Working and Playing

So I told you yesterday that I started downloading a bunch of free games from the PSN, they were a gift to say sorry for being hacked and being offline for over a month. Anyway, I have to say that even though I’ve moved to England almost three years ago, I’m still baffled at how fast the internet is here. I’m aware that my provider is one of the best ones in the country (O2), but it’s still amazing. I downloaded 4 games in 2.5 hours. That’s just insane. Anyway, I spent today playing and working. Work is going well, I kept taking breaks to play in order to keep going. I’m on a break now to write this and I will go back to work in a minute. Hopefully this chapter will be done soon so I can at least write one proper post a week (or maybe more) without feeling guilty that I’m wasting my time. Until then, stay safe. Love you bye.


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