Dungeons and Dragons 21 Part 1

So we left it last week after having defeated the Rat ogres and basically saved the phoenix. The Bloodstone that was with us told us that he would now take the phoenix back. We didn’t like that idea as it was clear that they were going to use her without ever giving her any agency. It was clear as well that they would use her as a first strike weapon rather than as a last resort. So we argued that she shouldn’t go back with them as they clearly couldn’t protect her properly. Our arguments were sort of making sense to him, but he’s only a soldier and kept wanting us to go and talk to his leader.

We were uncomfortable with that. We dealt with the bloodstones and flexibility is not a trait of their culture. As we were arguing we realised from the corner of our eyes that the shadows on one of the walls were slightly unnatural. I got my bow out and pointed it at the wall and said that whoever is hiding should come out right now. A humanoid figure appeared. I noticed he had fangs. He explained that he was the right hand man of the witch king (the leader of the ogrim). He was surprised that there were two phoenixes (don’t know if that’s the plural). He seemed, strangely enough, very friendly.

He told us that he was here to negotiate with us. In fact, he was honest and explained that he was supposed to meet the rat ogres here and take the phoenix away to the witch king. But he saw us destroy them and was very impressed. He offered us safe passage to the witch king’s fortress to speak to him. This was strange, we were very suspicious as everything we’ve heard about them is that they’re evil. We decided to speak to him a bit more and explain to him that we were sceptical but were willing to converse. This did not sit well with the bloodstone at all. He was furious and kept saying that we should kill him rather than talk to him. We continued talking which made the bloodstone lose it.

He melted into the floor and sent the stone golem towards the vampire-like creature. Then all of a sudden the phoenix disappeared into the floor. Our Paladin was quick to ask our mage, who’s the other phoenix to jump on his back so she can’t be taken too. She did that than she stopped the golem from hitting the vampire using her control of Arcana. The dwarf jumped on the back of the Golem. Then the bloodstone grabbed the paladin and tried to pull him down. I quickly asked the mage to jump onto my shoulders, which she did. The paladin tried to pull the bloodstone out but he got pulled down slightly ending up with his arms stuck in the floor.

Our avenger and captain dove were able to liberate him but the best thing was our dwarf swan diving from the back of the golem onto the floor in order to try to melt within the stone. he is a descendent of the bloodstones after all. He did just that and so gained the power to manipulate stone. He went in search of the phoenix while our Paladin who was now free got grabbed again. However this time we were ready for it as a group and everyone except me and the phoenix, we were trying to keep the golem under control, grabbed onto him and yanked him out. During that time our dwarf had found the phoenix and promised her that he would take her back to her people.

During that whole fight we were talking to the vampire and he explained that he could break the bonds of our phoenix but that he was not going to do the same to the other phoenix as the witch king wanted to ask her to marry him and break her bonds. Basically he explained that by biting our phoenix he could break her bonds. We weren’t very happy about. He explained that it meant that they would be sharing a high level of intimacy but that she would not be changed into a vampire or anything like that. Anyway, When the bloodstone was yanked out he wasn’t very happy.

Our Paladin told him that he had been an obstacle every step of the way. We protected and rescued the phoenix while he did nothing. He attacked us even though we did everything in order to help him and his people. He told him to go back and tell his leader that we were not going back and we were taking our phoenix with us and that they have only themselves to blame for this. We came with the best of intentions but they blocked us at every turn. He said that he was going to take his phoenix and go back with our message, he didn’t know that our dwarf had rescued her. As he left with the golem, our dwarf and the phoenix came out of the floor. I’ll leave it here for now and pick up the rest of the story tomorrow. Stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.


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