Dungeons and Dragons Part 15

So Today saw the continuation of our dungeons and dragons campaign. A lot has happened tonight. So we left our adventure last time as we got back from the Chimera. Auron seemed to not fully understand what his status as a mortal really meant. We gave him some gold, and had to explain to him the whole concept of monetary exchange. He didn’t like it and we agreed that it was really silly and needed to be overthrown but that it wasn’t the right time for it. We also explained to him what he needed to look out for in order not to die.

We then decided to head through to meet this Von Doomas character and see what he’s all about. It was a long but mainly uneventful trek. We did meet a character who joined us only for this week along the way, but on the whole not much happened. We eventually got to the lands that Baron Von Doomas rules over. It was very much a feudal sort of place. The serfs working the land were very suspicious of us, as they are of all strangers. We got to a way station in the last village before the fortress. We stayed there for the night.

The person running it and his daughter were clearly very intimidated by us. They didn’t see many people come through these parts. When we said we were going to meet the baron they seemed taken aback. They explained that no one ever saw the baron. They also told us that song and story telling was banned in the lands owned by Von Doomas. This didn’t seem to be particularly unhappy, nor did they seem to be happy. It was a very strange interaction. They made us some very nice food and we spent the night. We then made our way to the fortress.

We got to it half a day’s ride later. It was a huge gothic like structure that could only be accessed through a very long bridge over a chasm. There were two guards at the bridge. We came to them and asked them to meet the baron. They seemed really taken aback with that. They explained that the baron doesn’t see anyone. We asked to see their superior who said the same thing. We asked to see his superior who said the same thing. We explained that we had some information about his missing codices. This seemed to give our case some weight. He said he would ask the baron and let us know.

A few hours passed and eventually we were let in to meet the baron. The meeting was quite tense at first. We didn’t really have much information but knew that this would get us in. Now we weren’t really sure who this Von Doomas character was and were trying to figure it out. We explained that we knew where the thirteenth codex (the key to the other twelve) was and who it was with. He was concerned with this. We explained that we were too but that this particular aspect of Adapa Nana was not aware of his identity and that he protected the codex from the inteligentium. We explained that this at least was a good thing.

He eventually revealed that he was one of the thirteen, the evil day walking vampires. Our mage however sensed that this fortress wasn’t built to keep people out but to keep him in. It was a prison of sorts. She pointed this out and he explained that he had built it for himself. He wanted to change his nature, to stop being a vampire. He was trying to use the codices in order achieve just that, as each one of them holds the knowledge to a different “scientific” discipline. However, without the thirteenth codex he couldn’t decipher them. He enlisted the help of the intelligemtium who stole the codices from him.

This offered us an opportunity. We asked him if he wanted our help. We agreed that he would tell us where the intelligentium’s base of operations is and help us get to it and that we would retrieve the codices for him. We would then help him change his nature and he would help us either change the other thirteen or destroy them. He also explained that Adapa Nana is a title rather than a name. It means high mage in the language of the Alfar, however, he didn’t share the true name of Adapa Nana with us. We spent the night at his castle and in the morning met with him again.

He explained to us that the intelligentium operate from a flying ship. The ship is currently over the jungles of Chult, which are very far away. He gave us a device to track them. We asked him about the anti-magic and he explained that there are two kinds of gifts, some are naturally occurring (as in induced by the voice), and other manufactured by knowledge gleaned from the codices. We then were led to the rooftops of the fortress where we were given flying Wyverns to make our trip to the jungles of Chult and the flying base faster. We rode the Wyverns and made our way there.

We approached the ship and were able to get onto it and dispose of the few guards on the top platform easily. We captured one of them and mined him for information. He didn’t have much to say except that there were hundreds of people in the ship and that at least four of the five leaders of the intelligentium were onboard. We don’t know who the fifth one really is, no one seems to know. We also realised that we had about an hour and a half to locate the codices and escape before the changing of the guard. This meant we had to be swift. This is where we left it for this week. I’ll tell you the rest next week hopefully. Stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.


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