No Actual Resolutions

Last year I wrote a post with my New Year’s resolutions. I won’t do that this year. I don’t have resolutions exactly just hopes. Well one might be seen as a resolution. I’m going to finish my thesis. That’s the only stead fast thing. Other stuff I will do is stop being such a hermit. I’ll go out more, see more people and open up to them. When I did that at the end of last year I met some wonderful people. I can’t wait to meet more, or simply get closer to those I’ve already met. I’m also going to focus on getting my body a bit more fit. I don’t think I have the time, or money, to go to classes no matter how much I enjoy them. I got myself a couple of exercise DVDs and will try those. That’s pretty much it. I’m sorry for the short post but I am writing something at the moment and need to focus on that for a bit. Stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.


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