Dungeons and Dragons 6

Today was very eventful in Dungeons and Dragons. My character had a lot to do, which was a lot of fun for me. I hope everyone else wasn’t too bored. Anyway, much has happened so let’s get right to it. As you remember we had just finished from a big battle with the femory which led the princess’s ability to trigger. I was left with the feeling of protectiveness of the princess overwhelming me. As soon as we defeated them a man appeared and shot the big regenerating guy, who was in a state of berserker like rage. He introduced himself as the son of domnu, the god (which turned out to be a goddess) and king (read queen) of the Femory.

Our heightened emotional states started to wane and we were able to talk to him. He asked to see the princess. It was clear to us that he wasn’t exactly Femory looking. In fact, he looked very much like a man. He was dressed in the continental fashion, which means that he probably does not live here on the isles. He was carrying a rifle and a true silver sword. We were very suspicious of him, but princess Neve seemed very happy to see him, and called him uncle. We asked her if he was related to her and she said no he is a close friend of the family who used to go hunting with her and her father.It was strange.

We let her go and she ran to him and they hugged like an uncle and a niece. There was a lot of love between them. We spoke with him and realised that he was part of a hunter’s society on the continent. We asked him how he was able to fell the man when we had so much trouble with him and he explained that true silver piercing the skin would do the trick. The man wasn’t dead but was clearly out cold. He also explained to us that him and his society had come to the isles to make sure that Neve was safe and that she becomes Queen and Ardrey. He explained that he isn’t exactly loved by the people because of who his mother is and that he will not accompany us to the meet.

We left and made our way there, carrying the big guy because we figured that if and when he wakes up he wouldn’t be happy to be left alone in the wilderness and that any good will we have created would evaporate forever. As we got close to the capital we saw that Queen Mave was getting ready to go in from her encampment on the outskirts of the capital. We had to act fast. We decided to mount the hide of the Dire Bear we killed on a banner, our ranger went to fetch the princess’s brotherhood of knights, I wrote a song of the princess exploits, and our Paladin put the man in an inn. We decided to enter the moot, that’s what the meet is, after Queen Mave and her party made their point to add drama to the princess’s entrance.

The way the moot works is that each claimant has their representative speak on their behalf and then spar with words. Finally, the Druids do their thing and decide who the new Ardrey is. So we entred with our rogue holding the dire bear banner, our Ranger holding the three cubs, our paladin banging his shield along with the knights to the rhythm of my epic song. As we entered Queen Mave’s diplomat, who is called something of the honeyed tongue, was finishing to a round of thunderous applause. It looked very much like whatever he said had swayed the moot in the direction of Queen Mave. However our entrance and my song stopped the applause and changed the mood completely. Now everyone was silent.

The diplomate began by bowing to the Princess and saying that it was a shame that she came too late as the moot was over. We quickly explained that it wasn’t and that her claim was yet to be heard. The Druid who gave me the wound of the mind agreed with us and so began a long role playing encounter in which I was sparing with the diplomate with words about who should be the next Ardrey. It was a lot of fun. We went through the princess’s exploits and how she charged into battle without fear against the Femory. Eventually we got to Queen Mave’s relationship with the Femory. I made the accusation that her dealing with the Femory was bad for the realm. He replied by accusing Neve of consorting not just with lowly Femory but with the son of their goddess.

This was challenging. At this point, the son of the Femory goddess stepped forward from the crowd and kneeled before the princess calling her Queen Neve. He renounced his Femory lineage and gave his sword to her saying that she can decide his fate. The diplomat tried to turn this to his advantage by arguing that the princess was hesitating and not killing him. He asked one of the greatest champions of Queen Mave to step forward and kneel before her. She took her sword and cut his head off and threw it in the fire. He explained that this showed Queen Mave’s generosity as she gifted the blood of her greatest champions to the gods and to the earth.

At this point we all decided to explain that the princess’s gift to the gods wasn’t one of blood but one of mercy. That by sparing the life of the son of Domnu she showed how she would lead the realm. That instead of the pointless killing of someone who could protect the realm she gifts mercy and she shows that she can look beyond the lineage of a man and judge them on their merit. We also pointed out that her father trusted him and that by questioning her trust in him the diplomat was questioning the late Ardrey’s judgement, which is bad because he was loved by everyone. That tirade led to an explosion of applause and the moot seemed to have swayed in our directions.

At this point it was all left in the hands of the druids who had to decide who would become the next Ardrey. As the moot was finishing we saw a cloaked shifty figure leaving in hurry. Our rogue followed him but could only sense where that man was staying. He came back and told us. We decided to follow him and figure out what he was doing. As we broke into his house he turned out to be one of the mages our regenerating friend told us about. We had a bit of a fight with him and eventually got him to surrender. We intimidated him a lot and got him singing like a canary. He explained that he was sent to spy on the princess, who he called an abomination.

He confirmed that they were building internment camps for people like Neve. After much talking he revealed that he had spoken to the druids and tried to convince them not to choose her as the new Ardrey. We decided that I would run back to the moot and let everyone know what he said while the rest of our party would continue interrogating him. This is where our session ended. This adventure keeps getting better and better. I’m very excited about what is yet to come. this is all going to be great. In the mean time everyone, stay safe. Love you bye.


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