Day Nine

So day nine was productive in certain ways and unproductive in other. I had an excellent guitar lesson and then bought the rest of the stuff I need from Lush. I have now moved to using Lush products exclusively. Check them out if you don’t already, they’re a great ethical cosmetic company that supports a bunch of great campaigns including Palestinian ones. I have also been listening to Citizen Radio for a while and I love the show. Check it out, it’s a great proper lefty show, with a lot of swearing. The hosts are vegans and talk about it a lot. In fact, I am seriously considering becoming a vegan. I have been reading up about the process involved in the production of meat and dairy and I just cannot think of a reason, other than I like it, to consume them anymore. I just don’t think that if I keep eating meat and consuming dairy I would be a hypocrite. For the people who know me personally, you’ll know that I am not someone who judges people with beliefs that are different from mine. So I’m not judging anyone who doesn’t think about becoming vegan. I am now doing the research and seeing what I need to buy and what products I need to consume. Anyway, I need to go and continue that research as well as do some work. Stay safe everyone. Love you bye.


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