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Day Nine

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So day nine was productive in certain ways and unproductive in other. I had an excellent guitar lesson and then bought the rest of the stuff I need from Lush. I have now moved to using Lush products exclusively. Check them out if you don’t already, they’re a great ethical cosmetic company that supports a bunch of great campaigns including Palestinian ones. I have also been listening to Citizen Radio for a while and I love the show. Check it out, it’s a great proper lefty show, with a lot of swearing. The hosts are vegans and talk about it a lot. In fact, I am seriously considering becoming a vegan. I have been reading up about the process involved in the production of meat and dairy and I just cannot think of a reason, other than I like it, to consume them anymore. I just don’t think that if I keep eating meat and consuming dairy I would be a hypocrite. For the people who know me personally, you’ll know that I am not someone who judges people with beliefs that are different from mine. So I’m not judging anyone who doesn’t think about becoming vegan. I am now doing the research and seeing what I need to buy and what products I need to consume. Anyway, I need to go and continue that research as well as do some work. Stay safe everyone. Love you bye.


Day Six

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Day six is going pretty well. I was able to get some work done. In fact I’m on a small break now and intend to keep working. I hope this state of affairs keeps going on. It would mean that my work gets back on track very soon. In other news, I’m starting to see some positive effects of my guitar lessons and practice. My understanding of scales and modes has increased tremendously. Also, I’m starting to see an improvement in my speed and technique. Hopefully, if I keep going the way I’m going now, I’ll be able to start improvising with some confidence. I can’t wait for my next lesson this Friday. Anyway, I need to go back to work now. Hope you’re all doing well. Stay safe. Love you bye.

Guitar Lesson Again

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So I had my second guitar lesson today. It’s incredible how much progress I’ve made in just one week. I haven’t even played everyday, but I’ve been able to play things I wouldn’t have been able to play on my own. It’s incredible how much difference a few exercises and a bit of guidance from a good teacher can make. I’m hopefully going to keep improving and soon I’ll be able to play some crazy things. I decided to start learning some solos as well. I’ve always been scared of lead guitar. Maybe scared isn’t the right word, but I’ve been intimidated by it. Thanks to the exercises I’ve been doing I feel a little more confident. I’ll keep you updated on my progress. For now I need to go back to work and try to write a bit more. Anyway, stay safe. Love you bye.

First Lesson

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So I had my first guitar lesson today. It was amazing. I had so much fun and really really enjoyed myself. In fact I enjoyed myself so much that the hour went by very quickly. I learned a whole bunch of stuff and now I need to set aside at least an hour to practice a day. I don’t want to go one about it because I need to go back to work anyway. I have to be done by the end of the weekend. I just wanted to mention that the Greek authorities are acting like israel’s hired guns. They seem to have been pressured into stopping the flotilla boats departing from Greece for Gaza. Today they took the official papers of the Canadian boat and stopped the American boat from leaving. As far as I understand the American boat is now in a military boat in Athens and the passengers are held in the boat and not allowed to leave. I can’t understand the legal basis for any of this. The passengers’ and organisers’ lawyers are filing suits right now, or at least that’s my understanding. We’re going to have to wait and see how this develops. In the mean time, stay safe. Love you bye.

Very Sleepy

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I wanted to write another long post but I’m really tired, so this will be short. I’m going to watch something and go to bed early. Start my day early tomorrow and work all weekend long. So I went to the studio today. It’s a very cool place and I met my new teacher Matt, who’s a very cool dude. He seems like he’s going to be a great teacher. I can’t wait to get started officially next week. I already have some homework. I am really happy to be taking lessons. I really need some guidance and hopefully my skills will start flourishing. Anyway, that’s all from me. Everyone email Steve Jobs, read yesterday’s post for details. Stay safe. Love you bye.

My New Guitar is Here

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So I spent the early part of today working. At some point in the afternoon I heard a knock on the door. My new guitar had arrived. You see a few days ago I ordered a new electric guitar. I’ve been wanting to buy one for a while now and seeing that I had a bit of extra cash on me I thought why not. I was so happy to see it. It’s gorgeous. I needed a few things for it, so I went to town and bought myself a strap, a gig bag, and an amp. I haven’t played an amplified guitar in a very long time. There’s nothing like it. I spent most of the day playing with it and getting to know it. It’s the perfect guitar. I am going on Friday to check out a studio in Nottingham and see if maybe I’ll start some lessons there. I need some guidance to progress again. One of the teachers there started following me on twitter and I thought that I should take this chance and see what they had to offer. I’m very excited to be playing guitar again. Anyway, this meant that I didn’t do as much work as I would have liked so I’m going to stop writing now and go get some work done. Also tomorrow will be a long day of work I think. Hope you’re all happy. Stay safe. Love you bye.

Productive Unproductive Day

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So I’m writing this from my iPhone again, because my home broadband is playing up. I don’t want to lose any text because it fails to save. I’m going to actually try to write a full post though. my thumbs will be soar afterwards but still, I have been missing posts so I thought I owed you my readers a full post. So as the title says I had a very productive unproductive day. I will explain exactly how. I have been very productive doing things that aren’t work. They are interesting and fun things but not exactly on the top of my list.

So I started by writing. I’ve had an idea bouncing around in my head for a while now and today I had the first proper specific inspiration on how to start it all. So I opened a new word document labelled it prologue and started typing. An hour later, and 3000 words later, I had a good start. I am getting something interesting there. I’m still unclear about the whole thing, and I don’t want to jinx it, even though I don’t believe in jinxes, but it’s a start. As far as I’m concerned though, this will remain a weekend and holiday project for now, until I get my proper work done. It’s very exciting and also quite daunting but I’m happy with what I’m writing. I think the style needs a bit of work but it’s just a first rough draft. I will talk more about it when I have something more voluminous.

After that I had the immense pleasure of chatting with a friend that I haven’t seen in a couple of years. We’ve been in touch via Facebook, particularly around the revolutions, but we haven’t actually spoken in a while. It was really nice to talk. She had some exciting news and it was great to just talk about everything and nothing. I then skyped with my mother for the first time. It was nice, I’m hoping we do it more often as well. I then went back to writing and was able to add a few words. I haven’t been this excited about a new project in a very long time. In fact, I think that the last time I was this excited was when I started this blog almost a year ago.

Anyway, that’s not all I did. I then picked up my guitar and learned around 10 songs. Many of them are songs that I knew a long time ago, but since I haven’t played in such a long time I had to relearn them from scratch. Other songs were brand new, in the sense that I had never learned them. They are all from the greatest era in rock music, the 1990s. I will not accept any argument that says otherwise. The 1990s produced some of the best rock music of all times, maybe not the most complicated, but some of the most heartfelt and emotive. It’s not because I was a teenager then. Shut up! I’m going to my room! I hate you! You don’t understand me!

It was great reconnecting with some songs that I haven’t listened to in over 10 years, sometimes over 15 years, I’m that old. My highlight was learning Machinehead by Bush. I actually never learned it back when I was a teenager. I don’t know why I loved the song back then. It could be because I wasn’t good with my strumming hand, I’m still not very good but a lot better than back then. The thing is that this song brings back many many memories, not all of them good, but all welcome. It’s great to remember falling in love and having your heartbroken when you’re 14-15. It felt like the world ended and yet it kept going. I’m still a bit too emoey I think, but that’s because I have the heart of a poet. Shut up I do! It’s not because I’m still a teenager! You don’t understand me! I hate you!

Anyway, that’s pretty much it from me. I’ve had a great Sunday. A Sunday that involved me being very productive in very unproductive ways. I’m hoping to keep doing all these things, and hopefully when I’m a little less late with my work to move on to do other stuff. I have a whole bunch of things on my mind. I will get to them, but my priority is my thesis and that’s where all my energy will go during the week. I’m done feeling sorry for myself for not working, or other things. I’m going to get it done and be happy. In the mean time, I’ll see you all tomorrow for a new blog post. Love you bye.