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First Day of Normal Sleep?

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So after the push yesterday I woke up around 5:30 this morning. I was really happy about that. I was expecting to wake up later than that but there you have it, my body decided that it had enough sleep. I even had my alarm clock set for 7:00, thinking that I would need help to wake up. The problem with this though is that now it’s 18:17 and I’m really sleepy. I’m going to push myself for a few more hours. If I go to bed now, then all the hard work of staying up for over 24 hours yesterday would have been for nothing. I decided to update last night’s blog and write today’s now though so that I don’t have to worry about it later. Anyway, I shall go do things that will keep me up for the next four hours. Stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.


Going to Sleep At a Normal Time

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Sorry about the short post last night. I was extremely sleepy and could not get myself to write more than those two lines. Basically I stayed up all night and tried to push myself to stay up until around 22:00 23:00. My hope was that this would reset my sleeping pattern, or at least get me into a more normal one. I spent the day doing small things, catching up on television, and other useless activities like that. Working was next to impossible as I was too tired and work would have put me to sleep. I did it though and I hope it will stick. Stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.

Slowly Back To Normal Sleep

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So I’m slowly getting back to a normal sleeping patter. I slept around eight at night yesterday and woke up at three first than forced myself to stay sleeping until five. Hopefully I’ll sleep slightly later to day and wake up slightly later tomorrow. Ideally, I’d like to wake up between six and seven in the morning. That would be great, because then I could start working early. I hope that I can stay up slightly later today. I’m very sleepy at the moment to be honest, so it’s not in the bag yet. Anyway, I should go and make myself some food. As always, stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.


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It’s really hard to stay up. I’m just writing this now because I’m very tired and I don’t know if I’ll stay up to write something later. I want to write something specific, but I’m really too tired to do it. I slept very little today. I woke up around five even though I didn’t have much sleep and didn’t sleep properly for the past few days. So I’m very much battling to stay up until a normal hour to go to sleep. Anyway, I need to go do something to stay up. Stay safe everyone as always. Live long and prosper.

Work In Progress and Christmas Dinner

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So I had my work in progress today. I spent most of today finishing the paper I was going to present. In fact I woke up at 3 in the morning and basically worked through the day until my presentation at four. I believe that it went well. There was a nice fun conversation afterwards, at least for me. People also told me that they did enjoy the work and felt that I made some complex concepts and arguments accessible, which is the greatest compliment anyone can give me. It was fun to present, since I haven’t been teaching this year it was good to be able to speak in public. I forgot how much I enjoyed presenting my work.

After the Work in Progress we all went to this Lebanese/Moroccan restaurant for our department christmas dinner, which was really nice. I got to hang out with staff members I really like that I haven’t really got the chance to hang out with this year. It was good food and good company. The bill was very high but then it turned out that they had made a mistake in calculating it. So after a lot of drama we ended up paying and leaving. I’m glad I got out of my shell a bit. I’m going to try to do more of that after the christmas break. Anyway, I’m very tired and very sleepy. So stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.

Too Much Sleep

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I slept way too much last night. I think that I actually slept for about twelve or thirteen hours. This has meant that I woke up feeling very grumpy. I spent most of my day working and will probably spend some of tonight working as well. So far I’ve mainly done reading for the new chapter just gathering my thoughts on it. Hopefully I will start writing tomorrow and that would go pretty fast, as I’ve done a lot of reading for it earlier. Anyway, that’s all from me for now I think. I need to go back to work now, maybe make myself some food as well. Stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.

I Love Normal Sleep

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So I seem to have managed to get back to a normal sleep pattern, which is great. I have also cleaned my flat, which makes me feel great. I managed to get some work done today, not much but enough to feel good about myself. So all in all this week is off to a good start. I hope that it keeps going well. Tomorrow is DnD which I’m as always really looking forward to. This week also involves the release of the third week of new 52 DC comics. So it looks like a good week ahead. I need to go to bed now. So as always, stay safe everyone. Love you bye.