Day Three

Day three was unfortunately similar to day two. I spent all day watching stuff and listening to podcasts. I need to pick it up tomorrow otherwise I’m in deep deep shit. In other news I’v caught up with Torchwood: Miracle Day. Let me make something clear, I love Torchwood. I loved series one and two. The melancholy, the post-gender feel of it, the characters and how they are completely fucked up was fantastic. Children of Earth was fabulous as well. I was excited and a little worried about Miracle Day because it was co-produced by an American tv company. I was afraid it would lose it’s character. The first couple of episodes were alright but not as good as the earlier shows. But the third episode seemed to me to be a game changer and from now on the show seems to be going in a very positive direction. Anyway, I need to go and try to get something done today, so that it’s not a complete loss. I could have written a more extensive post but I need to focus that energy on my work. See you all tomorrow. Stay safe. Love you bye.


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