Dungeons and Dragons 20

So as you remember after last week’s extended encounter, we lost one of the phoenixes to the rat ogres. We all decided that we were going to pursue them. Before we left a bloodstone came and told us that they were closing the tunnels all over the city and that they were going to take our phoenix as a replacement. We told him that this was a decision to be made between us and their leader. He went to get the leader and that’s when we barreled down the tunnels that were made by the rat ogres trying to catch up with them and hopefully save the phoenix.

This was a skill challenge that we failed miserably. we ended up in a dead end and then all of a sudden a wall appeared around us trapping us. A bloodstone and a sort of stone golem came through the wall. The bloodstone asked us why we were running away. We explained that we weren’t but that we were running after the rat ogres in order to save the phoenix. He said that there was no need for that as they could use our phoenix. We retorted by saying that our phoenix is our friend and that we’re not simply going to give her up.

We tried to reason with him, explaining that we were wasting time and that we needed to be running after the rat ogres. He accused us of being agents of the witch king (I think that’s what the leader of the ogrim is called). We explained that we weren’t and that we faught really hard to protect the phoenix while they were all away. Eventually we convinced him that we needed to go after the phoenix. He agreed to guide us through the stone. He said that if we failed to save the phoenix before the rat ogres took her out of the mountain then they would take our phoenix instead.

Anyway we went there and ended up facing a bunch of rat ogres. We were able to defeat them, even though it was touch and go at some points. It was a long battle and having run after them without an extended rest we didn’t have all of our powers available for us to use. Eventually we liberated the phoenix. The bloodstone came and told us that they would take her now. This isn’t good because clearly they view her as an object, a weapon, and are clearly planning to use her as a first strike weapon. Next week we’re going to try to reason with them and get her out of their care and maybe into ours. Anyway, it was a fun night, I can’t wait for next week. Stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.


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