Good Day

I had a very good day today. I actually did a lot of stuff. I also did a lot of things I wanted to do since I was a teenager but never actually did. I actually pierced my ear. I have been wanting to do that since I was fifteen but I never wanted to do it with my parent’s money, mainly because they don’t approve of body art. I then never got round to it. I decided to do it today since I was doing many things I didn’t think I would do. I also got some work done. I also went and checked the MMA gym and I like it. It seems to be a very cool place with a lot of very cool people. I hope it ends up being that. In other news, I am going to have some drinks with a friend of mine now. This is going to be fun. If I keep working as I am I will get beck to blogging normally very soon. So keep cheering me on if you want me to blog about stuff that really matters. In the mean time, stay safe. Love you bye.


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