Indian Food

Since I became vegan a few months ago, Indian food has been a big part of my diet. The reason for that is quite simple, indian food is filled with vegan options. Whenever I’m out at a friend’s house ordering take away, or we want to go out for dinner, I go for indian food. This makes everything simple, as I am sure of finding at least one, if not more, vegan options. However, I haven’t been cooking indian that much. I mainly just cook some Daal, or Dahl, because it’s easy and it’s very close to a Lebanese dish I’m used to cooking.

Lately I’ve been trying to make my own though. Ordering take away can be very expensive. Cooking at home is always cheeper. So I’ve been experimenting with indian cooking. I’m still not very happy with the results. I don’t know why but I can’t seem to get the spice mix right. It’s not so much the heat that’s the problem but the flavour. I tend to end up with either too little flavour, or too much of a given spice. I’m still playing around and will hopefully get to a happy medium. My goal is to incorporate some vegetable meats in my cooking.

I have a bit of a project to make some good Seitan (in its mock chicken form) tikka masala. Getting the Seitan to be tikkaish enough is the first obstacle. I’ve been looking for recipes but can’t seem to find any nice ones. I think it’s going to take a bit of ingenuity on my part to get it done. The masala part is the second obstacle, though a much simpler one to overcome. Replacing the yogurt is the main issue. I’ve tried soy yogurt but it just doesn’t work as well. I’m thinking of using some coconut milk. It might give it a different consistency though.

All in all I’ve been happy to have a new form of cuisine to play with. I’m still very far from getting it right and would love any advice/experiences from any of my readers. I also have to admit that I’m still not very knowledgeable about indian cuisine. I know a few dishes but I’m not sure I can differentiate all the different flavours and recognise the richness of that very interesting and diverse cuisine. Anyway, that was me trying to get back to blogging slightly normally. Hopefully this will continue. Stay tuned. Hope you’re all doing well. Stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.


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