Dungeons and Dragons Part 19

Not much to say about this week’s Dungeons and Dragons. It was basically an extended encounter that spilled over from last week. Basically we faced the rat ogres and it was rough, I almost died on a few occasions. Basically the rat ogres were after the Phoenix and got very confused to find two of them there. The battle was very tough, but we eventually defeated most of them except for one who escaped carrying a dying phoenix (not our mage but the phoenix from that time). We all decided that we were going to go after them in the tunnels they dug up and hope to get the phoenix back. It would be a disaster if the ogres control the phoenix. Anyway, that’s really all I can say about it. I’m not going to give you a blow by blow account, as it was an encounter that basically lasted over two sessions. As always, stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.


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