Propaganda Comics

I wasn’t able to do any work today. I decided to buy some comics to read in order to do something, as academic reading was just not happening, let alone writing. I ended up buying a few comic books called Men of War. They’re part of the DC Comics New 52 relaunch. I had a feeling I wouldn’t like them, as they are about the US military. It turns out that not only do I not like them but they made me angry beyond words. They are the most barefaced propaganda I’ve ever read. I cannot urge you not to buy them enough.

Basically the first three issues include two stories, one main one and a secondary one. The secondary one was a three issue thing and was this complete and utter bullshit story. Basically it’s about some Navy Seals who are illegally in some unspecified arab country and are about to blow up a school filled with explosives. One of them gets injured and so they need to get a chopper to evacuate him but they’re afraid that someone has an RPG and is about to blow the helicopter down. It turns out some evil arab men are using a family as human shields and so the brave american soldiers liberate them. While doing that, and I’m not making this up, they help a woman give birth just after shooting a man with an RPG who was in her room. How fucking disgusting is that?

The main story also involves army units doing covert and illegal actions. Of course non of this is ever questioned. The fact that this flies in the face of every form of international law is completely overlooked. Then comes the third installment where the group goes to Somalya and are then attacked by locals, remember they are there illegally, and they go one to shoot a bunch of them. Of course the bad black people are evil simply because they exist. I was sick to my stomach. This kind of shit is despicable. I wanted to tear the comics but then felt bad for the paper that was used to print them on. Please do not buy that shit. It is offensive and completely and utterly morally reprehensible. It must not be supported.


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