Day Four

Day four has been slightly better than day three and two, however not as good as day one. Still it’s an improvement and that’s a good thing. Hopefully, the rest of the night will be more productive. I woke up quite late and I don’t think that I will go to sleep anytime soon. In the mean time today has been one of the bloodiest days in the Syrian uprising with tanks going into Hama and killing a great number of civilians. There are also news of other massacres in other parts of the country. It’s really appalling. to see this kind of behaviour. I am also very disappointed in so called arab leftists who are nothing but apologists for the Assad regime. The “West” is useless in this situation, as it has been through out the Arab uprisings. Again I have more to say about all this but unfortunately I need to focus on my work. I would only like to say that the brave people of Syria have my full support and solidarity. I hope to visit a democratic Syria in the near future. The dead of the past months will never be forgotten. Stay safe everyone.


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