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This will be a shortish post, just so you know from the start. So a couple of days after the Nakba day protests I was contacted by a tweep (that’s twitter speak it’s the singular form of tweeps which is a portmanteau word that combines twitter and peeps, basically it means peeps from twitter. See if you keep reading this blog you learn stuff) called The Angry Indian. He asked me if I was interested in being interviewed via skype for his podcast. I was very flattered to be asked and was very happy to do it. We exchanged skype names and got together after that and had a lovely meandering conversation about Palestine, the Nakba, the BDS movement, and many other things.

You can get the podcast here. Make sure to check out the fantastic work that he does reporting news relevant to and from the perspective of aboriginal people and generally oppressed people. I have to say that I really enjoyed our conversation. It was fun and thought provoking. It wasn’t exactly an interview. We just basically talked. Nothing was prepared and because we just kept talking we didn’t cover everything we thought we would. I have to admit though that listening to it was a little painful. I know that everyone hates hearing their taped voice and I am no exception. I find my voice whiny and annoying. Also, because I was thinking about what to say and I wanted to phrase things well, because I’m weird like that, I kept pausing. That’s what bothered me the most. I kept pausing and pausing.

Anyway, I’m not going to moan about it, it’s just an observation. But I did pause way too much. Anyway, the whole experience was great and it made me feel that I might want to be involved in similar projects. I am very busy at the moment, what with having to write a PhD and all, but I would love to be involved in a political/informative/subversive podcast. I don’t know if that means that I need to look at writing some opinion articles and get them published. It’s an interesting thought that would have to wait though, because I am otherwise engaged with my thesis right now. In the mean time, please listen to that podcast, as well as the others they’re very good, and let me know what you think. Stay safe. Love you bye.


Broken Screen

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So last night I was listening to a podcast on my computer using my headphones quite late at night. I wasn’t able to sleep and I thought I would use that opportunity to write a facebook message to B, who I haven’t spoken to in a while. So as I was doing that I made a sudden movement with my left arm. What happened next was a horrifying slow-motion moment. My arm caught the headphones cable, and instead of dislodging the headphones as per usual, my whole computer flew up in the air. I saw it twist and turn in the air for what seemed to be an eternity. I was frozen with fright and couldn’t do anything. It crashed on the floor with a loud bang. The crash was so powerful, in fact, that it bounced and hit the wall. I was horrified and could not bring myself to move towards it hopping that it was all some horrible nightmare and that I would wake up. However, I clearly wasn’t asleep and that nightmare scenario had just happened in real life. I got up and went to my laptop hoping it was alright. I picked it up and turned it to have a look and it was worst then I imagined. My screen was cracked all over and all I could see was a multitude of colours and no display on the screen. However, there was a sound coming out of my headphones and my podcast was still going. So I knew that my computer was still working, eventhough the screen wasn’t.
Clearly I Was completely heartbroken. I love my laptop and have had a great time using it. I was filled with sadness and grief. Of all the things that could happen to it, I didn’t imagine this would. I knew that there was nothing I could do about it that night. I had to wait for morning and take it to the apple store in Leicester to see if they could fix it. Already, nightmare scenarios were brewing in my mind. I imagined them telling me that I needed to buy a new one, or that somehow my data was lost, or something else quite horrible. Z was very helpful in calming me down and making me feel a little better. Of course this meant that my body was pumped full if adrenaline and that I couldn’t really sleep for another 4 hours after that.
Anyway, we all know who’s to blame for this. It is of corse B. The reason is quite straight forward. I was writing to her at the time and if I wasn’t then I would have never made that sudden movement. I hate her now… Of course I don’t, as we’ve established time and time again on this blog, I am not mentally ill.
Anyway, so that was my horrible night last night. It had come on the back of an alright day, so it was even more of a jolt to my system. Because if I had a bad day, then I would think that this was the cherry on the cake. But when it came on the back of a good day, it felt more lime a betrayal then anything.
So I am writing this blog post on my iPhone. I believe that this is the first full post I write using it. A proposed to lend me his spare laptop while I’m waiting to know the fate of my broken one. So I might actually take him up on that. Anyway, stay tuned for tomorrow’s post when I’ll tell you all about my trip to the apple store in Leicester.

Work, Gym, and Moon

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So I woke up on the late side today, around 10:30. I know it’s not very late but I need to wake up earlier. My body clock is still not completely fixed. I’m trying to get it back to normal. The problem is I think that my body clock is naturally all over the place. I have trouble keeping it on normal times. Anyway, I slept around 4:00 last night and that’s how it’s been. I really need to get that fixed.

Anyway, So I woke up and did some work all day. My work has been going weirdly. I need to be working much harder than I am right now, but I am not able to bring myself to it. I don’t know what’s wrong? I must find a way to finish what I’m working on now quickly. I need to get at least one more chapter finished quickly so I can scout for conferences and try to publish something.

In the afternoon I went to the gym and finally lost one kilo. A single kilo lost in all this time. I have decided though that I have gained some muscle mass, because I’m able to do things I wasn’t able to do before. For example, I am able to do two full sets of pull ups quite easily now, I have to say though that I am getting help from the machine. For those who have never used the pull up machine this is how it works. You set the weight you want, the more weight you put the easier the pull up. I am at maximum weight right now. But I used to have trouble doing two full sets even with all the possible help from the machine. I am now able to do that. This means that I have increased my muscle mass around my back, chest, and arms. So I must have lost more than one kilo of fat, yet gained a few kilos of muscle.

While I was there I listened to the Collings and Herrin podcast and at some point while rowing laughed so hard that I had to stop. It is sometimes quite embarrassing to find yourself laughing out loud in public because of something only you can hear. I realised that many people were looking at me funny, although I saw that some had a look of recognition. They seemed to be relieved that they’re not the only ones who do this. As I was leaving, someone asked me what it was that I was listening to because it seemed to be really funny. I told him, but explained that it is very explicit and can sometimes be quite grotesque. The Herrin character seems to have no filter and says some horrible things. But it is so funny and done with the complicity of the listener. However, I think people need to listen to the podcast from the beginning to see the characters develop and become what they are today. Anyway, I hope the man doesn’t think I am a sick individual for finding this podcast funny.

On my way back I went to the supermarket and got a few things for the house. The supermarket was full of people and they all somehow seemed to be in a bad mood. Well bad mood is putting it lightly they were all really angry and silly. A few times it looked like it might kick off between two patrons of the shop. I tried to keep my head down and get my stuff quickly and without any incident. It was hard though and was made harder by the general sense that people were being rude for the sake of rudeness. Indeed people left their full trolleys in front of certain shelves making it impossible to reach the products without moving it, but then they would get angry because you moved it. So I didn’t get everything I wanted and tried to get to the check out quickly. The queues though were gigantic, which only added to the sense of anger filling the place. By the time I got out I was physically and mentally exhausted.

I got home made myself some food and watched the movie Moon that I got from I have to say the film is fantastic. It is very hard to talk about it without giving away some of the twists in the story, so I won’t. I will say however that everything in the movie is done very well. The soundtrack, the acting, the directing, the colours, they all work to feed the story and the mood of the film. I have highly enjoyed it and I have to say that all the hype around it is completely worth it. The concept is just great and it is executed very well. I have seen many movies that are built on a great concept, but then the execution is just awful. This is not the case. Moon is a film based on a high concept that is executed perfectly. It is very hard to classify. Some have said that it is a psychological thriller on the moon, but I don’t agree. It has elements of psychological thrillers, elements of dystopian films and books, elements of theatre, elements of sci-fi all meshed together into a very coherent whole. I highly recommend it.

Andromeda, Tennis, AIOTM, and Lateness

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So I went for my first tennis lesson today. It started at 13:00, so I thought I would leave my house at 12:40 and take the bus there. The bus comes every ten minutes and it would take about 7 minutes to get there, so I thought I’d be fine. However, I forgot that there was a marathon in the morning so the bus schedule was thrown a bit. I waited about 15 minutes and no bus came. The bus stop was full of people and the little digital display that tells you when the bus will arrive kept changing and lying to us. I was a bit cross and so decided to walk there, knowing that I would be late. However, by the time I got to the next bus stop the bus was almost there. So I got on the full bus, by that time it was 13:00 already, but I thought my lateness would not be too bad if I was on the bus. Unfortunately it turned out that there was a lot of traffic and it took us 10 minutes to get there. I ran to my lesson and arrived about 15 minutes late.

The instructor was nice about it and it seems was expecting this to happen. I had only missed the warm up and so was quite happy. The lesson consisted in mainly working on getting our contact point right. In other words, it was about being able to hit the ball when it’s waste high at the right body angle. We kept switching partners and worked on both our back hand and our forehand hits. The last ten minutes involved a nice game that made sure we all got a go at playing. All in all the tennis was very enjoyable. I was able to keep the ball in the court, more or less, and I wasn’t the worst one there. I was kind of afraid of that, but I’m glad to see that I don’t suck that much. I am now looking forward to my next lesson, and kind of wish it was more than once a week.

The tennis involved a lot of exercise and I found myself quite tired by the time I got back home, I walked back by the way. Look at me all sporty and shit. I spent the rest of the day pretending to work, but mainly listening to Richard Herring’s ‘As It Occurs To Me (AIOTM)’ extras DVD, that I bought a few days ago. AIOTM is an internet stand up and sketch show that he writes and performs, with a cast, and puts out on the internet for free. I have written about it before, as I went to see the first show of the second season. In fact, I started this blog the night before that show I believe. Anyway, what he did this season is that he started with an exclusive stand up set that you got to see if you went down to the theatre. This DVD/CD is basically these performances plus a video of one of the podcasts. I really enjoy his stuff, plus he gives so much for free on the internet that I am more than happy to pay for this kind of thing. It only seems fair to reward his dedication with a tenner once in a while. So I highly recommend you subscribe to AIOTM on itunes and buy this DVD from here, especially if you like rude and sweary comedy.

I think that this would be a good post in and of itself. But as I had two very short posts not so long ago, and feel that I only made up for one with yesterday’s serious if somewhat disjointed and slightly rambely post, I feel that I need to write more. So I thought I would tell you about Andromeda a bit more. As I said a few posts ago, Andromeda started as a great scifi series. It seemed to be doing what Star Trek The Next Generation, which is most probably the best scifi series of all times, didn’t do. So it sowed the building of a democratic multilateral civilisation from the ground up. The Captain, Dylan Hunt, was an idealistic character who refused to compromise on his ideals in order to rebuild civilisation, as he saw that by compromising on the ideals he was defending would irrevocably tarnish what he is trying to build. He seemed to be a Picard+.

However, by season 3 he turned into a Kirk-. I had asked myself if the effects of 9/11 and the change in the attitude of the US to things like torture and pre-emptive wars would find its way into the series, and it sure did. There were a few episodes that even used the 24 split screen thingy. Hunt seemed happy to beat information out of his enemies. As I said before Picard was the epitome of a good leader who always tries to talk things through and find the best solution for everyone involved. I very much ascribe to what the comedian Stewart Lee once said ‘when faced with a moral dilemma I don’t think what would Jesus do? I think what would Picard do?’ Hunt seemed to be made from the same cloth as Picard, but that went to shit.

Also, It seems that Captain Hunt started ascribing to the Kirk school of thought on dealing with women in the universe. Mainly getting off with as many as he can. He even started a whole race of aliens by sleeping with their queen. He snogged a different woman in almost every episode of season 2 and 3. He literally became a complete arsehole after being quite a nice guy. However, he lacks the status of James T. Kirk and that’s why I say he is now a Kirk-. Also, the writers seemed to be pushed into finding a few catch phrases and came up with two of the stupidest catch phrases I have ever heard. One is ‘it’s never easy’ and the other is ‘let’s bring it’. Just typing them makes me feel a little bit dirty.

However, the over arching story is still quite good. There is an absolute evil that must be defeated and the civilisation he is rebulding is the only thing that can save the universe. It’s quite standard stuff but I care enough to want to know what happens. Also, the more minor characters are quite interesting and I find myself caring about them a lot more than I care about Hunt. So I’m hoping to finish this series by the end of the week and will finally let you know if it is worth watching or no.

Well that’s about it from me. I think I have now made up for those two disgraceful posts, but I was ill damn it. Now I will go and sleep hopefully. Bye.

Almost Forgot

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Right so I almost forgot to write this today. I’ve been quite busy. I’ve written quite a bit more of my chapter, I’m still working on it as we speak. It’s been advancing at a good speed any other time, but I’m in a bit of a hurry and so I need to write substantially more than what I’ve been doing. I hope though that because I’ve had this major click, which seems to span a few chapters, I can make up for it by basically writing this chapter and another, as well as rewriting my intro and my first chapter, by the end of the summer. It is feasible, but it needs a high level of concentration.

I also, looked at possible houses for me to move to. My flat is good but it is quite small. Also I’ve been getting ill a lot and I think it has to do with the carpet or some sort of invisible mould. I can’t afford to keep getting ill. So I found a few possible candidates, I will call tomorrow and arrange a viewing for each. Some of them are a little bit outside my price range, but if they are worth it I will move there.

Z came back from the U S of A. She’s a bit jet lagged and has a lot of stuff to do this week. I will help her as much as I can, but I need to finish this chapter. It was nice hanging out with her in real life for a change. Not that it will last for very long, she’s leaving again in less than a week.

A came over tonight and we recorded the second episode of our podcast, I’m not telling you what it is called yet because I don’t want someone to buy the domain name. (That’s right I don’t trust you! I don’t trust any of you! You are all a bunch of thieves and I wouldn’t trust you not to steal all  of our original ideas… Please don’t be mad I was just joking, ha ha ha! Can’t you see it’s funny, only a joke. Really! Please love me!) I need to put the website together and stick it online. As soon as we buy the domain I’ll let you know what it’s called and give you all the proper links and stuff so you can be entertained, hopefully, for a while.

In other news, the football was good today. I felt very bad for North Korea. I really hope they’re not executed for loosing 7-0. I am only half joking because Kim Jung Il is one crazy mother fucker. Look at me satirising Kim and his regime! I am very brave. I think it is very brave of me to call him a mother fucker on the internet. The North Koreans should learn from me and overthrow this despot. I think that by calling him a mother fucker I will plant the seed of revolution and lead the North Koreans towards the shores of liberty. I am also a poet.

I was also unhappy because Cristiano Ronaldo, or Twaty McTwat Twat as I like to call him, scored a fluke goal and was just so awfully smug about it. He kept showboating throughout the game and getting it wrong. Then he got a break after his team mates demoralised the North Korean enough for them to make the mistake that lead to his goal. When the first Portugal game happened, I was following it on twitter as well, I read that there was a spike in tweets that contain both the words Ronaldo and twat in the same tweet. I just hate him so much. I can’t believe he had the guts to say that footballers are modern day slaves. That’s right, that’s what he fucking said, the cock. Oh poor footballers being paid hundreds of thousands of pounds to kick a ball around about two hours a day. What a horrible life they must lead. It’s exactly like the slaves. Footballers are exactly like slave. What a fucking horrible cunt you are Cristiano Ronaldo!

Quick Hello

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So I’ve been working quite well so far. My word count hasn’t increased tremendously, however, I’m starting to have a really clear idea of how my chapter and my thesis are advancing. I did a lot of reading today, which only means I have to do more reading. so I’ve decided to start writing again tonight. I will write as much as possible right now, being aware that there will be a lot of places that need me to add some quotes from secondary sources that I haven’t found yet.

Because I’m working so much I don’t have time to write a long blog post today. Also, since I’ve been working all day, not much has happened to me. although there have been an interesting development in the world cup today. Nicolas Anelka has been sent home because he insulted the coach Raymond Domenech. In other words, France are definitely out of the world cup. I have to say, I think what’s happening in the French camp is outrageous. I can’t believe how these overpaid prats are acting. I include the coach in that. Can’t they see that they are living the dream of millions, if not billions, of people? If you are playing in the world cup then at least play with a bit of heart. They look like they couldn’t give two shits.

In blog news, I discovered that someone got my blog as a search result for “london man “pyramid on his head””. I am very happy that someone in london saw either the man I talked about or someone else with a pyramid on his head and was as perplexed as me about it. It is still a question in my head. What was the pyramid all about? Anyway, back to work. We will probably be recording the second podcast tomorrow and hopefully get the website going next week. I’ll keep you posted.

31st Post

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Right so this is my 31st post, which means that tomorrow I would have written a post every day for a month. I think that’s quite an achievement. I’m very proud of myself for sticking with this. It has been hard sometimes to think about something to write about before I get on the blog, but I find that when it comes down to it I am able to find something interesting to write about. Of course, I was helped by current events, but I’m still quite proud. I wish I could write like that for my thesis.

So today I woke up very early to hang out with Z before she left for the middle of nowhere, oh sorry I mean North Dakota. We had a nice time and I was sad to see her get in the taxi. But interestingly, she phoned me from the airport and she was pulled for a “random security check” when the passport control officer realised that her passport was issued in Beirut. She said that it was fine and easy. The people were very nice and they all laughed about the non-randomness of the random check. Which is both funny and scary.

In other news, I did very little today. Except watched the last half of season one of Battlestar Galactica. I have to say this series is so good on so many levels. The Cylons are one the coolest thing ever thought up by a tv writer I think. Also, the whole mythology of the series is incredibly intelligent. The music is brilliant and fits the mood of the show incredibly well. I highly recommend it to everyone. Even if you’re not into science fiction, there’s so much in there that I’m pretty sure you’ll find something in there to tickle your fancy.

I also would like any information anyone has for a good, and cheap, place to host a website and a weekly podcast. We have a few options, but if anyone knows a good place we’re still shopping around. Z enjoyed the podcast, which kind of surprised me as she doesn’t usually like this kind of stuff. I’m still waiting to hear the reviews from A and B. We’re probably going to record the next one this Saturday and try to publish them both by next week. I’ll keep you posted and let you know what’s up.

In world cup news now. I’ve been enjoying the tournament so far, even though there haven’t been many goals. I really enjoyed watching North Korea play. I really hope they don’t get executed when they go back home. I was very happy that Ghana won their game, I’ve been feeling very pan-African. I hope Algeria pull themselves together and do well against England, although the way they played doesn’t really bode well. I hope the second games of the group stage give us more goals and more surprises (well done Switzerland for beating Spain).