Dungeons and Dragons 10

So today was an interesting DnD session. We were only two players but we played with three characters. So to remind those who need reminding and can’t be bothered to scroll down to the relevant entry, if you’re reading this on the main page, I’ll remind you of where we stand. So we kind of discovered where the drumming sound comes from, we’ve also started discussing the future Ardrey and are at this moment at an impasse with the druid of the Femorey. She wants Mave on the throne, but she has also accepted to have Neve on the throne, if we reinstate the Law of the Seven, which means that an Ardrey rules for seven years then after that is sacrificed.

We were very unhappy with this proposal. After much debating we came up with what to our fellowship’s mind was a compromise. We proposed that we might reinstate the Law of the Seven but modify it. We proposed that rather than sacrificing the Ardrey after seven years, we should have another moot and council meeting to decide wether the Ardrey would remain in power or wether he/she should be replaced. The druid of the Femorey seemed receptive to this but would only accept Mave as the new Ardrey if we proposed this. So we were clearly at an impasse. At this point I made a history check and realised that there was a right to druidic challenge. So we challenged the druid of the Femorey in order to resolve the situation.

The challenge took place the next day in a sort of gorge. We saw very quickly that there was an area in the middle of the battle ground that was surrounded by some sort of square made of stones in the middle. At the start of the challenge I made a Nature and an Arcana check, this allowed me to realise that the area is in fact a place that contains within it a dragon and that the stones were in fact some warding that keeps the dragon enclosed. I also felt the presence of a single dragon but that keeps shifting between a silver and an undead one. In order to break the warding seal we needed to succeed in a series of skill challenges, three difficult ones and seven moderate ones. We were going to be fighting the druid of the Femorey as well as three Femorey at the same time.

Since my skills were the most consistently high I was tasked with completing most of them, our rangers was going to divide her time between skill challenges and range attacks on the Femorey druid, and our Paladin was going to fight the Femorey and keep them away from me. Ver early in the battle we realised that there was a sort of glint behind the druid, a sort of golden shine. Our paladin realised that it was Auron’s sword so he decided to make his way towards it and try to take it. He was able to attract one of the two Femorey that were closer to us with him, while the other one started making its way towards me. There was also a Femorey near the druid which took a very big interest in our Paladin.

As the battle raged we were able to consistently complete skill challenges while as soon as our Paladin took hold of Auron’s sword he was able to make some monstrous damage. Eventually, and as our ranger was very close to death we managed to complete all the skill challenges and through a lucky dice roll the Dragon regenerated within one turn. When it appeared I spoke to him, it was an ancient Silver dragon, in Draconic and asked him extremely politely to help us in our battle. The dragon looked at us and saw Auron’s sword as well as our politeness, Dragons are very keen on politeness, and joined in our fight. It destroyed the Femorey very quickly.

The druid seeing that she was alone and had no chance of winning, threw herself from a cliff saying that through her sacrifice she, meaning Domnu probably, will be stronger and that this wasn’t over. This victory means that we have won the argument and that we have advanced a level. So next week will involve us finishing the Ardrey business and then talking to the druids about corrupting their islands for a bit while the tear of Bane is destroyed. That’s going to be a slightly awkward conversation but hey if you don’t ask you don’t get. Let’s hope that our standing within the council will make them like us and accept to help us. That’s it for today. I’m off to do some work. Stay safe everyone. Love you bye.


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