When I Ask For Soy I Want Soy

So today I went to a coffee place and asked for a soy latte, as you do. The cafe advertised that they’re very happy to substitute cow’s milk for soya milk if you ask for it. I did exactly that. I conversed with the lady at the till while someone else was making my coffee, so I wasn’t paying attention to what kind of milk they were using. I got my coffee and made my way out and went home. I didn’t have a sip until I got home as the cafe was very close. Once I got home I took a sip and it was disgusting. It was in fact made with full fat cow’s milk and tasted like warm live cow. I had to empty the full contents of the cup and throw it away.

I know that to many of you that doesn’t sound like a very big deal but it actually is. What if I was lactose intolerant? When I asked for my coffee I made sure to ask for soy milk twice. I said I’d like a soy latte… with soy milk. It happened to me once before in a very busy cafe and I felt that I could excuse it as the barista were clearly overwhelmed with the amount of people but not today. I was the only one there and made sure to ask for it twice. I didn’t want to go back as I was comfortable at home and it was very cold outside, also I needed to get to work and didn’t fancy a distraction. I’m not going to go to that coffee place again. I don’t want to have to worry everytime I ask for a coffee and have to check what the person is doing. Ordering a coffee shouldn’t be this hard. Anyway, I don’t want to go on about it. I should go back to work now. Stay safe everyone. Live long and prosper.


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