Nice Dinner

So I had dinner with my mom tonight at a French restaurant. I like that place it’s very nice. The thing is, I ate like a pig. The good news is that this was my only meal for the day. I have been eating only once a day for a while now and I have been losing a lot of weight. I’m now at around 3 kilograms away from my maximum ideal weight, and 10 from my minimum ideal weight. The problem is that because I’m not doing any sports my body doesn’t look toned. So that’s my next order of business, once my work is completely on track. In other news, I passed by lush and the lady that was helping me heard me talk to my mom in french with some “ya3ni”s thrown in and asked me if I was saying ya3ni. I said yes and she said that her husband was a Palestinian from Lebanon. We had a bit of a conversation, she’s originally irish but her arabic was perfect. Anyway, I’m afraid you’re going to have to make due with these completely pointless remarks for now, I drank with dinner and I’m very sleepy. Good night. Stay safe. Love you bye.


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