I am exhausted. I did two kickboxing classes today and the instructor was really happy with me. I was able to do a bunch of stuff that I couldn’t just a week ago. It’s crazy to think that all it took was me doing a couple of weeks of training and I’m already much more fit. I can’t help thinking that my switching to veganism has something to do with it. I’m going to start brazilian jujitsu (BJJ) tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it, it looks like very good fun. The whole point is to fight from the ground. So with BJJ and kickboxing I think I will be able to fight from any position. I do want to do Muay Thai though. They don’t offer it at this gym, they do at another but I didn’t like it because they also teach krav maga the martial art used by israelis to beat up unarmed Palestinians. I just wouldn’t feel comfortable being in a space where this is taught, especially that the instructor seems to be an ex IDF soldier.I’m much happier where I am. Anyway, I think it’s sleepy time. Stay safe everyone. Love you  bye.


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