Weird Day

I had a very strange day today. I woke up around 4:00 and had a nice morning. I even had a BLT sandwich for breakfast, because I love bacon, which was very nice. Eventually I made my way to university in order to get some work done. I made my way there and had a good time joking around with A in the post-grad room. I was full of energy and was ready to face a long day of work. However, I didn’t get too much done. I was able to read a bit and find some secondary literature that is going to be very helpful.

After a while I got very tired and decided to go home in order to have a bit of a nap in order to be up by the time I wanted to go to A’s house to hang out. However, for some reason I didn’t wake up in time and found myself sleeping until very late indeed. I woke up too late to go to A’s house. I was really annoyed because I wanted to go and I didn’t even let A know that I wouldn’t make it. I called him in a weird haze and apologised. It was quite a weird situation.

I’m now going to sit down and try to work. I know it’s not a great post, I have to work for now though. Anyway, see you all tomorrow for a longer post hopefully. see you all later.


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