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Ready for Home and Crazy Work

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So I’m ready to go home, both logistically and mentally. I’ve had a nice time, for the most part, with my dad, but I just want to go back home. It’s very hot here, the constant breeze makes it okay, but I like my cold climate. Also, I have a lot to do and I need to be home to do most of it. On the logistic side, my bag is packed, the taxi taking me tomorrow is arranged, and I am checked in. All that’s left is for me to shower, go to sleep, and wake up early enough not to catch the cab in time.

Today was another example of my dad getting old. We had a few things to do. They could have been done in an hour at most. However, it took us five hours. We had to do everything the long way around and had to work very slowly. The worst bit about this and the most heart breaking is that he can see this. I feel really sad just thinking about it. He keeps making silly mistakes and then looking at me sadly and saying that he is old. I love my father and I hate to see him feel sad.

Anyway for something more positive now. Last night, if you remember, I said I was going to to work for a little bit after I wrote the blog. Well, I in fact worked incredibly well. I started around 00:00 and finished at 5:00. During these five hours, with a lot of longish breaks, I wrote 3000 words. I can’t believe how well I worked. This fact meant that I woke up feeling very good about myself, and that I did a bunch of other stuff all day. Now, these 3000 words are part of the new chapter I’m writing. Interestingly, I wrote these words without using any references, because I didn’t bring them with me. So when I go home, I’ll hopefully be able to double them quite easilly.

Anyway, Now what I need to work on is my WIP, which is going to be what keeps me occupied during the next three weeks. I am however very encouraged by me being able to work so well. I need to keep doing what I’m doing and hopefully be able to finish it very quickly. Anyway that’s all from me. Tomorrow I write from my couch in my flat. I really miss my flat.


Train and Hostel

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I am finally in London. The train trip down here was a real mixed bag. I was able to find a seat at a table facing the right direction and basically worked all through the journey, which was very useful. However, the train was over capacity and many people were standing in the aisles and sitting on the floor between carriages. I ended up having a series of bums right in my face, as well as a couple of pubic areas, of both sexes, at about 3 centimetres from my eyes. It was quite distressing at some points, especially because some people have a clearly too relaxed an attitude towards personal hygiene… What I’m trying to say is that I was forced to smell a few strangers’ balls and fannies, which is not pleasant at all. Oh and by the way I am using the word fanny in the British sense of the word, not the American.

Also, throughout the journey my stomach kept making very loud and very uncomfortable noises. This would have usually made me embarrassed, but given that my face was being assaulted by someone’s bum/genitals at the time, I wasn’t that embarrassed. The whole trip was a very uncomfortable and strange affair. I did end up doing a lot of work though because I had to try to keep my brain occupied. So I think that I should be happy about it, all in all. Plus I really should be grateful that it wasn’t my bum or penis in someone’s face.

So I got to London and checked in the hostel. My room is at the top floor this time and has only 4 beds in it, which is quite nice. It seems that the people I’m sharing it with have been here for a while. I met one of them, and elderly gentleman from the isle of white named Carl I think. He seemed very keen to let me know that he needed to get some laundry powder in order to do some laundry. I don’ really know how to respond to this kind of interaction with strangers. I know we are sharing a room but this fact does not mean that we are suddenly friends. I find that some people, sometimes, seem to be a little too familiar in hostels. It’s not that I’m a misanthrope and that I don’t want to talk to strangers, it’s just that I’d like familiarity to grow, rather then be the default setting, say. Now, I realise that Carl wasn’t too familiar, but I’m afraid he might want to tell me about his life the next time we see each other.

Anyway, I also had a nice sushi dinner at the station. That’s probably what I’ll have on my way back as well. And I am now sitting in the lobby of the hostel with my second pot of tea. I really like this hostel very much. It is the best one I’ve been to so far. It’s clean, cheap, modern, and very friendly. I’m not sure they have private rooms, which is the only downside to it. I think they only have gender specific rooms. But that’s a minor complaint. In fact, it’s not even a complaint really, it’s more like a remark.

Well I have to be ready to leave very early in the morning. I am thinking of taking the tube to the airport, rather than the express. I thought I can save a bit of money by doing that. Also, I will be able to read on the tube on my way there. I think that I will work on the plane. At least that’s the plan. It would be nice to finish this thing I’m working on right now before I get to Algiers. I think that this way I could start something new over there. Oh and prepare for my first class. I’m not too worried about that one, since I have my notes and I have already assigned reading and questions for them to think about. I hope this year’s batch are as smart and engaged as last year’s. Some of last year’s students were so bright and enthusiastic that teaching them was an incredible joy. I am aware that these might be the exception and that I shouldn’t get my hopes up too much.

Anyway, I am very tired. I’m not sleepy yet but my body is telling me that sleep will not come late tonight. That is handy, since I am going to have to wake up at a ridiculous hour in the morning to leave and get to the airport on time. So I’m going to watch the Big Bang Theory and get ready to sleep. Good night dear readers, next time you read this, it’ll be coming from another country/continent. How cool is that? Fine, not very cool unless you’re a nerd like me and get excited about insignificant things. So basically all of you.

Packing, Meet and Great, and Saying Bye

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So I’m done packing for my trip to Algiers. It’s not like I need to pack a lot, I’m only going for a few days. I also had to clean up my flat a little bit. It’s quite a small flat and so gets cluttered very quickly and very easily. I am quite a weird worker as well, in that I need to have a bit of chaos around me to be able to work well. So I had to clear up the mess, as I wouldn’t like to come back to a messy flat. I have all my papers in order as well and I’m quite sleepy. So hopefully I’ll be able to sleep soon and wake up early tomorrow.

Before all that I went to the Work in Progress (WIP) plenary session and meet some of the new post-grads. It was nice hanging out with A and talking to some of the faculty. Also, it’s quite weird being one of senior post-grads. Me and A will have to act as the fathers to the new crop of students. I am not ready to be a dad! Especially with regards to the PhD. I don’t feel like I can guide them or give them any useful info, which is doubly bad as I have to prepare with A a session on good work habits and writing for next week. It’s okay though, as I had worked on a similar session last year with B. My WIP has also been scheduled for the end of October. I think I will rework the chapter I just finished and make it into a 40 minute talk, more or less.

We had to leave a little early though as we were going to meet up with Cy to say bye to her. She’s moving back to Paris to start a new job and I won’t be able to see her after today. We had fun at the bar/restaurant and enjoyed a few laughs. The food wasn’t great but the company was excellent and that’s what counts. Although it’s not really what counts at a restaurant. What counts is the quality of the food and it was a little sub par. I had the seared tuna which wasn’t very good. It just didn’t do it for me at all. So I’m not very happy with that place as a eatery.

I am looking forward to going down to London tomorrow and sleeping in the same hostel I slept at the night I started this blog. I haven’t decided when I exactly I will go down. I guess I’ll see how tomorrow goes and pay it by ear. I need to pass by Uni and claim one of the desks though. So I might do that tomorrow and get done with it.

I’ve downloaded season one of a series called Sanctuary to have something to do in Algeria when my dad is sleeping, which is very often. I’m hoping to do some work down there as well. I am now slightly regretting that I’m going, but nothing to be done about it. I really feel like hanging out with Z and spending a bit of time with her this weekend. But I guess it’ll have to wait for next weekend, if we have time. I am also regretting the fact that I will miss my tennis lesson on Sunday. I am going to play tennis next week though and try to make up for it.

Well that’s pretty much my day for you. I will be writing tomorrow’s post from its place of rebirth down in London. Now to go to sleep.

Last Short One

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Right so this is the last short post I will be writing. I was supposed to go to London today but decided not to as I am still quite ill. I am leaving for Algiers at the end of the week though. I wasn’t able to say bye to B. as I slept through her and A trying to get in touch with me. I am a little bit sad that I didn’t get to say good bye, but at least I got to hang out with her again. Anyway, I spent my day working and relaxing. I am able to function, though I’m a little wary about doing too much. I therefore didn’t go to the gym or do any kind of exercise. On that front though, I have finally started losing some weight. All it needed was for me to switch to soup. I am not interested in losing too much in one go though. I want my loss to be sustainable, and eating only soup isn’t.

So I need to make myself some kind of food program I think. I need to have some treats in as well, otherwise I’d go insane, even more than right now. In other news, I need to start going to uni to work, but my illness made it impossible this week. I’m hoping that if I feel better tomorrow, I might go in the afternoon, we’ll see about that. Well, that’s pretty much it from me. I will hopefully start writing full posts starting tomorrow. Bye for now.

Many Things Hopefully

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So I have been writing short posts for a few days. I’m hoping to rectify this today or tomorrow. Let’s see how this one goes, the thing is I have a massive head ache, so I might just give up if it hurts too much. Anyway, you have been warned.

Z left for London today. We slept in her new flat, it’s lovely. It’s such a good flat. it’s roomy with a lot of light. You can get a bit of air circulation when you need it. We had a nice bit of fish in the oven and a good night all in all. We also had a very good time this morning before she left. I am quite sad that she is leaving but she’ll be back in a couple of weeks. I walked her to the train station and said good bye. And then walked back to work.

We kept chatting by text. We actually had a very nice bit of a comedy riff going on by text. She texted me that she had seen a funny looking brown cow. To which I replied that it must be a cow made of poo. She imagined it would be called either a pow or a coo. I then thought that if two of them were to get together they would be ‘coo-pow’ the deadliest pair of cows around. Which I think must be added to my list of rubbish super heroes. ‘Coo-pow’ the pair of deadly kung fu cows made of poo.

In other news, I am looking to move and might have found a nice house. I’ll be viewing it on Wednesday. I hope it’s not mouldy because if it isn’t it’ll be perfect for me for now, and then A might move in with me if he needs to. If I can find a house soon I’ll be very happy indeed.

I was thinking of writing a post about Palestine today as there have been a lot of positive, negative, and apparently positive but really negative developments (in other words, it’s pretty much as usual),I also wanted to write about a few other things, but my head is just exploding with pain. so I am very sorry, but I will have to stop now and hopefully be able to write a better one tomorrow.

No Internet

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So today’s post will be short as well. Z’s leaving tomorrow for a bit over 2 weeks, so I’ll be hanging out with her. And so, I will be leaving here soon and will be in a non-internet place. I have been working quite well today. I decided to take a break now and write this, so as soon as I finish I’ll get back to work, and hopefully be done with my quota before leaving.

I went to sleep almost straight after writing last night’s post. But I woke up this morning feeling a lot better. I have been writing a lot today. I’m still way off my target but if I keep writing consistently then I’ll make up for lost time by September or October. I really need not to get distracted in the next three four months. It’s therefore very good that my mom is coming to visit for two weeks at the end of July, and then almost straight after my dad is coming for a month, also a friend of mine is coming to visit for a bout 2 weeks. It’s good that all of this is happening when I need to focus completely on my work. I’m sure it’ll be fine, I just need to divide my time properly.

So I’m looking for a new place to maybe move to. That’s another thing to worry about. I am hoping to find a place before my mom gets here, so I can move there in time for her to visit. The thing is, the flat I’m in is very nice, but it’s really too small. I need an extra space for work. So a study of some sort. I have a few leads. Next week will be viewing week. I’ll keep you all updated. Now, back to the coal mines (because working in a coal mine is exactly the same as sitting in my living room and writing on my laptop. It is exactly the same so the analogy is fully justified. Fully justified I say!).

31st Post

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Right so this is my 31st post, which means that tomorrow I would have written a post every day for a month. I think that’s quite an achievement. I’m very proud of myself for sticking with this. It has been hard sometimes to think about something to write about before I get on the blog, but I find that when it comes down to it I am able to find something interesting to write about. Of course, I was helped by current events, but I’m still quite proud. I wish I could write like that for my thesis.

So today I woke up very early to hang out with Z before she left for the middle of nowhere, oh sorry I mean North Dakota. We had a nice time and I was sad to see her get in the taxi. But interestingly, she phoned me from the airport and she was pulled for a “random security check” when the passport control officer realised that her passport was issued in Beirut. She said that it was fine and easy. The people were very nice and they all laughed about the non-randomness of the random check. Which is both funny and scary.

In other news, I did very little today. Except watched the last half of season one of Battlestar Galactica. I have to say this series is so good on so many levels. The Cylons are one the coolest thing ever thought up by a tv writer I think. Also, the whole mythology of the series is incredibly intelligent. The music is brilliant and fits the mood of the show incredibly well. I highly recommend it to everyone. Even if you’re not into science fiction, there’s so much in there that I’m pretty sure you’ll find something in there to tickle your fancy.

I also would like any information anyone has for a good, and cheap, place to host a website and a weekly podcast. We have a few options, but if anyone knows a good place we’re still shopping around. Z enjoyed the podcast, which kind of surprised me as she doesn’t usually like this kind of stuff. I’m still waiting to hear the reviews from A and B. We’re probably going to record the next one this Saturday and try to publish them both by next week. I’ll keep you posted and let you know what’s up.

In world cup news now. I’ve been enjoying the tournament so far, even though there haven’t been many goals. I really enjoyed watching North Korea play. I really hope they don’t get executed when they go back home. I was very happy that Ghana won their game, I’ve been feeling very pan-African. I hope Algeria pull themselves together and do well against England, although the way they played doesn’t really bode well. I hope the second games of the group stage give us more goals and more surprises (well done Switzerland for beating Spain).