Back In Black

Right. So I’m feeling a lot better, I’m still not 100% but I’m able to function. Before I write about what I wanted to write about, I’d like to say thank you to everyone who reads this blog consistently. The number of readers stayed consistent and that’s very nice of you. I know I had nothing much to offer, so thank you. Although having said that, now I’m afraid you’re all just a bunch of stalkers. So are you? Do you have shrines with photos of me showering? Because I have to say those won’t look good. Anyway, as long as you keep you stalking in the cyber realm I don’t mind.

Anyway, as I said during my time being ill and not working, I’ve watched a lot of television. So I thought I’d do a few review posts. The first thing I will write about is Castle. Castle is a fun detective show. It stars Nathan Fillion, who also stars in Firefly. The references to Firefly are all over the series and are a lot of fun. The series doesn’t break any new ground and does not really offer anything on the level of BSG or The Wire, but it’s incredibly fun and entertaining.

So the series follows the adventures of a best selling crime novelist named Castle. It begins when a series of murders that resemble murders in his books happens in New York. The police calls him in and he helps with their investigation. While helping with their investigation he gets inspired by the lead detective. She’s a smart mysterious and beautiful woman. We learn that he has killed the main detective in his last book. He decides to write a new book/series that stars a female detective and wants to base it on the detective. He gets his friend the mayor to agree to let him consult on murder cases as part of his research.

That;s basically the story of the show. Each episode has one or more murders and him and the police try to get the murderer. It’s funny and entertaining. It’s quite safe, in that one shouldn’t expect to have their world view changed or shaken in anyway by it. But it works. Castle is a fun character. He’s a man child with a lot of money. Detective beckett is also a nice character. She’s mysterious and caries a lot of baggage. The est of the supporting cast is the usual cop show cast. There’s the African american boss who’s the strong speak little type. There’s the Irish American detective who’s funny and scrawny, the Hyspanic Detective who’s physically strong, and the African American strong woman/best friend who’s the coroner.

The writing is quite clever. The show is filled with a lot of fun cultural references. The dialogue can be a little cheesy at times, but can also be really fun. There are a few episodes that surprised me, in that they went exactly in the opposite direction I thought they were going. It’s not a who done it that can be solved by the viewer. We don’t have the whole set of clues until the end of the show. It’s still however a fun ride. There’s also a whole will they/won’t they relationship between Castle and Beckett that doesn’t break any new grounds in television series territory. I don’t really like the will they/won’t they thing after a while because it feels artificial and keeping the tension there takes more effort than resolving it and moving on.

Anyway, all in all it’s a good fun show to watch if you have 45 minutes to kill. As I said it’s not the best co[ show ever made but it surely isn’t the worst. If you don’t know what to watch and feel like being lightly entertained I highly recommend Castle. That’s all from me for today, I’ll see you tomorrow for another review, or maybe something more serious. It all depends on my mood and what happens in the world. Until then, stay safe. Love you bye.


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