Dungeons and Dragons Part 16

So we left last week after having arrived at the flying fortress of the intelligencium. We had dispatched the guards and so now had to locate the codices. We realised that we had one of two choices, either go up a tower which seemed to be a control room or go bellow deck. The guard had told us that the codices were probably located in the lower decks, so we made our way there. We were being stealthy, even though we had a Paladin in shining armour, I mean it literally shines radiating light. But we managed through a skill check, to make it to where we believed the codices were.

Looking into the chamber we found that the five leaders of the intelligencium were around a table with the codices there. We know the names of four of them, but the identity of the fifth has always been a mystery. They had some people around with them, well I say people one of them was a giant creature and three of them did not seem completely human. We decided that the best course of action was to go in and talk to them. After all the information we got that says they’re evil comes from an aspect of Adapa Nana and a day walker, so it might be useful to hear their side of the story.

We went in and the fifth member, who’s a lady with an eye patch, told us that they were expecting us and that we were 30 seconds late. We had a bit of a rough conversation, with neither of us wanting to give up too much information. Basically they were expecting us and offered to give us the codices in exchange for the time traveling ship on which our party traveled. Basically they wanted us to steal it for them. They explain that we were linked to it because we travelled on it and that in order to discover where it is hidden we needed to get in touch with our inner time. We did not agree to the bargain but did not disagree either.

Our plan was to find the ship talk to the captain and get him to take us back in time to when the intelligencium stole the codices from Baron Van Doomas and steal them from them then. Then we would get back to our time today and take the thirteenth codex from Adapa Nana. We were aware of new sciency guilds in water deep one of them was the guild of horologists. We thought they might explain to us what inner time was and how we could access it. So we called our Wyverns and made our way from the ship back to water deep. Once we arrived there we went to the guild hall of the horologists.

There we were asked to buy a clock, at prices that we could not afford, in order to be part of the guild, otherwise, no information was to be given to us. Through a blend of intimidation and diplomacy, we were allowed to meet with the head of the guild. He explained the nature of time, being that it is a non-being. It is felt while not real. It is only perceived because of the decay and change in the world. He explained that our bodies, through their processes and natural decay were clocks of some sort. He explained that by concentrating on those processes we could access our inner time. He explained that we also needed to anchor ourselves to a given external time, otherwise we could cause some danger.

He also explained that time travel was very dangerous because it creates paradoxes and that horrors who live beyond our physical reality latch on to paradoxes and try to get through to our world through them. He explained that one of the tasks of the horologists is to tend to such paradoxes, many of them created by the captain of the ship we travelled on (I forgot his name) who is a rogue time traveller. Our paladin noticed that on his desk was the photo of the fifth member of the intelligencium, he asked who that was, and was told that it was the daughter of the head of the order. Her name was Philimina. On our way out we bought some hourglasses, which were cheap and made our way to an inn.

In the inn we waited for midday, when the sun is at its highest and then using the hourglasses to anchor us we started trying to reach for our inner time. The process was slow, and my character might have invented jazz in the process, but eventually we managed it. At that point we felt wrenched and we then started falling. Eventually we fell on some wood. It was dark. We lit a torch and realised that we were on the ship bellow deck. We had gotten to the hideout. We found the captain sleeping in his quarters. As we started explaining what had happened we heard noises of people falling on the top deck. We realised that the intelligencium had used us to track this place.

We explained this to the captain and went up to fight them. They were posturing but we did not budge and the battle began. It was us against four leaders of the intelligencium and a mechanical golem. We did fight a bit this week, however I’m going to leave it here tonight and tell you about the battle all at once next week. That way I don’t tell you only half of the story. It is also better to leave it on a cliff hanger for you all. Until then, stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.


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