Dungeons and Dragons 8

Another brilliant session of Dungeons and Dragons just now. I have to say this campaign is brilliant. Our DM has created an amazing multi-layered story that’s very engaging and everyone in our party is great and lots of fun to role play with. I’ve grown very attached to all our characters and the way in which we interact. I have come to really look forward to every Tuesday and our sessions of DnD. Each session seems to bring new challenges and new adventures. The game system itself is really brilliant as well. I am completely hooked. When this campaign finishes I will play another one without a doubt.

So we left off last time with our characters having just defeated a mage on our way to the druids meeting place in the middle of the woods. We arrived to a Stonehenge style structure with a well in the middle where we believe the druids are meeting. We found a man sleeping with his back on one of the large pillars. He seemed human but had something elvish about him, or at least not human. He was wearing a Celtic style leather armor but it was all interwoven with gold. Next to him was a helm, also made of leather interwoven with gold. Resting on a pillar was a large sword.

We approached him and woke him up. He seemed to have been waiting for us. He told us that he had been observing us and approved of our endeavour. He had an aura of goodness about him. He explained that while he approved of our actions and wanted to help he couldn’t do so directly or openly as to not tip the balance. He explained that he must remain neutral, but could help us in an oblique manner. Which led to much twenty questions style conversation. This part was fun and enjoyable. He took a shine to our ranger and got quite flirty with her which was a lot of fun to witness.

After much talk we understood that only druids can go down into the well. This meant that my character needed to get the two remaining wounds, if you remember I took the wound to the mind which means that I now hear constantly a drumming sound that is slowly driving me insane. The name of the man is Auron, which means gold, by the way. So in order for me to get the two remaining wounds, one to the body and one to the soul, I needed to be killed by the “god” of the hunt, that would be the wound of the body, and then be brought back from the clutches of the “godess” of death, that’s the wound to the soul.

Auron told us that the goddess of death comes to those who die heroically. We discovered that some Femoray were planning to poison the forest, which was likely to bring the god of the hunt out, as he is the protector of the woods. If I die fighting them heroically than I would surely bring the goddess of death. So we made our way there and saw a bunch of them lobbing putrifying heads into the lake, causing it to become poisoned. We had a very tough, but fun, fight against a bunch of them. Auron stayed out of it but helped in various oblique and funny ways. Nudging our ranger just as she’s firing her arrows for example in order to get them to hit critically.

The point was that I needed to burn those heads in order to stop them from being used as poison. I eventually got knocked down and was dying at the end of the fight. Our ranger finished off the creatures with Auron’s semi-help. Our Paladin, who is our healer, was next to me getting ready to bring me back to life at the right moment. At that point the god of the hunt appeared, as a stag which transformed into a human looking man. He thanked our party for our help. Our paladin explained the situation and the god decided to help us so he killed me. At that point the godess of death came to take my soul to their heaven.

Our paladin was having some trouble getting the right healing strategy but in the corner of his eye saw Auron healing our ranger, while being very flirty, and saw that the technique he was using was going to be crucial in bringing me back to life. So with a mighty use of his healing power he brought my soul back into my body, as it was half way out being taken by the goddess of death. As it came back she tore a bit of it. I woke up a druid. The god of the hunt then bound us all together, so that we could all walk with his blessing into the earth mother and speak to the druids. That’s where we stopped. I honestly can’t wait for next week. In the mean time, stay safe everyone. Love you bye.


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