Dungeons and Dragons 3

So today saw the third installment of our Dungeons and Dragons quest. I thought I would explain a bit what has been happening. The story so far is very complicated and keeps getting more and more complicated. So I thought I’d use this post to sum up what has been happening so far that way from now on you can all follow if you’re so inclined, you can always skip my posts about Dungeons and Dragons which I think will be a Tuesday night thing. I will keep updating the story and let you know how we’re doing in there. I know many of you enjoy it.

So you all know my character Karim, a half-elf who lost his parents prematurely and lived on the streets. He had an older name, in fact he had two one human and one elven, but has decided to leave those names and his past behind when the children who he used to share the spoils of his street entertainment with named him Karim, as in generous. From that young age he discovered that he had a talent with words and music. He could diffuse most situations and was very adept at entertaining people. He is also very good at telling stories. Growing up on the streets also meant that he was very streetwise and knew how to survive the urban environment. He then moved around a lot as he got older and in his travel found that animals helped him survive and so decided to never use them as commodities. Thus he refuses to eat meat or any animal products he also refuses to use hide or leather for his armor. Basically he’s a vegan.

Anyway, he joined the group when they got stuck 200 years in their past while attempting to understand how they can destroy the tear of an evil god that they killed. This tear is all that is left of that evil god and many people are after. It must be destroyed otherwise it will be used either to resurrect it or to resurrect other unspeakable evils. My character decided to join them on their quest. However, we are also on another quest that involves us fighting some day walkers called the thirteen and a powerful cabal called the intelligencium. The day walkers are thirteen ancient vampires that can walk during the day. They have been steering the world and have been behind much of the world’s problems since time immemorial.

After we came back from my character’s time, we learned that a new form of magic is appearing in the world. A sort of anti-magic. People from all over the world are developing powers. However these powers are not magical but are some how anti-magical. It’s as if a new form of power is being born in the land. I told you last week about the three black runes and what they have done to that old priest in the order of knowledge. However, what we also discovered by visiting that temple is that we can destroy the tear of bane by plunging it into a moonwell on an archipelago of sacred islands. The problem with that is that this will lead the islands to be contaminated by the evil while the battle rages between the tear and the moonwell.

So today we made our way to the capital of that island. We discovered that ancient creatures, creatures of myth, were waking from a very long slumber. There seems to also be a sort of political problem going on. The king has died in strange circumstances and his only heir is his daughter. However, she is only seven and this means that some of the other clans can claim the throne from her, traditionally this has happened before. The main contender is a clan chief woman who seems to be very evil. We get in and decide to offer our services in order to soften up the political establishment to our plan of slightly contaminating their islands with the evil tear.

We are told that the princess has gone missing and so we decide to help. We examine her chambers where there was no sign of trouble. We discover that her pillow has residue of tears. It is clear that she has been crying for over three weeks, which is when her father died. We also sense some residue of that anti-magic field I talked about above. We very quickly think that she might have developed one of those newfangled abilities and killed her father by mistake. Our suspicions are confirmed when we speak to a crazy druid woman who tells us that the king died of an exploding heart, but it’s as if his heart broke and that emotion was made physical and so it actually exploded.

While talking to the mad druid my character gets her to open up slightly more and she warns him that she can hear something that is dreadful. It is a sound that I can only hear if I let her give me one of the three wounds that the druids of this island have to have on their way to becoming druids. The three wounds are one to the body, one to the mind, and one to the soul. My character accepts and so she gives him a wound to the mind. When he awakes from a sleep populated with all his fears and nightmares he hears a drumming sound. A sound that comes from beyond the planes of this world. It is a sound that is summoning something from the depth of sleep. He also realises that whatever is doing that is using all of the people’s bodies in order to amplify that sound.

This obviously is very unnerving to my character and he is probably going to go insane by the end of this campaign. Once we gathered all of this information we made our way to where we think the princess might be. On our way we encountered men who seem to work for that clan chief and we battled them. They had one of those ancient creatures working with them, which is very strange. We destroyed all of them except for their leader who is a diplomate and has run away. This is where the adventure stopped. We need to decide whether we run after him or leave him be for now. I had such a blast. The group I’m playing with are all incredibly nice and very helpful. I am looking madly forward to next week. In the mean time, stay safe everyone. Love you bye.


2 Responses to “Dungeons and Dragons 3”

  1. Sounds like an incredible campaign. Kudos to your DM for creating a very elaborate, affecting story. And to you for using a bard that well.

    • yes he’s an excellent DM. It’s a great campaign and he managed to make it feel epic. The world is in danger and every action we take has incredible consequences. I’m really enjoying it. The Bard in the 4th edition is an excellent class. I’m really enjoying playing one.

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