Dungeons and Dragons Part 18

So I missed last week’s D&D session but you can get a great summary of them here and here. The paladin in our party is writing up our advantures from the perspective of his character. You should all check out his blog if you’re interested in more games related stuff. Anyway, the gist of it is that we’re back at the time before time during the war between the Shi and the Ogrim when the phoenix was used and almost destroyed the world. Our Drow it turns out is also a phoenix. The original phoenix is held by the boodstones (the ancestors of the dwarves). So we decided to go see them.

We were taken by old Auron, that’s right he’s there too, to a cliff face. Basically the bloodstones live inside and we need their permission and help to go in. So we asked for their help by speaking to a cliff side. I sang a few songs, we tried many many diferent things but got no answer. Soon it started raining and it was clear that we were in some kind of riverbed. After about 8 or 9 hours we started sort of seeing faces in the cliff face, but only at certain angles and they looked quite unreal. A few hours later, and more rain, a voice told us that we needed to be patient. It was a slow and guttural voice.

So we waited and waited. About a day and a half after we got there we were finally told that we could go in. Basically we got close to the cliff side and a hand took us in. It was very much like drowning inside rock. Basically the bloodstones can walk through rocks and they can guide us by holding our hand. A very close skill challenge later we were inside their realm. We were told that we had to meet the lord of the bloodstones. We were taken there. We told the lord of the bloodstones what was happening and after a while he seemed to believe us. He insisted on binding our phoenix/Drow. We reluctantly accepted.

We asked to meet the other phoenix. We were taken down some stairs into what was clearly a prison. We saw another Drow there who was clearly bound and in prison. We tried to talk to her but she was very understandably angry at the way she was being used and treated. At that moment we heard some rattling and a few digging machines came through the caves. It was some sort of rat ogres. Thus began a battle that was, and still is, very tough. I’ll leave it at that for today. We’ll pick it up next week with the rest of the adventure. As always, stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.


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