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Dungeons and Dragons 21 part 2

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Once the bloodstone left and our dwarf came out with the phoenix we had to make a quick decision. The bloodstone was going to figure out that we got the phoenix back and so would be coming back, probably with some backup. The dwarf tried to break the bonds on our mage, as he had now gained the power to manipulate stone. But those had some magic woven into them and he is still learning this craft, he therefore could not break those bonds. Our mage decided to let the “vampire” bite her and free her. We left them in the room alone and she came out free of her bonds but she did not tell us what happened.

Our DM gave her a blue marble. We don’t really know what this means but it’s going to be revealed at some point. Hopefully it’s not going to be too bad. We then made our way out of the mountain through a skill check, our dwarf’s new ability made it much easier to achieve. Once we got out, we decided to move away from the mountain and try to free the phoenix from her bonds. Through a group effort we managed to figure it out and ended up freeing her. Once she was freed her eyes went slightly red but then went back to normal. We then started having a conversation with her. Trying to understand her culture and her experiences.

She slowly started feeling more and more comfortable. Being a dark unicorn, the ancestors of the drow, she started displaying her very matriarchal attitude. In their culture, men are seen as the servants of woman. So it was up to our Avenger and mage to talk to her. We learned much about her culture and about her. She clearly felt threatened by our mage, who’s also a phoenix. She explained that she was a high priestess. They don’t have gods but have a form of spirituality. They are summoners of creatures from other planes. We were afraid that they might in fact be in contact with the Kaltesh or the Vrinue, but it became clear that they weren’t.

As the conversation progressed, we realised that she wasn’t a very pleasant person. She seemed to be interested in taking the witch king’s offer. She thought that she would dominate him and thus be the queen of the world. She’s clearly very full of herself and thinks that she can in fact control him, which we all doubt. We asked her if she wanted to go to her people, but she seemed uninterested in that. We tried to convince her to come meet the Shi with us. She agreed a bit too easily. After some conversation amongst ourselves we realised that she might in fact want to spy on the Shi and feed the information to the Witch King. We decided to keep an eye on her and tell Auron as soon as we see him so that we might feed her some false information. That’s where we left it. So as always, stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.


Dungeons and Dragons 21 Part 1

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So we left it last week after having defeated the Rat ogres and basically saved the phoenix. The Bloodstone that was with us told us that he would now take the phoenix back. We didn’t like that idea as it was clear that they were going to use her without ever giving her any agency. It was clear as well that they would use her as a first strike weapon rather than as a last resort. So we argued that she shouldn’t go back with them as they clearly couldn’t protect her properly. Our arguments were sort of making sense to him, but he’s only a soldier and kept wanting us to go and talk to his leader.

We were uncomfortable with that. We dealt with the bloodstones and flexibility is not a trait of their culture. As we were arguing we realised from the corner of our eyes that the shadows on one of the walls were slightly unnatural. I got my bow out and pointed it at the wall and said that whoever is hiding should come out right now. A humanoid figure appeared. I noticed he had fangs. He explained that he was the right hand man of the witch king (the leader of the ogrim). He was surprised that there were two phoenixes (don’t know if that’s the plural). He seemed, strangely enough, very friendly.

He told us that he was here to negotiate with us. In fact, he was honest and explained that he was supposed to meet the rat ogres here and take the phoenix away to the witch king. But he saw us destroy them and was very impressed. He offered us safe passage to the witch king’s fortress to speak to him. This was strange, we were very suspicious as everything we’ve heard about them is that they’re evil. We decided to speak to him a bit more and explain to him that we were sceptical but were willing to converse. This did not sit well with the bloodstone at all. He was furious and kept saying that we should kill him rather than talk to him. We continued talking which made the bloodstone lose it.

He melted into the floor and sent the stone golem towards the vampire-like creature. Then all of a sudden the phoenix disappeared into the floor. Our Paladin was quick to ask our mage, who’s the other phoenix to jump on his back so she can’t be taken too. She did that than she stopped the golem from hitting the vampire using her control of Arcana. The dwarf jumped on the back of the Golem. Then the bloodstone grabbed the paladin and tried to pull him down. I quickly asked the mage to jump onto my shoulders, which she did. The paladin tried to pull the bloodstone out but he got pulled down slightly ending up with his arms stuck in the floor.

Our avenger and captain dove were able to liberate him but the best thing was our dwarf swan diving from the back of the golem onto the floor in order to try to melt within the stone. he is a descendent of the bloodstones after all. He did just that and so gained the power to manipulate stone. He went in search of the phoenix while our Paladin who was now free got grabbed again. However this time we were ready for it as a group and everyone except me and the phoenix, we were trying to keep the golem under control, grabbed onto him and yanked him out. During that time our dwarf had found the phoenix and promised her that he would take her back to her people.

During that whole fight we were talking to the vampire and he explained that he could break the bonds of our phoenix but that he was not going to do the same to the other phoenix as the witch king wanted to ask her to marry him and break her bonds. Basically he explained that by biting our phoenix he could break her bonds. We weren’t very happy about. He explained that it meant that they would be sharing a high level of intimacy but that she would not be changed into a vampire or anything like that. Anyway, When the bloodstone was yanked out he wasn’t very happy.

Our Paladin told him that he had been an obstacle every step of the way. We protected and rescued the phoenix while he did nothing. He attacked us even though we did everything in order to help him and his people. He told him to go back and tell his leader that we were not going back and we were taking our phoenix with us and that they have only themselves to blame for this. We came with the best of intentions but they blocked us at every turn. He said that he was going to take his phoenix and go back with our message, he didn’t know that our dwarf had rescued her. As he left with the golem, our dwarf and the phoenix came out of the floor. I’ll leave it here for now and pick up the rest of the story tomorrow. Stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.

Dungeons and Dragons 20

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So as you remember after last week’s extended encounter, we lost one of the phoenixes to the rat ogres. We all decided that we were going to pursue them. Before we left a bloodstone came and told us that they were closing the tunnels all over the city and that they were going to take our phoenix as a replacement. We told him that this was a decision to be made between us and their leader. He went to get the leader and that’s when we barreled down the tunnels that were made by the rat ogres trying to catch up with them and hopefully save the phoenix.

This was a skill challenge that we failed miserably. we ended up in a dead end and then all of a sudden a wall appeared around us trapping us. A bloodstone and a sort of stone golem came through the wall. The bloodstone asked us why we were running away. We explained that we weren’t but that we were running after the rat ogres in order to save the phoenix. He said that there was no need for that as they could use our phoenix. We retorted by saying that our phoenix is our friend and that we’re not simply going to give her up.

We tried to reason with him, explaining that we were wasting time and that we needed to be running after the rat ogres. He accused us of being agents of the witch king (I think that’s what the leader of the ogrim is called). We explained that we weren’t and that we faught really hard to protect the phoenix while they were all away. Eventually we convinced him that we needed to go after the phoenix. He agreed to guide us through the stone. He said that if we failed to save the phoenix before the rat ogres took her out of the mountain then they would take our phoenix instead.

Anyway we went there and ended up facing a bunch of rat ogres. We were able to defeat them, even though it was touch and go at some points. It was a long battle and having run after them without an extended rest we didn’t have all of our powers available for us to use. Eventually we liberated the phoenix. The bloodstone came and told us that they would take her now. This isn’t good because clearly they view her as an object, a weapon, and are clearly planning to use her as a first strike weapon. Next week we’re going to try to reason with them and get her out of their care and maybe into ours. Anyway, it was a fun night, I can’t wait for next week. Stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.

Dungeons and Dragons Part 19

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Not much to say about this week’s Dungeons and Dragons. It was basically an extended encounter that spilled over from last week. Basically we faced the rat ogres and it was rough, I almost died on a few occasions. Basically the rat ogres were after the Phoenix and got very confused to find two of them there. The battle was very tough, but we eventually defeated most of them except for one who escaped carrying a dying phoenix (not our mage but the phoenix from that time). We all decided that we were going to go after them in the tunnels they dug up and hope to get the phoenix back. It would be a disaster if the ogres control the phoenix. Anyway, that’s really all I can say about it. I’m not going to give you a blow by blow account, as it was an encounter that basically lasted over two sessions. As always, stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.

Dungeons and Dragons Part 18

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So I missed last week’s D&D session but you can get a great summary of them here and here. The paladin in our party is writing up our advantures from the perspective of his character. You should all check out his blog if you’re interested in more games related stuff. Anyway, the gist of it is that we’re back at the time before time during the war between the Shi and the Ogrim when the phoenix was used and almost destroyed the world. Our Drow it turns out is also a phoenix. The original phoenix is held by the boodstones (the ancestors of the dwarves). So we decided to go see them.

We were taken by old Auron, that’s right he’s there too, to a cliff face. Basically the bloodstones live inside and we need their permission and help to go in. So we asked for their help by speaking to a cliff side. I sang a few songs, we tried many many diferent things but got no answer. Soon it started raining and it was clear that we were in some kind of riverbed. After about 8 or 9 hours we started sort of seeing faces in the cliff face, but only at certain angles and they looked quite unreal. A few hours later, and more rain, a voice told us that we needed to be patient. It was a slow and guttural voice.

So we waited and waited. About a day and a half after we got there we were finally told that we could go in. Basically we got close to the cliff side and a hand took us in. It was very much like drowning inside rock. Basically the bloodstones can walk through rocks and they can guide us by holding our hand. A very close skill challenge later we were inside their realm. We were told that we had to meet the lord of the bloodstones. We were taken there. We told the lord of the bloodstones what was happening and after a while he seemed to believe us. He insisted on binding our phoenix/Drow. We reluctantly accepted.

We asked to meet the other phoenix. We were taken down some stairs into what was clearly a prison. We saw another Drow there who was clearly bound and in prison. We tried to talk to her but she was very understandably angry at the way she was being used and treated. At that moment we heard some rattling and a few digging machines came through the caves. It was some sort of rat ogres. Thus began a battle that was, and still is, very tough. I’ll leave it at that for today. We’ll pick it up next week with the rest of the adventure. As always, stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.

Dungeons and Dragons Part 17

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So we left last week on the deck of Captain Dove’s ship getting ready to battle the Intelligentium. As the battle started, Phillemina pulled out a pocket watch and it felt like time slowed down, but then Captain Dove pulled out a pocket watch of his own and time went back to normal. We realised that the clocks had an effect on time. So I attacked Phillimena and tried to take her clock away from her. This meant that she couldn’t use it while Dove was able to use his. This gave us a great advantage, as we were going at double speed.

We threw away her watch. So the golem went into the water to get it. This meant that Phillimena tried to escape to the lower level of the ship. We then tried to get the golem control box from his controller. At this point Stillskin took it from him and kicked him in the water. We weren’t sure what Phillimena was up to, so I went down after her. It turned out that she was going to use one of Dove’s many pocket watches that he keeps in his quarters. I took that away from her again. She was clearly frustrated. On the higher deck stillskin was bloodied and the tide of the battle was clearly shifting to our advantage.

At this point, New versions of the Intelligentium people appeared. Those were their future selves. They were better prepared for the battle. The time advantage was gone. Then they shot Dove’s watch. I told him to come and get the watch I had. He came down took it and then disappeared. The battle was resolutely more difficult now. The bloodied younger Stillskin escaped. After a lot of battering, with them going much faster than us. I was able to bloody and intimidate the younger Phillimena, who escaped as well. This meant that we had two less people to worry about. However we were all getting battered.

On the top deck, our Paladin and rogue had managed to knock prone and bloody one of the younger Intelligentium figures. He was in a very bad place but so were all of us. We were still able to do some damage though, and the future Phillimena ordered them to use doctor Pain’s solution. This meant that some of them became super soldier types, one of them, the one controlling the golem transformed into an ogre type because future stillskin injected him with his own dose. Our rogue was fighting him for the control box at the time, this meant that we didn’t have to worry about the golem at least.

However we were clearly in a very bad way. At this point Captain Dove appeared with future versions of ourselves. This sent Phillimena into a rage. We were much higher level and so bloodied her very quickly and managed to kill the bloodied guy. He was the younger version and as he died his future self disappeared. This sent Phillimena into a proper rage she ordered them all to escape but as they disappeared she said that if they can’t have the ship then neither can we. With this they dropped a box that was counting down. We very quickly understood that the golem was about to blow.

Seeing that we had no other choice as he was powered by Flangite and that the ship was full of the stuff, we decided to escape. We also realised that because so many paradoxes had happened on that ship in that pocket of space time, it blowing up was not exactly a bad thing. It would at least deal with that (remember that the Kaltesh are attracted to paradoxes). We woke up in what looked like a scorched and deforested wood with Dove and without out future selves. Giant creatures approached us and pointed at our mage. They were speaking a language we did not know. However, being a bard and knowing a lot about languages, I discerned a single word: Phoenix. And that’s where we left it. No D&D next week as I’m in Algeria, but we’ll pick up the story the week after. Stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.

Dungeons and Dragons Part 16

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So we left last week after having arrived at the flying fortress of the intelligencium. We had dispatched the guards and so now had to locate the codices. We realised that we had one of two choices, either go up a tower which seemed to be a control room or go bellow deck. The guard had told us that the codices were probably located in the lower decks, so we made our way there. We were being stealthy, even though we had a Paladin in shining armour, I mean it literally shines radiating light. But we managed through a skill check, to make it to where we believed the codices were.

Looking into the chamber we found that the five leaders of the intelligencium were around a table with the codices there. We know the names of four of them, but the identity of the fifth has always been a mystery. They had some people around with them, well I say people one of them was a giant creature and three of them did not seem completely human. We decided that the best course of action was to go in and talk to them. After all the information we got that says they’re evil comes from an aspect of Adapa Nana and a day walker, so it might be useful to hear their side of the story.

We went in and the fifth member, who’s a lady with an eye patch, told us that they were expecting us and that we were 30 seconds late. We had a bit of a rough conversation, with neither of us wanting to give up too much information. Basically they were expecting us and offered to give us the codices in exchange for the time traveling ship on which our party traveled. Basically they wanted us to steal it for them. They explain that we were linked to it because we travelled on it and that in order to discover where it is hidden we needed to get in touch with our inner time. We did not agree to the bargain but did not disagree either.

Our plan was to find the ship talk to the captain and get him to take us back in time to when the intelligencium stole the codices from Baron Van Doomas and steal them from them then. Then we would get back to our time today and take the thirteenth codex from Adapa Nana. We were aware of new sciency guilds in water deep one of them was the guild of horologists. We thought they might explain to us what inner time was and how we could access it. So we called our Wyverns and made our way from the ship back to water deep. Once we arrived there we went to the guild hall of the horologists.

There we were asked to buy a clock, at prices that we could not afford, in order to be part of the guild, otherwise, no information was to be given to us. Through a blend of intimidation and diplomacy, we were allowed to meet with the head of the guild. He explained the nature of time, being that it is a non-being. It is felt while not real. It is only perceived because of the decay and change in the world. He explained that our bodies, through their processes and natural decay were clocks of some sort. He explained that by concentrating on those processes we could access our inner time. He explained that we also needed to anchor ourselves to a given external time, otherwise we could cause some danger.

He also explained that time travel was very dangerous because it creates paradoxes and that horrors who live beyond our physical reality latch on to paradoxes and try to get through to our world through them. He explained that one of the tasks of the horologists is to tend to such paradoxes, many of them created by the captain of the ship we travelled on (I forgot his name) who is a rogue time traveller. Our paladin noticed that on his desk was the photo of the fifth member of the intelligencium, he asked who that was, and was told that it was the daughter of the head of the order. Her name was Philimina. On our way out we bought some hourglasses, which were cheap and made our way to an inn.

In the inn we waited for midday, when the sun is at its highest and then using the hourglasses to anchor us we started trying to reach for our inner time. The process was slow, and my character might have invented jazz in the process, but eventually we managed it. At that point we felt wrenched and we then started falling. Eventually we fell on some wood. It was dark. We lit a torch and realised that we were on the ship bellow deck. We had gotten to the hideout. We found the captain sleeping in his quarters. As we started explaining what had happened we heard noises of people falling on the top deck. We realised that the intelligencium had used us to track this place.

We explained this to the captain and went up to fight them. They were posturing but we did not budge and the battle began. It was us against four leaders of the intelligencium and a mechanical golem. We did fight a bit this week, however I’m going to leave it here tonight and tell you about the battle all at once next week. That way I don’t tell you only half of the story. It is also better to leave it on a cliff hanger for you all. Until then, stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.