Day Eight

I woke up relatively early today. I was happy and thought I would spend a bit of time on twitter in the morning. I got on and realised that there are 40 e-petitions on the UK government’s website demanding the restoration of Capital Punishment. I was stunned by that number. But very quickly twitter restored my faith in humanity as there were three trending topics on the subject: “Capital Punishment”, “Death Penalty”, and “#crimesworthyoftherope”. All three were either mocking the people who called for capital punishment or decrying the practice. There were a few nutters saying it’s a good thing but they were drowned by the sea of people saying that Capital Punishment is a horrible thing, or thinking of silly reasons to hang someone, thus showing how bad the death penalty actually is. In other news, I’m still working. Today involved my rewriting some of the stuff I wrote yesterday but it’s fine I’m adding stuff now. Anyway, I need to go back. I’m kind of on a roll here. So as always, stay safe everyone. Love you Bye.


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