Weird Day

So today was a very weird day. I was able to get a lot of work done but then got some very sad and strange news. A professor in my department just passed away. It was very sudden and we have no details. Obviously even if I had the details I wouldn’t be writing about them, as I’m not really into the whole morbid fascination involved in that. I’m just sharing this news because it’s really surprising as it was so sudden. The professor in question was quite young and looked in perfect health. I’ve seen them exercising around and they always looked healthy, I’m using they/them because I don’t want to give away the gender of the person. Anyway, my thoughts are with the friends and family. I can honestly say that I am shocked and a little shaken by the news. I didn’t know the professor very well but we were always friendly. Anyway, on this morbid note I hope you all stay safe. Love you bye.


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