Man Period

I think I had a bit of a man period yesterday. Before you all think I’m being sexist, it is a well established fact that men, just like women, have hormonal cycles. Those cycles can lead to hormonal imbalances or shifts in hormonal production. This in turn leads to different behaviours. Yesterday, I must admit I was in an awful mood. I could feel my hormones playing with me but felt completely helpless. I was sad, angry, but also confused. I kept having mood swings. It was really bad. I just couldn’t do anything about it. Thank goodness I had a friend around to skype with who really made it easier. It’s weird also because I had mentioned this on Monday, that men do have cycles that somehow mirror the menstrual cycles of women, and then bam the next day I find myself in the situation I was describing. Anyway, I woke up today and was feeling a lot better. Although not completely normal. The light made it easier to deal with. Anyway, I must go now. Stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.


One Response to “Man Period”

  1. There is, actually, a simpler and more likely reason for such feelings: you sound like you’re fighting off a seasonal headcold.

    Be well, either way…

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