Dungeons and Dragons 4

So today was another DnD day. It was mainly a series of skill checks and fighting encounters. So the story didn’t advance much, but it was still a whole lot of fun to play. We picked up exactly where we left off, which is that we had destroyed the minions and the ancient creature and the diplomate has run away. We tracked him and were able to catch up with him. The problem is that while we were trying to find him a hibernating mother Dire Bear woke up and attacked us. We all worked together quite well in order to fight her and ended up killing her. This meant that the diplomate was highly intimidated by us having seen us fight and kill one of the most dangerous creatures in these islands.

We were able to get quite a lot of information out of him. It turns out that queen Mave, the evil one who wants to take over from the missing princess has heard about the princess missing. It seems that there is one or more spies in the inner circle of the princess. He told us that she had sent around five groups of people to try and find her. The plan was to get to her before the brotherhood that is sworn to protect her does, and then bring her to the meet where the future of the islands will be decided. This strategy would humiliate both the princess and the brotherhood and show the princess to be incapable of ruling and the brotherhood incapable of protecting her.

He also told us that he thought he knew where the princess would be hiding. Her and her late father used to go out hunting and they used to use an abandoned guard tower as their hunting lodge. He drew us a map and then we asked him about those ancient creatures. He explained that as soon as the ancient creatures started appearing queen Mave saw an opportunity and tried to forge if not alliances with them, at least an understanding. It seems that a particularly nasty bunch, known as the femory (I think), have become sort of close to her. He didn’t know how the other two races have reacted. After we got all this information out of him we gave him 5 gold pieces, healed him, and let him go on his way. He is going to try to escape to the mainland as his leader will kill him for his failure.

After that we checked the cave and found some treasure and also three dire cubs. The ranger, the rogue, and me decided to adopt them and try to raise them. This whole part with us trying to get them to like us was a lot of fun. The ranger had no problem getting her cub to like her. I had a bit of a harder time but it seemed happy to go with me. The rogue had a bit more of an issue. He ended up having to use the hide of the mother as a coat and smear himself with her blood for the cub to go to him. The cub wasn’t fooled but it decided to humour him. Now if we’re able to raise them and train them properly we will have very strong and powerful pets.

After this was done we made our way to the tower and at this point I was able to sense that anti-magic field. However, as I sensed it I realised that it was in fact more than one distinct spots of anti-magic. I wasn’t able to sense how many though. We also noticed that some figure was on its way to the tower from the other side. We raced him there and as we got to the tower realised that he was some sort of strange man. He was very annoying and just ready for a fight. We tried to reason with him but he wouldn’t have it. All we got from him is that he was looking for the princess as well. He said that he wasn’t going to kill her, and seemed genuine, but we don’t know who he works for yet. The game tonight ended as we started to fight him. Now I have to wait a whole week until we get to figure out what the hell is going on. This campaign is really fantastic.


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