Kick Boxing

So I had my first kickboxing class today. I was so excited about it. I got there a bit early and watched the earlier class which is some kind of body toning class. It looked really hard and I don’t think I’ll be able to do that for a while still. This was proven correct after the warm up for my class. It was so intense that I had to sit and breath really hard and try not vomit. I got to do some punching and kicking which was great. I really like the gym and the class. I also really like my instructor who is a young lady and really knows her stuff. Plus she was very nice and understanding of my hard time. Anyway, I got back and will be taking a bath and then going to sleep. So anyway, I will hopefully go there again tomorrow for another kickboxing class as well as a kind of basics class. So until then stay safe everyone. Love you bye.


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