Dungeons and Dragons Part 17

So we left last week on the deck of Captain Dove’s ship getting ready to battle the Intelligentium. As the battle started, Phillemina pulled out a pocket watch and it felt like time slowed down, but then Captain Dove pulled out a pocket watch of his own and time went back to normal. We realised that the clocks had an effect on time. So I attacked Phillimena and tried to take her clock away from her. This meant that she couldn’t use it while Dove was able to use his. This gave us a great advantage, as we were going at double speed.

We threw away her watch. So the golem went into the water to get it. This meant that Phillimena tried to escape to the lower level of the ship. We then tried to get the golem control box from his controller. At this point Stillskin took it from him and kicked him in the water. We weren’t sure what Phillimena was up to, so I went down after her. It turned out that she was going to use one of Dove’s many pocket watches that he keeps in his quarters. I took that away from her again. She was clearly frustrated. On the higher deck stillskin was bloodied and the tide of the battle was clearly shifting to our advantage.

At this point, New versions of the Intelligentium people appeared. Those were their future selves. They were better prepared for the battle. The time advantage was gone. Then they shot Dove’s watch. I told him to come and get the watch I had. He came down took it and then disappeared. The battle was resolutely more difficult now. The bloodied younger Stillskin escaped. After a lot of battering, with them going much faster than us. I was able to bloody and intimidate the younger Phillimena, who escaped as well. This meant that we had two less people to worry about. However we were all getting battered.

On the top deck, our Paladin and rogue had managed to knock prone and bloody one of the younger Intelligentium figures. He was in a very bad place but so were all of us. We were still able to do some damage though, and the future Phillimena ordered them to use doctor Pain’s solution. This meant that some of them became super soldier types, one of them, the one controlling the golem transformed into an ogre type because future stillskin injected him with his own dose. Our rogue was fighting him for the control box at the time, this meant that we didn’t have to worry about the golem at least.

However we were clearly in a very bad way. At this point Captain Dove appeared with future versions of ourselves. This sent Phillimena into a rage. We were much higher level and so bloodied her very quickly and managed to kill the bloodied guy. He was the younger version and as he died his future self disappeared. This sent Phillimena into a proper rage she ordered them all to escape but as they disappeared she said that if they can’t have the ship then neither can we. With this they dropped a box that was counting down. We very quickly understood that the golem was about to blow.

Seeing that we had no other choice as he was powered by Flangite and that the ship was full of the stuff, we decided to escape. We also realised that because so many paradoxes had happened on that ship in that pocket of space time, it blowing up was not exactly a bad thing. It would at least deal with that (remember that the Kaltesh are attracted to paradoxes). We woke up in what looked like a scorched and deforested wood with Dove and without out future selves. Giant creatures approached us and pointed at our mage. They were speaking a language we did not know. However, being a bard and knowing a lot about languages, I discerned a single word: Phoenix. And that’s where we left it. No D&D next week as I’m in Algeria, but we’ll pick up the story the week after. Stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.


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