Kickboxing 2

So I had my second class of kickboxing today. It was a lot better. I was able to do so much more than yesterday. I actually was able to finish the warm up and then do the proper training without any breaks. But I have to admit that it was very very hard. It’s one of the toughest work outs I’ve ever had. It was great. Today we did a more technical workout with the teacher looking at our techniques and fixing it for us. I was going to do another class right after but decided not to push myself too much. I then went to the Alley Cafe which is the Vegan/Vegetarian Cafe here. I had a lovely vegan breakfast. I then had a beer and made my way back home. I’m now getting ready to go take a bath because my muscles are starting to hurt. Hope everyone reading this is okay. Stay safe everyone. Love you bye.


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