First Fight in a Long Time

Today I found myself engaging in an activity that I haven’t engaged in in a very long time. I got in a fight, an actual physical altercation. I used to get in fights every week when I went to school in Algeria. I was being bullied by this one kid but did not let him get away with it and would end up fighting him at least once a week. In Lebanon, I had fewer fights, but I still had some. Then I calmed down and lost some of the anger I was feeling when I moved to the UK.

Today’s fight was very different. Here’s what happened. My dad and I were walking in a deserted back alley. In front of us a couple were standing and having an argument. As we got close to them the man slapped the woman. In the split second after that I realised that he was in wife beating mode and would not stop until he really hurt her. Also, he was in a haze of violence and had not seen us. Now I’m a weakling and my dad is an old ill man, our only chance to stop him was to physically attack him by surprise.

I jumped on him and punched him in the face then kneed him in the testicles. My dad, realising what I had done, used his cane to trip the guy before he could realise what was happening. At this point I used the one move I learned at Brazilian JiuJitsu and choked him. I was able to hold him and put him to sleep, not in the euphemistic way, but actually getting him to pass out. We then left him laying there and took care of the woman.

She explained that they were fighting because she had decided to leave him because he was too violent, they were married. She thought that if she told him in public he wouldn’t dare hurt her. But then she said as they were walking she found herself in that deserted back alley and that’s when he exploded. We took her home and she got some of her stuff then we put her in a taxi to her parents home.

It was a very intense moment. I hate the rush of adrenaline one gets when one fights. I know that it’s an evolutionary advantage, but I don’t like that feeling of euphoria when fighting. I hate physical violence, but when fighting you feel elated. It’s very disconcerting. However, the worst part is the come down. Once the adrenaline leaves the body, then you realise what you just did and you feel like shit. Anyway, I’m glad I acted quickly but I honestly hope never to have to do any of that again. Anyway, stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.


4 Responses to “First Fight in a Long Time”

  1. RepStones Says:

    You rock.

  2. Thank you.

    You rock. Split-second reading of a situation, stepping in to save the weaker party, and then stepping away.

    Kudos to your father, too!

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