Dungeons and Dragons 9 Part 2

So as promised here’s the rest of our session from yesterday. So after we discovered what the drumming was about and how it related to the larger picture, with respect to our campaign and the world as a whole, we decided to discuss the appointment of the new ardrey. The discussion started with us asking about the mages. The council seemed dismissive of the mages request. They agreed that Neve’s gift was not a concern. They were aware of it and it didn’t seem to phase them that much. That was a good thing from our perspective. Clearly the mages didn’t make the impression they were expecting to make.

The druid representing the aspect of the sea was first to speak. He threw his weight behind Neve very forcefully. The rest of the council seemed to feel the same way except for one, the lady that I mentioned yesterday. She was the oddest one of the group in a manner of speaking. All the other druids had an entourage of some sort except for her. Also, all were clearly of the earth, as in they were connected to nature being “dirty” for lack of a better term. She however was clean and alone. She very much stood out. This made identifying her quite difficult.

She began by pointing out that the aspect of sea would naturally back Neve. This seemed odd to us. We asked for an explanation. She would not explain but said that only the druid himself could explain it. So he told us. He prefaced by explaining that Neve herself doesn’t know this and that whatever he says must remain within the walls of the council. We agreed to that. He then told us about her father’s adventures from before he was ardrey. He went to one of the islands in the archipelago. There he found a crystal tower. A woman was imprisoned at the top of this tower.

He tried to get in. Eventually he managed it and him and the woman slept together. He then left. She however found herself pregnant. When her father, who imprisoned her, found out he went into a rage. When she gave birth to triplets he threw them out of the tower to die. One of them however survived and the god of the sea took pity on her and carried her away. She was brought to the now ardrey and discovering who she was he took care of her and raised her. He loved her dearly. The father who imprisoned his child was the god of the Femorey.

Our first question was why did the god of the Femorey imprison his own child. It was explained to us that a prophecy stated that his grandchild would destroy him and so he decided to imprison his virgin daughter in order to avoid her becoming pregnant. When she did despite his attempts he murdered, or at least thought he murdered, her children. She is still imprisoned in that tower but the island is beneath the sea now. Although it seems to be emerging again. This did not seem to be a bad thing to us. Clearly the Femorey were trying to destroy the land and so having Neve kill their god and establish a new rule didn’t seem that bad.

The lady however wasn’t having any of it. She argued for Mave. We took a vote of seven to one. However the council can only decide through consensus. We questioned the lady. It then became clear that the aspect she represents is in fact the Femorey. She is the representative of Domnu the goddess of the Femorey (although we all have a nagging feeling that she might be a Domnu herself). Her appearance then made sense, it is an illusion. She is taking the form of a human being, thus there is no dirt or symbol of nature on her. This presented us with an added problem as she was not going to be convinced.

After much discussion she proposed that we put Neve on the throne but reinstate the Law of the seven. This law was an ancient law since abandoned that states that an ardrey can only rule for seven years. The idea is that power corrupts, thus by limiting the term to seven years the corruption is limited. However the problem is that the ardrey would then be sacrificed after those seven years. Obviously this did not sit well with us. We tried to reason with her but clearly she was being unreasonable. We ended our session with this still hanging in the air. We need to figure out a way to fix it. I have an idea and we’ll see how that goes. Until then, stay safe everyone. Love you bye.


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