Dungeons and Dragons 14 Part 1

Right I finally have a little bit of time in order to write up this week’s D&D episode. A very talky role playing heavy session it was (I’ve gone slightly Yoda-like with this sentence structure). I took a bunch of notes during the session, in fact I took so many notes that my arm hurt. That’s right not my hand, not my wrist, but my whole arm. That tells you how unaccustomed to writing by hand I’ve become. Curse you computer age and the resulting loss of skills, while gaining other skills, that you have brought on. Anyway, let’s get down to it, shall we?

So last time I wrote about this, we had left the isles where we had spent all together about a month, gametime. We made our way back to the continent and decided to visit Isembard ¬†Devlin (who is the curator of the museum of curiosities). We told him what has happened and informed him of the voice emanating from the desert, this will turn out to have been a mistake as you’ll find out later. We then decided to try to make our way to Baron Van Doomas, who is rumoured to be one of the thirteen, and who has had the books written in the ancient language stolen from him by the intelligencium (remember we took the codex that helps decode them from the past to the present day in order to protect it).

We also thought about visiting Reinhardt on our way. Reinhardt is the best bard to have ever lived, he can conjure up entities with his words. I was really excited to go visit him. As we made our way towards his residence in a forest we were met by Auron who tried very hard to get us to just turn around and pick up farming or something. We made it very clear that we were not going to do that. We explained that while we appreciate his concern, our path was clear. There was clearly a very real danger to the world as a whole and we were not going to stand by and do nothing. We were committed to our path.

Seeing that we were not going to be convinced to turn back and stop what we’re doing he told us that he would help us. He explained to us that we were going to need to meet someone who can explain to us what we are facing. He told us that he can send us to him but that we must keep his involvement a secret. No matter what we must not reveal that he is the one who sent us there. Also, he explained that we must be very polite. We sat down around a fire and he started performing a ritual. Than the world around us melted away and we found ourselves in a strange place. Our DM explained that it was a bit like going to the fades in Dragon age.

We came close to a building structure that looked like a roundhouse. We approached it and greeted the person inside and asked politely if we could come in. He told us to come in. It was a sort of sweat lodge. He was sitting there in a loin cloth. It was very hot and sort of oppressive. We sat down and introduced ourselves and explained to him what had brought us here. He said that he would tell us what we wanted to hear, but that he would require us to answer one question in return. This seemed fair and we sat there ready to hear what he had to say. I will leave it here for tonight. I’ll tell you what he told us tomorrow. Stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.


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