. I’m still looking for a very good vegan cheese here in the UK. Anyway, the mac’n’cheese that I made was delicious. It doesn’t tastes exactly like its non vegan counterpart but is delicious in its own right. Anyway, I’ve got to go and get some work done now. So stay safe everyone. Tomorrow is DnD day so expect a long post. Love you bye.

Becoming Even More of a Geek

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So today I’ve decided to completely embrace my geekiness. Some of you who know me might be thinking, come on there H you have always been very clearly a complete and utter geek, how can you be more of a geek then? Well I’ve decided to finally start properly playing pen and paper role playing games. I’ve always been attracted to them, and I’ve played once with a bunch of friends and absolutely loved it. So I bought myself a player book and will create a character and go to the local games shop and join a game that they run. If I like it there I would have all my week nights sorted, between the guitar lesson, the game, and MMA. This means that I can work during the day and know that I have something fun to look forward to in the evening. Also, since I started kickboxing, and with my new food choices, I’m finding that my sleeping pattern is normalising. Also, I’m finding that I have a lot of energy. Anyway, I need to go back to work now. Stay safe everyone. Love you bye.


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Right I am as the title implies, intoxicated. Not with any illegal substances like you all thought but with good old alcohol. That’s right I’m drunk. I am happy to announce that my tolerance for alcohol is still very low and two beers can still make me very happy. I went out with my mom today we had a few beers and a burger. I discovered that my favourite burger place in Nottingham actually has three vegan options. This was a lovely discovery. I had a lentil based burger and it was delicious. I’m so happy with my new diet. I feel good, my bloating is all gone. Also, the food is very good. Anyway, I need to go pass out now. Love you all. Stay safe. Bye.

Day Twelve

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Today started very well. I woke up very early and went to my guitar lesson which was absolutely fantastic. We worked on music theory and improvisation. It was a lot of fun and made me feel so empowered. I can actually see myself getting to a point when I just hang out with a band and just start playing with them. I’m usually very intimidated by other musicians but I think that soon I won’t be anymore. I was giddy with excitement. I haven’t felt this excited about music in general and playing in particular in years. It really made me feel great.

But most of you reading this are probably expecting me to write about the riots in the UK. Well I’d like to but there is much to say and I don’t think I am the right person to say it. I will link you to a couple of pieces that I found very interesting to read. Here’s an excellent marxist reading of the first riots in Tottenham. Here is another piece by the same blogger, who’s excellent you should all read him, on the reactionary reactions to the riots. Tonight things seem very dark. The riots have moved beyond London with riots reported in Birmingham and possibly in Leeds. It seems that frustration is being unleashed but no real political direction is organising itself around these riots. I will keep observing and see how things will develop.

In more self obsessed news, I made myself a vegan satay and it was one of the best things I’ve ever had. Here’s the recipe if you’re interested in trying it. It’s honestly delicious. If I keep finding nice recipes like this one I think that being a vegan will be very easy. Anyway, I should go back to work and to keeping up with the news. Stay safe everyone. Love you bye.

Day Nine

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So day nine was productive in certain ways and unproductive in other. I had an excellent guitar lesson and then bought the rest of the stuff I need from Lush. I have now moved to using Lush products exclusively. Check them out if you don’t already, they’re a great ethical cosmetic company that supports a bunch of great campaigns including Palestinian ones. I have also been listening to Citizen Radio for a while and I love the show. Check it out, it’s a great proper lefty show, with a lot of swearing. The hosts are vegans and talk about it a lot. In fact, I am seriously considering becoming a vegan. I have been reading up about the process involved in the production of meat and dairy and I just cannot think of a reason, other than I like it, to consume them anymore. I just don’t think that if I keep eating meat and consuming dairy I would be a hypocrite. For the people who know me personally, you’ll know that I am not someone who judges people with beliefs that are different from mine. So I’m not judging anyone who doesn’t think about becoming vegan. I am now doing the research and seeing what I need to buy and what products I need to consume. Anyway, I need to go and continue that research as well as do some work. Stay safe everyone. Love you bye.

Day Five

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Day five involved me having a mini-crisis as I’ still not able to focus properly. I have had an excellent conversation with a friend on Skype and feel a little better now. Also, I’ve bought myself a couple of exercise DVDs in order to start doing something about my belly. I have realised today, which I’m sure adds to the crisis, that the weight I thought I’d lost wasn’t as extensive as I thought it was. In fact the problem stemmed from me having my scales on carpet rather than hard floor. Anyway, this means that I am still far away from my target weight. Hopefully the DVDs will help me shed the kilos. Anyway, I’m now going to go back to work. Stay safe everyone. Love you bye.