Quick Post

Sorry everyone I completely forgot about this. So much stuff is happening today. I’m working a lot. I had a guitar lesson. I hung out at my local comic book shop. I followed the news of the fake statehood bid at the UN. I also heard about the verdict at the irvine 11 case. It has been a very busy day and all this meant that this completely slipped my mind. I will hopefully write something tomorrow. It’ll probably be about Netanyahu’s disgusting speech, or Abbas’s stupid bid and his hypocrisy. Anyway, I shall go back to work, and also twitter. Stay safe everyone. Love you bye.


One Response to “Quick Post”

  1. A successful bid would be a disaster for millions of Palestinian refugees and would leave Palestine at Israel’s mercy forever – Abbas is barking up the wrong tree, only a one-state solution can solve the conflict now. But don’t you think the inevitable US veto will help isolate Israel internationally, which could be beneficial in the long run?

    Also, hope you’re not too overwhelmed by work!

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