Dungeons and Dragons

So today was my first taste of pen and paper Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve been looking forward to this a lot. I made my character at the store using a computer program that lets you do that. It was fantastic. So I’m a Half-Elf Bard name Karim. Although Karim isn’t his real name, it was given to him by the other poor children he used to share all his earnings with. From a very young age he realised that he had a way with words and a natural talent at telling tales, languages, singing, dancing, poetry, and general entertainment. He seemed to always find the right words to make people like him. He could defuse most situations with the right words. He is clearly an arab, I couldn’t help that bit. The children called him Karim, which means generous in arabic, and he decided to take that name on forsaking the name given him by the parents he never knew. He’s a good man who doesn’t like rules. He will break any rule if it stops him from doing what he thinks is good. Anyway, my first adventure was incredibly fun. Although one of the people seems like a bit of an arse everyone else seems really nice. The dungeon master is also great. All in all it was a great evening and hopefully a regular night for me. I’ve also bought the dragon age started pack and will try to set up a game one A comes back. Try to find people interested in playing. I’ll DM I think. We’ll see. In the mean time, everyone stay safe. Love you bye.


3 Responses to “Dungeons and Dragons”

  1. I didn’t realize that’s what Karim means. I love it now. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Awesome name! Chaotic Good, I take it? Keep us posted, let us know how the campaign goes. I’ve never seen a bard ‘in action’ – under 3.5 they didn’t have the best reputation, but I’m glad to hear the class is improved now.

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