Dungeons and Dragons 11

So Dungeons and Dragons today involved the completion of a major quest. As you remember from last time we just defeated the druid of the Femorey. Thus we can finally be done with the council of druids decision regarding who the new Ardrey of the isles is. We all met after having rested and voted for princess Neve to be Ardrey, for life basically. This is clearly a good thing as queen Mave would have been a bad choice. With this out of the way we were able to discuss other business in the council, including the reason why we came here in the first place. But first there was a question that we needed answered.

So we asked about the son of Domnu. We wanted to know who his father is. Clearly the druid of the Femorey was being very evasive about the whole situation. With her gone we were hoping that the council would be more forthcoming with information about him. They explained that there are death curses that some people can use to protect themselves with, and clearly he had. All we were able to know is that his father is not human. So even though he looks half human he isn’t. However we know that he isn’t full Femorey. His father is not a Femorey but we don’t know who or what he is. We were told that being friends of the isles he might tell us if we ask him.

Then we went on to discuss what brought us to the isles in the first place. We came here, remember, to destroy the tear of bane in one of the moon wells. The problem is that for the tear to be destroyed it needs to be diluted into one of those wells. This means that the earth would become corrupted while the well destroys the tear. The druids discussed it amongst themselves. They agreed that the tear needed to be destroyed and that the only way to destroy it was here on these isles. They decided to allow us to use one of them. They explained that we might be able to mitigate the corrupting power of the tear by first using it on a creature which would then be resurrected with the power of bane and quickly destroy it and then throw it into the well.

They explained that they would have to be a bit far away from us and help us as much as they can by trying to calm the earth. Basically we were told that the earth itself was going to try and attack us in order to stop the tear’s corrupting power. It was going to be hard, but we came this far and decided to go through with it. We got out of the council chambers in the earth mother and met Auron there. We returned his sword, he explained that he was really forgetful and clumsy and that he must have dropped it somewhere without realising. We talked to him a bit and invited him to come along with us. He seemed excited about it and joined our party. We arrived at the moon well and were told by the druids to wait a few hours for them to get in place before performing the ritual.

During the hours of waiting we remembered that I had the wand of arachnid control. Remembering that the earth itself and all the creatures were going to turn against us I scanned for spiders in the vicinity. Realising that there were quite a few, we decided to send them away as the corrupting power of the tear was going to be stronger than the power of the wand. I also took the time to learn a ritual which allows me to bring back a dead character. We discussed how we were going to administer the tear to a dead mouse that was in our possession. we decided to tie a string to its tail. Our Paladin was going to hold its mouth open and poor the tear in while I held the string so that the mouse was extended at full tension. Our Rogue and I were going to use a dagger each to kill the mouse while our ranger would use an arrow to pierce it. We would then drop it in the moon well along with the daggers and the arrow.

This part went through without any problem. Then shit started to hit the fan. First five giant, dog sized, beetles appeared. It was clear that they were trying to get to the moon well and fall in in order to absorb the tear of Bane thus concentrating it and slowing down the process of diluting it. We started dealing with them when five or six giant dog sized lizards appeared. Auron was not helping but just watching. Then after that a medium water elemental appeared. Then a giant mushroom man and a giant grasshopper. Then seven or wight snakes. Then an earth/fire elemental. Finally a giant corrupted tree Ent. Each of these groups appeared on a new turn.

The first few creatures weren’t exactly a challenge it’s just that they were many. So we couldn’t deal with them quickly enough not to be soon overwhelmed. Though thanks to some good team work and lucky rolls we were able to destroy most of them. Leaving some of the smaller ones and the elementals to deal with. The thing with elementals is that we needed to find their weaknesses. We quickly realised that the water elemental needed to be connected to water otherwise it would be weakened. So using some powers that shift the target we were able to destroy it. The fire elemental was led into the water where he suffered much damage. The tree Ent could have been destroyed by the aura of the fire elemental, but we destroyed that one very quickly. However, when it was the only thing left standing, along with the grasshopper, we were able to do major damage to it very quickly.

Having destroyed all these creatures the moon well was able to do its job diluting and destroying the tear of Bane. We suddenly felt the earth calm down and the skies brighten. Suddenly the isles were back to normal and their idilic scenery restored. Our Paladin was freed from his burden and suddenly felt much lighter. Our ranger who caries a marble because she touched the tear earlier on when she shouldn’t have, only our paladin was allowed to, still has that marble. We don’t know what this means but we know that it is still there. With this encounter over we have finished a major quest of our campaign and can expect some very cool goodies next week. I can’t wait to see what they are. Until then, stay safe everyone. Love you bye.


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