Creeping Zombieism

Hi everyone. I’m very busy but I just wanted to point you quickly to this thing we did on twitter today during one of my long breaks. So I have been tweeting some zombie apocalypse tips that I have gathered from watching zombie films using the hashtag #zombieapocalypsetips. A person who I follow and who follows me suggested that these tips were very important in order to combat the threat of creeping zombieism, #creepingzombieism. It became a bit of a thing between me and a few of my followers where we were able to make fun of all the racist and idiotic arguments against an invisible “creeping sharia” or the threat of terrorism and how governments use shock doctrine language in order to justify the unjustifiable. I suggest you check it out and join in. It would be very fun if it became a thing. Anyway, I must go back to work. I salute you all. Stay safe and be ready to fight the threat of creeping zombieism. Love you bye.


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